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*Pieces of Memories* Written & Lived by Zannie J.J

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This book was created from all my memories, experiences, challenges, triumphs, and downfalls from birth through the 33yrs up to present day, everything that molded me into the man that I stand as today. Some parts might seem all over the place but Im writing this as it comes to me so bare with me and enjoy!!

Adventure / Humor
Zannie Jag Sr.
Age Rating:

Ch 1: * And So it Begins".

"LIFE".... I constantly hear people say that it's such a precious gift. Okay..yeah but it's a gift your stuck with, with a no return or swap out policy!.I mean yeah I do agree that life can be a precious gift and should be cherished at most times. But lets be honest, it's a gift none of us really asked for and one that many ppl would return,mbmm?ĺ
Not saying that Im not grateful for my gift of life and thankful that I was of the ones home had a wonderful childhood did I know I own choices and more than my own future life

The birth of your first child is supposed be a happy, joyful, time filled with excitement and tons of new feelings and emotions. Well the day I was born was a very happy and joyful day for my parents, don't get me wrong, and it was definately exciting and emotional but terrifying and life threatening all together!@!
As my mother, Cindy Savoie, lay there fighting to bring me into this life , the umbilical cord that was wrapped around my neck was fighting to take that same life away from us both. Thanks to God and the Dr.s that performed an emergency C section along with everything else they did our lives were saved, but for our great miracle there came a great sacrifice, my poor mother lost something during that battle, the ability to have anymore children. So I would be her only child, her baby, the apple of her eye. Through our mutual fight for life it seemed before our journey together really began we had this unbreakable bond, and not just that natural mother son bond, it was something stronger, and as my life went on it only grew stronger!

Meanwhile due to the complications going on with my birth and my mom needing an emergency C section, my father, David Jagneaux, wasnt allowed in the room with her. So during all of this pain and stress and fear that my mom was going through, I couldnt imagine how he was feeling with all kinds of different scenarios playing in his head, like, "will they be okay, will I lose my wife, or will I lose my son, or God please dont let me lose them both".. It must have been insanely nerve wrecking for him. Then moment the Dr came out and told him that we were both perfectly fine he was hit with a sense of overwhelming releif and excitement!
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