Alpha Damon Ares

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Chapter 2

“Omg, WHAT?” I replied.

“It’a true I am who I say I am, and you’re in my pack’s land. I of course don’t mind since you being here has lead to us finding our mates. Each other.” He said

What happened next surprised every single thing in me. He leaned down and kissed me with so much passion, taking in all of me with one kiss. I smiled because I couldn’t help but notice how aroused he was.

I broke the kiss and said “Umm maybe we should stop before we both get in trouble” I said pointing to his dick.

“What? He likes you! We like you.. a lot” he said the last word breathlessly.
And returned to kissing me.

After our first kiss we laid in the tall grass, holding each other tight. I asked him what this meant for me, what would I have to do since we were part of different packs.

“You would have to move in with me, so we will go and get your things from your pack.” He said trailing kisses down my neck.

I pulled away. “Well that won’t be too hard all my stuff is inside my Dad’s car back at the pack house.”

“Why is all your stuff sitting in your car.”

“Because nobody wanted me around them, so I’ve been staying in my car. It’s quite comfortable”

“That’s bullshit! Nobody deserves to be treated that way and I don’t understand why they think that’s ok! ESPECIALLY the alpha of that pack!”

“The alpha was my first mate- he rejected me- and when everyone else found out- well let’s just say it wasn’t pretty if I was seen around anyone. The only person who didn’t care about all that was my best friend and she passed away a few years ago.”

“There is no excuse for their behavior! I’m an alpha and I treat everyone with respect until they don’t deserve it! Let’s go get your stuff right now-I’m going to have a little chat with that asshole.”

Ok was all I could muster. Through the bond, I could feel the hate, and anger, rolling off of him in waves. So I did the one thing I knew would make it stop.
I bent down and kissed him with such urgency, passion, and lust that the anger dissipated. It was however replaced with and insane urge to mate right then and there. I yelped and pulled back from his tender kisses and blushed.

“We really should get going before it becomes too dark out here.” I said.

He looked at me with concern in his eyes. While he didn’t outright question why I didn’t want to be out past dark, his eyes spoke a thousand words. As we started to get up we heard a low growl that startled us both. I immediately jumped into defense position so that I could defend my mate-if the need arouse.

All of a sudden I see the alpha of my pack. He was walking towards us with anger written on his face! I immediately went behind my mates back for protection.
As he got closer I heard John exclaim
“What the hell are you doing out here on his packs land and not ours! Do I have to beat you senseless AGAIN to get it through your head that you belong to US! To this pack!” He came close enough to me for me to whimper and that is when Alpha Ares sprung and punched him so hard you heard his bones in his jaw crack. It was a sickening sound but it made me smile knowing my mate had landed a punch on the one person I hated most.

“Don’t you EVER speak to my mate like that again! Do you hear me? And if I ever hear of you beating on a woman again so help me God, I will kill you as inhumanely as I can!”

“THAT bitch is your mate?” John asked

A growl so powerful came out of my mates mouth and it shook the earth beneath us “You will show her the respect she deserves! You will apologize to her and YOU WILL bow down before me and kiss my feet! Or I will have your head on a stake before the nights end! TAKE YOUR CHOICE!”

Suddenly John bowed down before ME told me he was sorry for how he treated me, and began kissing Alpha Ares feet! I couldn’t help it- I started laughing so loud, so hard. The glare I received from John was well deserved but I couldn’t help myself as I busted up laughing even harder. Belly busting laughing that soon had my stomach hurting.

Finally Ares told John that he could stop but when he got up he tried to punch him. Ares caught his arm with ease and ordered him in his alpha voice to return home and to never forget the lesson he learned today.

Soon after that John and his henchmen left. We followed behind because I still needed to get my car that held everything I have in it. As we walked we were holding hands, getting to know each other, and once in awhile would stop to kiss each other. When we were outside the gates, to what will be my old pack, I stopped suddenly. I turned to Damon and explained that I had been seeing someone but it wasn’t serious. He said it was ok and he’d like to meet him. So I mind-linked Ryder and told him to get his butt to me so he could meet Damon Ares.

He had felt that I had finally met my mate, almost at the same instant he had met his.

Through the mind link all I heard was HOLY SHIT! It’s THE Alpha! No faster than I could blink Ryder And his mate were in front of us.
I smiled and hugged him then introduced him to Damon while he introduced us to Reinier. After the pleasantries were exchanged Ryder walked us towards his place where my car was. A whistle came from Damon’s mouth before he said how exquisite Ryders house was.

“Just wait until you get inside” he had replied. As he lead us up to his porch, he turned around and looked at me and said “I am glad you finally found someone who deserves you, who will take care of you, and more.”

“I found her sleeping in her car one night after work and though we didn’t know each other I knew I could trust her. So I knocked on the window, waking her up, and told her to follow me where she would be to actually sleep in a bed. At first she refused but then she decided to go for it. Most of her stuff is in her car but I also bought you some new stuff Cheyenne while you were away.”

“You did not have to do that Ryder. Besides I have enough stuff to hold me over.”

He looked at Damon then back at me with a reply of oh well I did it so you can’t take it back! As he lead us upstairs to where I’d been staying for the past few weeks. Even with the most comfortable bed I’d ever laid on I still sometimes walked out to sleep in my car.

Ryder looked around with anticipation and told me to go open it up. He had gotten me some nice dresses, jeans, shirts, under garments-which I blushed at- shoes and even accessories to go with everything. I looked up at him with adoration and told him how thankful I was. He was my very best friend. The only one I had.

As we boxed everything up and went to put it into Ryders car, I heard giggles, and some nasty words flying my way.
Nasty, bitch, slut, dirty, poor and more. They came from Johns mate and I looked at her and finally told her off. Then she had the Audacity to say that I would never have anyone or anything that nobody would want me. She didn’t even get to finish before I felt my mate next to me. He used his alpha tone to tell her that I most definitely will be someone that she has it wrong she’s the one who won’t be anything and that if she keeps it up he will snap her head.

She looked at him wide eyed and smirked saying her mate will kill him for disrespecting her- to which Damon said he’d already kicked his ass but he’d like to see him try. The entire time she kept looking him up and down like a piece of meat until I growled and was allowing my wolf to show.

“Oooo jealous much?” She said to which I lunged at her to rip her throat out but Damon caught me before hand.
He told her to take her dumbass home before her mate has no mate.

Oddly enough, the altercation had aroused us both. My panties were wet and his dick was large and in charge. We kissed reverently while rubbing our bodies together trying to release some of our … arousals.

Ryder tsk tsked at us teasingly saying to get a room. So I told him to get a room- he laughed and said ooooo we did, we mates practically the second we met. I laughed. Ryder said that he might be wanting to change packs and Damon told him he’s more than welcome.

We left that night never looking back at my old life - Ryder driving his car, Damon driving mine. And when we had arrived at Moon Stone packs alpha house I was in awe. It was HUGE. And even more elegant than Ryders house. As Ryder pulled aside us he whispered “HOLY SHIT” through the mind link . That made Damon smile so big that I just reached over and kissed him sweetly.

As we went inside all the pack members had gathered around chanting “Alpha found Luna, Alpha found Luna,” over and over again. So we both turned around and they gasped when they seen me. Immediately Ryder was flanked on my other side, his mate behind me. Ryder went through the link saying Reinier knew my past and is ready to protect.

Soon someone who I could only assume was the Beta, came forward, and said “Alpha you have found her, your mate, and master of the elements! And she’s GORGEOUS!”

Damon replied “Thank you”, and looked to me. He told his Beta to go back where he was. So with all his pack surrounding us his booming voice said “ I have found the one the moon goddess saved for me! She is as beautiful as she is kind, she will be the most loyal and the best Luna this pack has ever seen. No one not a single person is to say a bad thing about her ESPECIALLY if you’ve heard stories from her pack members! If you do you will be kicked out, and considered a ROGUE! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!” He said using his alpha tone for the last part.

Everyone got down on their knees, showing their necks as the ultimate sign of respect, and said yes Alpha. He waved them all up so that they were standing turned to me and said MATE, before biting my neck- marking me as forever his.
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