Dragons and Witches

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Zana has been a witch for as long as she can remember but there is something wrong she isn't a strong witch she can barely do a simple spell unless she is in danger. But one day when she meets the strangest of friends and finds out a secret that she never though she knew and with that gift finds out the biggest mystery of the century

Adventure / Fantasy
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“Are you sure that we should go ahead with the plan, if we do this the whole kingdom will be on lockdown searching” I explained worried, “He has a point, everyone will be looking, in every home, seabed and coral; we’ll be busted within the week” Cyana added to the conversation. “If you want to bail out now you still can” Fionix said, “Really” Cyana asked, “No” Fionix said sternly looking at both of them with smite all over her face. “What if someone notices we’re gone?” I asked not long after and she looked at me with anger. “I’m just asking, you haven’t really told us everything about the plan” I added and she growled at him and swiped at him with her claw at his face leaving a small gash above his eye “We will be back before anyone will notice” Fionix growled at him and then swam off and they followed her not far behind.

They landed just near the palace, in a small alley and Cyana and me both hid two large bag made of seaweed, “Alright start the distraction” Fionix told us and then swam above them out of sight “Why do we have to do the distraction, why can’t she do it” Cyana whined once they were out of hearing “She is the strongest of us, she’s also the one taking out the guards, just go along with it” I told her and then grabbed her and tried to make it look like I was robbing her “Ahh help, get away from me, help” she screamed trying to get the attention of the guards from the balcony not to far above them, one of them looked but he didn’t look that interested “It’s starting to work keep going, start to attack me” Cyana whispered to him “Help” she screamed again “Are you sure I might actually hurt you” I whispered back. “Just make it look real enough” Cyana told him and screamed again “Ok” I told her and then I jumped on her and started to scratch and bite her but not that badly to harm her. “Drag her into the shadows” I was told from above and I wasted no time grabbing her and dragged her into the darkness of the alley, and I could see from there that they were coming this way but not all of them. “Here they come get ready” Cyana whispered to him and then when they arrived I pushed one of them into the wall from behind and the other one was knocked out from above before either of them could say anything.

“Put this on″ Fionix said and threw one uniform to Cyana and they both put them on quickly, “What’s happening, is everything alright” the guard from the balcony called out, “Yes everything is fine″ I called back panicking and looked back to see Cyana’s worried face and another angry face looking at him. He moved his head to tell them to go and they swam up “What happened?” the guard asked, relaxed like he doesn’t notices that it’s not the other guards, a sound came from behind me and one of the guards were slowly getting up, I instinctively whacked him with my tail on the head and the guard passed out again, but when I looked up they head already taken out the last guard. I looked around before I swam up with the baskets and Cyana was keeping watch while I slipped on the uniform and they went inside before anyone noticed. There was no water in the palace besides a few puddles and drips here and there, “Where do we go now” he asked and she looked around “Follow me” Fionix said and then walked “Isn’t that what we’ve been doing this entire time” Cyana laughed quietly and then we followed.

“It’s just around the corner” Fionix said and then she looked around the corner quickly “ Three guards all around the door” she told then and then pulled something out of her bag “What is it?” I asked her pointing at the small stick “It’s a blow dart” Fionix told him. She pulled out the darts and took out the guards quickly and then walked over “Come on” she called and we came over to see all three guards laying on the guard “Are they dead″ Cyana asked poking one of them, “No just sleeping, now quickly you two go in there and I will keep watch” Fionix answered and then she started dragged the unconscious bodies into an empty room nearby. When I entered the room it was crowded with junk everywhere, there was almost no where to step “There” Cyana whispered to him pointing to a corner and there they were, together in a corner, and then there was a loud noise like an alarm and voices going of everywhere, and then Fionix burst into the room and locked the door “Were busted they must of found one of the guards and set an alarm, quick grab them and lets go″ she screamed and then we ran to the corner and put them in the baskets. Then suddenly the door breaks down and there are five guards in the room “Don’t move ″ one of them commands and that’s when Cyana grabs my arm and pulls me out the window and we swim off as fast as we can.

“This way follow me” Fionix says and swims to the border of the kingdom. “We can’t swim over this, we’ll be seen straight away” Cyana told her, “Were not going over the wall, there’s a gap under it we can squeeze through” Fionix barked at them and swam of to the bottom of the wall and then disappear behind a seaweed patch and then not long after her head went came through “What are you waiting for move it” Fionix growled and then went back through and I followed her not to long after. As I went through the small gap the basket got stuck and I couldn’t get it lose “Hurry up, I can hear them” Cyana said behind him, “I’m stuck” he told her, then I was shoved from behind and it freed the basket and I swam through as fast as I could and Cyana came not long after “I think one of them may of spotted me” Cyana said and

then I looked around and spotted a large boulder and swam towards it, “What are you doing” Cyana screeched at him “I can hear them let’s go” she added and then started to swim away, I pushes the boulder towards the gap and then the boulder was stuck and I couldn’t get it loose that’s when I could start to hear their voices coming closer and I could her my heart beating and then I pushed harder and the boulder came loose and sealing the gap, blocking the guards and making them go the long way and then I sawm away to catch up with them.

“We’ll stop here” Fionix said and then stopped at a ledge, “Are we far enough, I can still see part of the palace” he asked her and she nodded to him, “Let’s see them” she said and they took of the baskets and opened them up, she looked in Cyana and then poked it “It’s still alive” Fionix said and went over to him and looked in. When she put her head out she brought it out, “What is this, it’s just a toy” Fionix growled and then threw it at him, “That’s impossible, we saw them both curled in the corner together” Cyana barked at her, and she got an angry glare and then backed off. “I should send you backed there but we still got one, so our plan will still work” Fionix said and then closed the lid and we hid the basket and then headed of, “What are we going to do with it” Cyana asked, while she carried it in the basket “Where going to leave it on land and let the other dragons and humans take care of the rest” Fionix told them and then moved faster I gave Cyana a worried look and then followed her.

“This should do for now, we’ll sleep here and then leave it in the morning” Fionix said and then entered the cave and they followed, “It’s small, but it should do for the night” he said and then looked for a good spot to rest, “We’ve been swimming for days, I’m glad you had plenty of darts left to keep it out for the trip” Cyana complained and then put the bag down and then found some other place to sleep. “What happens, when we come back” he asked, “I’m not sure” Cyana answered, “Relax, my mother thinks I’m out on a business trip and you two were my guards, she thinks I left two days ago so we should be in the clear” Fionix answered her question as if it was nothing, “Also what’s going to happen when it’s, you know time” Cyana asked herself and that made him thinking what will happen, there’s only the two what happens when there separated, “I’ll tell you what happens when it’s time, there will be a new ruler and that will be me, now get to sleep well be leaving early in the morning to get back as fast as possible” Fionix told us and then rolled over and went to sleep and soon they all fell asleep.

The next morning it was mostly dark out and they were all up ready to go, “Ok we’ll it leave in the middle of the forest and then fly back to sea, it’ll be too young to fly and too far to walk back” Fionix told them and then started to head out when suddenly there was a bang sound and then the roof started to collapse above them and splashing in the water making more fall down, I swam for the exit but then Cyana let out a screech and I looked back to see that a large rock had fallen down on her tail and trapped her “Leave her, we have to go” Fionix screamed and then swam to the exit, but I swam as fast as I could to get to Cyana and pushed with all my might and then the rock came loose with ease and they swam for the exit and made it out in time. “Where’s the basket” Fionix glared at both of them and then I looked back to see that there was a rock wall with only the smallest holes that probably go to the other side “What do you mean where’s the basket I almost died and you wanted to leave me there” she screeched reaching for Fionix “It must still be in the cave” I told her swimming in between them, Fionix glared at them with anger in her, but then something changed in her eyes for a moment before they went straight back to anger Wait was that a glint of happiness in her eyes or was I just imagining it “That’s fine, it won’t survive in there, maybe it was crushed by a boulder" she said in her usual tone. As we swam of I looked back to see Cyana searching through the sand and I swim up to her "What's the matter" I ask her and she looks up to me, "I can't find my bag, that bag had a waterproof spell on it, it cost me so much and my favorite book was in it with almost one-quarter of my money" she said to me and covered he face with her talons, I grab her shoulder "It's ok, I'll personally replace all of you stuff" I said to her and smiled, she rubbed her nose and smiled back at me "Thanks, your a good friend" she says to me and we swim of.

They returned to the kingdom quicker then the trip heading out from not carrying the cargo they had before, they went through the gap in the border again and then went back to their normal lives beside the few house checks and searching. A few days later there was a meeting for everyone in the kingdom to come to at the center of the kingdom where the rulers do their public announcements, he meet up with Cyana at the entrance, “What do you think this is about, do you think they know it’s us” she whispered to him, “No, otherwise we would be in custody right now” he told her taking small glances at the guards and they went inside with everyone else.

Not to long later Queen Avrae and her mate Roluth came to the stage “Welcome my people, I know the past few days have been hard but I appreciate what you all have been doing, I have summoned you here to give you news we have found and caught the traitor behind all of this, bring her forward, I give you my eldest daughter Princess Fionix” she said and then there was a gasp from everyone, and she was brought on with chains attached to her and a muzzle over her mouth “We found some of her plans in her room hidden everywhere, she probably forgot all about them, and we found that she had taken and killed Prince Epannou her own brother" Queen Avrae called out, "We did not find any evidence that she had any help so it is positive that she acted alone, or she was planning on killing and erasing any evidence of the ones that helped her” Roluth added and Cyana and I both gave each other worried looks “We have yet to hope that she never got to killing him and he is out there somewhere, Princess Fionix is to be striped of her position and is to stay in the dungeons for the rest of her life, a punishment far worse than death, she must spend the rest of her days thinking about what she has done” Queen Avrae said and then Fionix was dragged away trying to attack her handlers, screaming out things that were muffled from the muzzle, “If anyone has any knowledge about anything that has happened please let us know immediately, you may all go back to your normal lives and thank you again for all you have done, that is all” she added and then swam away with Roluth and some guards around the stage behind her.

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