The life of 21

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Dallas Lost was only 14 when she was taken from her parents. Now at 21 she knows the truth. But that's not all. She starts having flashbacks of things she doesn't remember that happened between Stephen and her. Question is, what was her old life and why can't she remember any of it.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Come on girl, we’re gonna be late.”

“Okay , okay. I’m ready.”

“Are you really ready?”

“No. Let me put some more lip gloss on.”

“Girl, you gonna look like a clown by the time you’re done.”

“Shut up. I went to give a guy a kiss mark,” Molly said. “Anyway, do you think that that sexy hot guy gonna be there like last time?”

“I don’t know. I guess we’ll see.”

My name is Dallas Lost. I’m 21 and living a god life I can say. I have some many best friends and you’ve been together since the day that my mother gave me away. Right now, Molly and I are getting ready to head out to the our favoreit club since its our third anniversary of being friends. As we walk out, there’s a white limousine waiting outside for us.

“I told you not to waste your money,” I say.

“Girl, this wasn’t you,” she asked.

“No. So its not you.”

“Should we go in?”

“Lets see who it is first,” I say as we walk to the door.

Before opening the door, the window rolls down and its Dan, Molly’s boy friend.

“Dan, what are you doing?”

“I got off of work late so since its y’alls day, I thought I could take y’all out in this bad boy.” he said.

“What do you even work as,” I ask as we hop in.

“A driver.”

“What she meant to say was who do you work for,” Molly said.

“Cant tell you.”

“And why not?”

“Because he told me not to tell anyone his name,” he said. “So where are we going?”

“Club 101,” I say.


“How,” Molly ask.

“I have to go there too.”

“What for,” I ask.

“My boss owns the club. I need to take him home.”

“Okay. Whatever,” Molly said.

On the way over to our club, I’m on Instagram. I’m just flipping through posts until i see one that has Dan with three men and the sexy hot guy that I had seen months ago. What’s Dan doing with him? I mean, this guy looks like he has a lot of money, so does the others, but Dan stands out. He doesn’t dress like they do or wear chains like they do. Dan is so different than them in this post.

Still wanting to know who this guy is, I see if anyone had tagged him, which they did. After pressing his username, it took me to an account that had guns, drugs, and other mafia like things. Could Dan be working for a mafia leader and could i be in love with the same guy?

“Hey Dan,” I call out.


“Is your boss Stephen,” I ask.

“Why’d you asked,” he ask.

“I just thought I’ll asked,” I say. “So, is it?”

For a moment, he didn’t say anything, but kept driving. When I was gonna let it go, Molly got upset and said something.

“I know you heard her, Dan. Answer her.”

“No. That’s not his name,” Dan said.


“No. Its not okay,” Molly states. “I’ve been your girlfriend for a every long time now, Dan. Meaning, I know when you’re lying. And you’re lying to Dallas. Know answer her question with the truth.”

“Molly, I’m telling the truth. That’s not his name,” Dan said.

“Then what is it then?”

“I cant tell you.”

“Molly, its fine. If he doesn’t want to tell us his boss’s name, then its for a good reason.”

“Well I want to know that reason.”

“I know what it is,” I say. “So, I was just going through Instagram and came across a post that had Dan and Three other guys in it. Including the sexy hot guy. Anyway, I press on his username and it took him to an account to had guns, drugs, and other mafia like stuff. So, Dan’s working as a mafia driver.”

“Why do you have to lie,” Molly ask.

“Because he doesn’t want anyone to know his name,” Dan said. “Now you cant tell anyone about this.”

“Okay. We wont,” she said.


“What? I wont.”


“I promise.”

“Okay. Well, we’re here. I’ll meet y’all inside.”

“Okay,” we said climbing out.

As we wait in the long line, Molly talks about how Dan s acting strange for the past few days. Now that she mentioned it, its true. He hasn’t been himself.

“Do you think that he’s cheating?”

“No. Don’t think that. I’m sure he isn’t.”

“Well, I don’t know anymore. He lied about his boss’s name. Know what?”

“No. What?”

“I’m gonna post who his boss is.”

“No Molly. There has to be a good reason why he had to lie. Cant you at lest wait until he cheats on you?”

“Fine whatever.”

Every time that we come here, we wait in this long line for about an hour or longer, but this time we didn’t. A guy that works here asked us if we were Dallas and Molly and we said yes. He told us that our spot was already paid for and that he’ll take us to our seats. Thing is, when we come here, we never get a seat. We just stand up since the club is so packed. The only people who gets seats here is if you’re a VIP, which we aren’t. Before I could tell this guy the facts, we enter a privet room where there’s about maybe hundred people here.

“Do you know who paid,” Molly asked.

“Stephen. Enjoy,” was all that he said before walking out.

“Ooh. The sexy hot guy. Lets see if we can see him.”

As we walk, we see that Dan is guarding a door, which makes Molly every mad.

“So what the Hell are you? Are you a driver or a bodyguard?”

“Molly, can we talk about this later, I'm working.”

“Oh yeah. Working for Stephen.”

At those words, Dan got scared. Molly got even more angry when she found out that he wasn't looking out us. Before she could say anything to him, someone behind us talked

"Dan, you didn't mention that you had a girlfriend that has a beautiful friend."

"Sorry about that sir," Dan said.

"Dan, you don't have to call me sir since these girls already know my name," he said.

"Sorry about that, Stephen."

"No worries," Stephen said. "Now, how about a drink?"

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