Alpha Damon Ares

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My life could not get any worse. I am a 24 year old woman, who had been fired from her job, evicted, and the only thing I had to my name aside from clothes was my Dad’s trusty ole 1967 Impala. Which I lived out of! That is until the day I had met my mate. The one and only Alpha Ares. His name even meant ruin so why should I trust that everything would be ok? We seen each other at a cute but quaint diner named Joey’s, by pure coincidence. I was leaving and was in my own thoughts before I realized I was on the train tracks. A second before I would have been creamed I felt someone tackle me. The mate bond was so strong that it was like magnets pulling us together. He came to me and with a half growl, half smile and said “MINE! MATE,” while holding me down.

Adventure / Romance
Shannon Whitson
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

My name is Cheyenne Alexandria Clementine. Ever since my parents died when I was just a cub I’d been moved from home to home and discarded like I was trash, as if nobody could be bothered with me. I had went from home to home until I was 16 years old and aged out of our packs “system”. I am now 24 years old, unmated, unmarked, and I have been going through absolute hell. I don’t know why I ever thought I could fit in here, in this pack, when everyone always looked away from me.

I remembered back to when I was 18, I had found my mate. Imagine my surprise when I realized this person was none other than John Adler, who was charted up to be the next alpha-if something ever happened to the one we already had. The second he realized who his mate was, his face grew with such disgust, anger, and pity. I knew what was coming, so I didn’t put too much effort into pretending that I cared when he rejected me. I remembered he had said “ I, John Adler, do hereby and henceforth reject you, Cheyenne Clementine, as my mate.” I mean sure it stung but I’d gotten used to rejection by then.

I was broken out of my thoughts when I’d heard a loud train whistle. I hadn’t realized that I walked this far, and onto train tracks at that. I was frozen in absolute fear and terror. I had vaguely registered someone yelling for me to get off the tracks, but my feet betrayed me and wouldn’t budge. I had closed my eyes ready for the train to hit me, ready to leave this cruel world, but that never happened. A split second before I would’ve been creamed I felt someone full force tackling me to the ground.

“What the fuck??”
“ What just happened?”
I asked myself thinking I’d imagined being tackled by someone else, that the power of wind had done it. That is until he spoke.

“Hi, sorry I didn’t want to see such a beautiful lady get creamed by a hustling train.”

My breath hitched when he called me beautiful. He must’ve noticed because he had asked me if I was ok. To which I said yes. As I turned to look at the man who had just saved my life, a small burn began inside the pit of my stomach. It was enough to wake up my wolf, Evelena.

“Mate” she said, inside our heads’, weary because of all the heartbreak we both endured over the years. As I turned to look at who saved my life my breath hitched again. He had the most beautiful eyes, ocean blue mixed with some silver that was customary to see in our kind.
He had a strong build, nice muscles, lean legs, and a nice smile. I also couldn’t help but notice that his member was enlarged. I stifled the giggle the arose from my mouth. Then he look at me and said the words I never thought I’d hear.

“Mate” his wolf growled.

I backed away in fear, looking away, telling him to go on get it over with, to go ahead and reject me like all the others in my life had done.
The look he gave me was so serene, so sweet that it made my heart clench. He replied to me with “Now why on earth would I ever do such a thing? & to someone as beautiful as you are!”

My head turned back to him and the words that came out of my mouth weren't my own. They were my wolf, she was protecting me from further heartbreak.

“You’ve called me beautiful twice now, but yet I know I am not because I’ve been rejected by everyone since my parents died. I know you’re my mate, and you have called me such as well but how do I know you’re not just making fun of me, as surely you’ve heard about the stories everyone says about me?”

He smiled the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen and said “I speak the truth you are beautiful, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I understand you’ve been rejected by everyone else but you won’t be by me because I want to get to know the woman the goddess has deemed good enough for me. I simply do not care what others may say, I will make that decision myself when it comes down to it. Also I, nor my wolf, would ever make fun of you or anyone for that matter. It’s just not in our style to do so. Now can I ask you something?”

“Sure” I replied.

“Why were you out here, on this side, on the train tracks no less? We’re you that sad that you thought ending it would make the pain go away?”

“While I may have contemplated on killing myself before, this certainly wasn’t the case. I was in my own head not paying attention, and landed on those tracks. When I was broken out of my reverie by the train whistle, I couldn’t move no matter how hard I had tried. I heard your voice and tried to move but it was as if the goddess herself was holding me in place. Perhaps so we could meet you. What is your name?” I asked.

“My name?”

“Yes, and don’t think about lying because our bond is already fairly strong and I will know if your fibbing.”

“Ok Ok calm down” he said with a laugh.

“My name is Alpha Damon Alexander Ares, of the most prestigious Moon Stone pack.”

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