Dragons and Witches

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Chapter 1

“Fafnir are you in here, come on this isn’t funny come out” I called as I walked through the tunnels, “Fafnir where are you, Fafnir″ I screamed. “Why did you run off, it was only Vasuki you don’t have to be scared” I screamed out hoping he would hear me, I saw light up ahead and I entered a large area, “Wow I’ve never seen this cave before, it’s huge” I said to myself, and then something started to come out of the water and within a second there was a dragon just over three times my size right in front of me “Dragon″ I screamed and then took of, “No, no don’t go, I’m not going to hurt you” a voice said and then I hid behind a rock looking for the way I came in but it was on the other side of the cave pass the dragon. Is that a sea Dragon? Aren’t they usually friendly? Was that him that said he wouldn’t hurt me? I thought to myself “Don’t be silly Zana dragons can’t talk our language” I told myself and looked behind the rocks to see that he was still waiting at the water just staring at the rock I was behind. I looked around and saw a pathway that seemed hidden from his view and I didn’t wait a second longer. I dove for the rocks that were hiding the pathway. I kept low and started to crawl to the entrance, I heard a strange sound that came from nearby and stopped. What was that sound, was that him making that sound I thought, and then there it was again it was like a growl, It’s probably just him and then I started to head off again.

I was almost to the entrance when I heard breathing not to far away and dared to look over the rocks and saw that the Dragon was only a few meters away, but he was still looking at the rock I used to be behind, and I stuck my head back down before he saw me “Hey human girl, are you ok” I heard the voice again and I was sure that it was him that was talking, then I heard footsteps walking away and I looked over again to see that he was walking over to the rock that I was behind and I took my chance to head for the entrance. I was almost there when I looked behind me to see that he was turning around and I ducked down again before he saw me I was so close to the exit I thought to myself “Should of known, she’s probably already heading back to her home, I probably scared her of” he said to himself, It is him talking and then I heard water moving and looked over to see that he was going in the water and then he was gone and there was silence, I heard the growl again and then looked around Where is that coming from, it can’t be him he’s in the water and then I spotted two wolves heading my way barking and running towards me and I panicked “Infernus” I blurted and a small, weak blaze of fire shot from my hand it hit one of the wolves and they fell down but the other was still running towards with hatred in its eyes and I ran towards the nearest ledge “Ascend” I said and lifted of towards the cliff “Descend” I added, before I went to high over the ledge and landed safely on the ledge with the wolf not to far below me trying to get up making so much noise, but then it stopped and I thought that it had given up and I looked over to see if it was gone but then it jumped in my face and I staggered back and screamed in surprise and when I looked up the wolf was trying to pull its way up to the ledge. I was about to do a spell when a flash of blue knocked away the wolf, I was about to see what did that when more wolves came through the entrance and were running towards me, then something grabbed me by the waist and then lifted me of the ledge and I screamed and grabbed on to it so I wouldn’t fall as I got higher, then I felt my head against something and then I saw a blue talon come towards me and I covered my face but it just placed itself on the thing that grabbed me and I realized that it was another talon. Just then I realized that I was going higher and I looked up to see that it was the dragon that had grabbed me, I’d rather take my chances with the wolves then get eaten by a dragon I thought to myself and tried to get out of his grasp but he was too strong but I kept trying.

After a few tries of escaping his grip I gave up and looked up to see that the wolves were flying back towards the wall and that I was surprisingly fine. I watched as the wolves got back up and ran out of the cave Wait, now that the wolves are gone what's going to happen to me I thought and I felt myself moving, I shut my eyes, Why do I feel like I'm being put down but I pushed the thought away just before I suddenly felt my feet touch something solid and I opened my eyes to see that I was on solid ground, sort off, I was back on the ledge that I was on before the dragon had picked me up. As soon as his talon was gone I start to look for the fastest way down, "Thank goodness that's over, I've never seen that many wolves" the dragon said and he looked down at me and smiled and I couldn't help but smile back.

It was a long awkward silence between me and the human, "Umm, this is awkward" I said and she just looked at me in shock, then she shoke her head "I sh-should be going" she said and started to back away to the edge on the other side, but I didn't want her to leave just yet, "Wait, why in a hurry, stay for a little bit" I called to her heading over to the other side of the ledge and she stopped and she looked worried, "Well, you see my little brother is somewhere in the cave and I need to find him" she said taking a step back, That must be why she's worried, she wants to find her brother, "Oh, well maybe I can help you find him" I offered but she looked nervous, "No that's ok, you don't have to, besides you probably have better things to do" she said, I shoke my head "No, there's nothing to do in here, besides it's not like I can just wallk out
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