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. . .

Damn its cold, I never liked sleeping in caves, let alone when it’s such a low temperature. Not being able to sleep sure is a bitch, oh well I guess there’s no way around it, might as well get up and take a piss considering I can’t go back to sleep. The campfire is obviously out at this point so it’s pretty dark in here, well whatever I don’t need vision for what I want to do anyway.

I stand up and lazily make my way to the cave opening, noticing that the storm that was brewing last night has finally decided to come down, and it’s a pretty heavy one at that with lightning and everything. As I approach the opening I almost slip on a puddle of water that has accumulated in the cave, nearly falling on my ass but luckily catching myself on all fours, who thought water in a cave could be this slippery, but a second later I figure out that, oh boy am I wrong.

After catching myself I curse the fucker who did this to me and slowly start to get up, but something catches my attention. The water on my hands doesn’t necessarily ‘feel’ like water, it’s more tough and heavy then water, with the back of my other hand I rub my right eye and focus through it, revealing something that I wasn’t prepared for, both of my hands and my knees are covered in dark crimson blood. Something isn’t right, something really isn’t right, in my panic I start to pull myself to my feet but halfway through a sound of footsteps catches my ears and makes my body freeze in an instant.

“Guess there’s no need to hide anymore, you don’t seem like much of a threat.” A voice appears.

I look at the direction of the voice now with my right eye active, and around one of the stalagmites a slender figure of a female appears, her clothes are soaking wet and her right arm is completely covered by a large cape of some sort. My body instinctively pulls back but in my attempt to do so I end up slipping once more and landing on my ass, this time I don’t land so gracefully and end up hitting my ankle on a stalagmite that sends a shock of pain through my entire body. In my panic I look where the source of blood is coming from and above me I see the still body of Nicholas laying in the same position as when he was sleeping but now with a steady stream of blood pouring from his neck.

“If he was the muscle, then I kind of feel offended. You would think that they would send a more, how should I say this, ‘skilled’ team to track me down, but no, all I get is a scared little medic who ran away, a completely useless enforcer and... whatever the fuck you are.” The figure says as it continues to make its way towards me.

I start pulling my body backwards away from her, but I know that eventually I’ll hit a wall, a dead end, and that I have zero possibility of surviving. Just my fucking luck. “Who the hell are you?” I ask.

“Wait, are you serious? You seriously don’t know who I am? Well fuck me, aren’t you just the saddest bunch of trackers that I’ve ever seen. I’m your target, remember? The only fucking reason you even came here in the first place! Let me ask you this, does the name SkyJumper ring any bells in that shallow head of yours?” She says as she moves her body and arms around in various gestures to further drive her point across.

“How did you... Why are you here?” I say while still moving backwards and barely managing to string words together.

“Why am I here? Well that’s a bit of a stupid question don’t ya think?” She answers and gets closer to me, now towering above. “What is it that you do exactly, you don’t seem particularly special in any way.”

My arms give up as now she looms over me like a raging titan, and I fail to find any words to say, no reason for me to do so anyway I’ll most likely be dead soon.

“What makes you so...” She bends over inspecting me much closer. “Oh my, what do we have here, would I be mistaken by calling you a bootleg? If not, then this just got way more interesting.” She says as a malicious grin appears on her face.

I fail to find any words to say, again. But now that I have a closer look at her I can see her drenched hair and clothing, most of her clothing is damaged either by cuts or scorch marks, except for the cape covering her whole right arm, there seems to be something written on the cape, it looks like the word ‘Diabolica’, what the hell?

Suddenly she bursts into a maniacal laugh that lasts for a good thirty seconds. “Wow! To think they would send a fucking bootleg to track me! What kind of a fucking idiot do they take me for, huh?! Am I a fucking joke to them?! I will rip their fucking limbs off one by fucking one until there’s nothing but an ocean of crimson at my fucking feet!”

What the hell is wrong with this woman? One second she’s normal and the next she turns into a complete psychopath! What the fuck should I do?

She falls silent, turning her head back to look at the rain while keeping her body turned towards me. She turns her head back but looks down at her feet and sighs, her face though says a different story, she has a glazed look to her, almost as if she isn’t fully aware or simply doesn’t care at this point about what she does.

She lifts her chin up high and looks down at me and says, “So, where do you stand? Are you just another expendable goon? Or are you important?”

“I-I-I don’t know what you mean.” I stutter in pure shock of her sheer presence.

“ARE YOU JUST A GOON OR ARE YOU IMPORTANT! OR ARE YOU JUST A FUCKING DUMB GOD DAMN IMBECILE!” She screams out with a voice that could shake any man to his core.

“I’m a nobody, I swear!” At this point I’m surprised that I’m not bursting into tear of terror, but I’m probably to fucking petrified to actually cry.

“You say you’re a nobody and yet you are a bootleg? How’s that? You know, I think that you’re probably the last of your kind, at least I think so... I haven’t seen you fuckers up and about in a long while. How old are you anyway?” She asks, now completely calm.


“Really? Well I’ll be damned, I don’t get to interact with many people that are my age! No way, seriously? That’s fucking crazy!” She says in a now ecstatic tone.

“Wait, you’re sixteen as well?” I ask sheepishly.


I shudder immediately and clench my jaw, maybe asking questions is a bad way to go. I’m walking a very thin line here, and I don’t know what the fuck is going to happen to me at this point. But one thing I do know is that she may appear insane, but in actuality it’s quite the opposite, she switches to this psycho persona unwillingly, it acts as a barrier of some kind to shield her from people trying to get too close to her. That’s my theory anyway, and if it turns out to be true then I might just be able to get out of this with my head attached to my shoulders, just maybe...

She looks back at the now dead Nicholas and then back at me, and says, “Let’s make a deal, huh?”

I look at her, but don’t answer.

“When someone asks you a question you answer, or are you just some animal who doesn’t know what being a respectable individual of society should behave like?” She asks, with a genuinely annoyed tone.

“A deal sounds good?” I say but ready myself for yet another round of verbal battering.

“That’s more like it, now we’re getting somewhere!” A smile crosses her face and she extends her arms in an excited gesture. “Now, you see there’s a certain individual, who fucked me and my whole life over just a little over two weeks ago, and I feel obligated to find him, and deliver an agonizing early death to him. But you see that would be easy, if not for the fact that he, besides fucking me personally, also fucked my whole fucking life. Now that causes some complications on my part, you see, killing him is no issue, that’s what I’ve been doing to little shits like him for my whole life, but the whole process of finding him and accumulating the necessary supplies and gear for the job, is not my forte and will take some time to accomplish on my own. So how about this, since I can tell that you and I are going to be best friends in no time, I’ll give you a year. A year to prepare, yourself and your supplies and whatnot, and after that one year you will assist me on my mission. What say you, bootleg?”

Is this girl really trying to recruit me into her death squad right now? And she mentioned that someone fucked up her life a little over two weeks ago, that was when the Sun Valley was attacked, she was there as well... she better not be talking about Constantine...

“Are you talking about the revolutionary?” I ask.

“Eh, his time will come one day, but until then I’m looking for someone else, I think he was at the Sun Valley when it was attacked. A nasty son of a bitch is what he is...” She answers. “So you in or out? Well I mean if you’re out then I’ll just kill you here and be done with it, is that what you want?”

“No! No, I don’t want to die here... What would I have to prepare for? Why give me a year?” There’s no other way for me to live unless I agree with her.

“In short, I want you to help me in any way you can, any little bit will count. You’re a smart guy, I doubt you’ll have any issues figuring it out. So! Shall we get this year under way?”

She takes a step towards me and bends down slightly, extending her right arm towards me to help me get up. I hesitate for a second but ultimately give in, and I grab her hand with my right hand and stand up.

“Alright, I’m in. But you’ll have to tell me everything that you are going to do.” I say as now I’m face to face with her.

“But of course! Though I think that can wait a little...”

Then suddenly a sharp pain shoots through my body, the point of origin being my upper right leg. I look down and see SkyJumper’s left hand, which was holding a sword that was snapped in half, now embedded into my right thigh, a second later blood starts to make its way out of the wound and down my leg. The pint came so suddenly that I didn’t even react, instead my mouth opens wide and a chain of quick breaths leave as the only indication of my pain.

And then with a quick motion the blade twists in place, at which point audible groans start to leave my mouth as the pain intensifies drastically.

“I almost feel bad for doing this but... think of it as sealing a contract, huh?” She says with a lighthearted voice, as she pulls the broken blade out of my leg.

As soon as she does, blood begins to burst out like a fountain, but before I get to witness the extent of my blood loos, a pair of hands grab my shoulders and as I begin to look up a forceful tug brings my body downwards as a knee flies straight into my stomach, the hands let go and I stumble backwards a step bending over and grasping my whole abdomen as my knees begin to give way, as my coughing quickly turns into yet another way for blood to leave my body. But before I have time to recuperate, a quick and precise blow to the side of my head sends me flying back down to the cold ground, with no more power in my body both my arms and legs give in and fall limp to my side as a pool of blood begins to form around my right hip area.

In a last show of power I move my head just enough as to where I can see the massive and ominous figure of SkyJumper, as she brings her right foot up and whispers something under her breath, before bringing down her foot impacting the side of my face that sends me into an immediate unconsciousness.

. . .

Some time later my vision returns to me. With the last bits of my energy I move my arms up just enough to help me turn on my back, and as I do I look at the wound in my leg that has now completely healed up, just another side effect of being a freak like me, but I guess this time it came quite useful. I look towards the cave entrance, but Nicholas’s body is now gone, not his blood of course but his body has disappeared since the last time I saw him dead. As I’m turning my head back to look at the ceiling I notice my diary and a bottle of pills next to me, knowing I don’t leave my diary out in the open it’s most likely SkyJumper that took it and probably read it, but the pill aren’t mine, and I don’t recognize them.

I reach out and grab both items, putting my diary into my back pocket, and taking a closer look at the pills, and as I inspect them I see a piece of paper with some writing on it taped onto the side side of the bottle. I take it off and read it, “Yo, kinda forgot to give this to you when you were awake, but long story short, I met your medic girlfriend, and before you ask I didn’t do anything to her besides have a nice chat, and let me tell you she’s fucking pissed at you! Like seriously, you left her when she was in such a fucking bad place man, like that’s some fucked up shit, and that’s coming from me! Anyway, she said that I should give you these, you have about four months worth of these pills that supposedly keep you in check so that you don’t turn into something straight out of a fucking medical encyclopedia or something like that, honestly it kinda sounded cool, but you know, you should make your own life decisions. Anywho, I’ll come and find you in a year, and don’t worry about how I’ll do it, I have my ways. Can’t wait to see you again Yorkie! XOXO!”

You know, thinking back, I now realize how wrong I was... This bitch is all kinds of fucking crazy! Yorkie?! Are you for real? Nobody ever called me that, and now that somebody has, I fucking hate it! And what the hell am I supposed to do with these pills? God dammit! Fuck me and my life choices! Well I guess I have no choice now... I’ll go along with our deal, otherwise a complete psycho will come and hunt me down in a year.

I guess now’s as good as time as any... I take out the envelope that Captain gave me a while back, I look at it for a couple of minutes thinking what may inside, but reaching a conclusion that was a long time coming I unsheathe my knife from my left leg and cut open the envelope, and take out a single folded piece of paper...

. . .

I chuckle to myself, and then some more, before it turns into a laughter that fills the entire cave.

You crazy son of a bitch! To think that you did all of that, you truly are something else... Sorry that I wasn’t there, that I can’t help you, but now I know why you did it, why you did all of it. I won’t let this chance go to waste, I know what must be done, I’ve known for a long time now, all I needed was the right place to start, and now you’ve given me just that! So I accept your gift, and I promise you that I will change this world for the better, no matter the cost! I’ll make sure to help the hero save us all...

Day ???

THAT DUMB FUCKING BITCH! What the fuck has she gotten herself into this fucking time?! I swear to all things holy that one day I’m just going to leave and never come back!

Oh my God... Ok, calm down, deep breaths... So she contacted me like ten minutes ago, said that there was some shit going down at Purgatory, that I should be on stand-by in case something goes wrong and she needs me to get over there asap. She’s probably going to use the new radios that she stole on her last raid, pretty neat piece of equipment I must admit.

I don’t like leaving my lab, I haven’t had much contact recently with... anyone really, besides her of course. But if the situation requires me to go and help her myself then so be it, can’t have her dying on me just yet. So I took the liberty of refilling her new bike, and getting it ready if I need to get there in a moment’s notice, I’m sure she won’t mind me using her newly stolen advanced ON bike. Hell, if it comes down to me going all the way out to Purgatory to save her ass, then I should have the right to own this fucking bike! Having said that, I’ll make sure that she doesn’t read this entry, otherwise she’s probably going to ask for another round of ‘training’, and I sure as shit down want that. The last time we ‘trained’ she left my body in absolute shambles, I’m not a fucking fighter and yet she goes all out!

But on a serious note here, she told me that she finally came face to face with the guy. She didn’t tell me the details or much of anything really, but she said that things got more complicated then she expected. She’ll fill me in once this whole business in Purgatory is settled. Even if she dealt with that problem, we still have work to do, I spotted a couple of large groups of ON agents moving quiet erratically, I don’t know what the cause of it is but I’ll have to let her know, it may hold some good intel or supplies if we investigate.

On a side note, I’m nearly completed with my new set of drugs. Much more powerful than the last generation, thanks to some neat little specimens that she obtained in her last raid I was able to make these new ones act much faster, and in theory should last for longer and be more potent throughout the entire duration.

When it comes to me, besides the usual stuff to keep me in check, I was able to come up with some nasty stuff just for myself. Should help me in a fight if the need ever arises, the side effects are harsh as usual, but with a body and physiology like mine side effects are par for the course. I already wasted a couple of years by my calculations due to stupid injuries, that in reality really didn’t have to happen, but oh well what can i do. Still I should keep that in mind, that’s one of the reasons why I came up here in the first place, much more control, less random variables.

But I digress, she should be in Purgatory right about now, doing whatever the fuck she’s doing. I could use a bit of shuteye, I just hope that damn radio doesn’t start beeping, I can’t afford to have her dying on me, there’s still so much we need to accomplish. The ON still stands strong, but if we continue at this pace, then we can definitely open up a weak spot and strike with everything we got, and land a pretty big hit. Still... This fight is difficult with just the two of us. I know she doesn’t like to work with anyone else but me, but we should look for someone who could help us. Maybe I should reach out to Anna? Nah, I haven’t seen or spoken to her since that night, I don’t even know how long it’s been at this point.

But that’s it for me right now, let’s just hope she doesn’t die and leave it at that. Good fucking night.

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