Taming A Wild Rose

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"Sometimes you make me feel like  treating you like my homework. Y" "H-how?" I asked breathless,looking into his forest grean eyes. "I'll slam you down on this table and do you all night." He whispered a smirk forming on his handsome face. ….. Danielle Peach Williams and Colton Ryker Blueman. This is love story, the cliche romantic,funny and mostly weird love story about a girl and boy. About a nerdy girl who fell in love with a gangleader.A retelling of Romeo and Juliet in my own way. A love story that has no boundaries. A love story that has no beginning nor ending. They say true love is a once in a life time thing and this is it. "Tell me what you wish for?! A pleasant  but painfully ending or a heartbreaking but painless, to whatever you call this." Its about a relationship that had no way  of surviving. From the beginning till its end and even then they keep on trying to old on something thats just a mear illusion. Taming A Wild Rose its not just about taming each other but the town they live in and to save/give children a way out, a better future with no crime and a normal life everyone deserves. This is Danielle mission but in doing so she creates more trouble  for herself ..... "Colton your have forgotten one thing," I smirked, my eyes blazing into his. "I was never the wild rose." ...... Credit for the amazing cover is @meha-k Book on hold

Adventure / Romance
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"You can tame the appearance of lioness to a house cat but at heart a lioness shall always be a lioness."

- Taming A Wild Rose

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