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Chapter 3 Damon’s POV 🌶

I hadn’t originally planned on marking Cheyenne just yet but she was standing there watching me intensely, & she was getting aroused. I don’t know if it was my alpha voice, the fact that she’d been complimented so much today, or that she just liked what she seen. But even she was surprised that I had taken our relationship to the next step-as my teeth entered her neck I felt her gasp- mostly with pleasure than surprise.

Her blood tasted so sweet as I licked her mark so that it would heal, expertly dancing my tongue all over just to hear her moans. When I knew the mark was healing fast I stood straight and looked back at the crowd. “Cheyenne is now one of us and will always be one of us- same as her friend Ryder and his mate Valerian. Welcome them all to this pack with as much warmth as love as you would have done to me!”

“Yes, Alpha.” Was like music to my ears.

What happened next even took ME by surprise.

Cheyenne came up close to me, kissed me and then in a blink of an eye, she was by my neck marking ME. And I LOVED IT. I loved that she didn’t ask, that she took control, and was now marking me as hers for the rest of our lives. I barely registered the shocked inhales by my pack. Too lost in the ecstasy, and absolute feral desire, to care. Soon she began licking my mark as I had done with hers but she conveyed much more sexual desire. Our bond was strengthening, our mind link completely open, when I registered that she smelled like a 18 year old cub does when they find their mates and mate for the first time.

Could it be? Was my Cheyenne… A virgin? It’s hardly heard of at our age. Especially with so many hazes in between. When the haze hits the sexual desire to be with someone anyone is so intense, you would give anything to have that release. I knew her life had been hard, but.. this I was pleasantly surprised by. I mean I too am a 24 year old virgin because I wanted to save the one intimate part of myself that I wanted to give to my mate. It was much easier for us Alphas to restrain ourself during hazes.

“Cheyenne?” I asked

“Mmm yes?” Was her response.

“Are you a virgin?” I couldn’t help myself but to ask.

“Yes, I am, is that bad?” She asked with wordy laced through her face.

“No that is the single best thing I have ever heard in my life. But you’ve had boyfriends, so why?”

“The one thing I could keep untainted for myself, and for my mate, was my virginity. So I vowed when I was younger to never give in. That is until I met my mate.”

I heard Ryder and his mate giggle and quickly realized we were still out in front of everyone. A deep blush crept across both our faces. In a rush I declared that everyone was dismissed and had Ryder and Valerian take her stuff to their room. Because before I knew it, I was scooping up my absolutely gorgeous mate up into my arms, and we went straight to my room. She giggled in my arms, and I thought about how I would never get over hearing it. I loved her already, and we barely just met. Strange how the mate bond works ,isn’t it, I thought.

I carried her towards my bed.

“You can put me down ya know.” She said with a sexy smirk.

“I know but I don’t want too.”

And with that she started kissing me again, making me go weak in the knees. I layer her onto my bed- and went to light the candles I had arranged to be romantically lit along with flower petals strewn all around. I hoped she would like it and from her body language she most definitely did.

I stood at the edge of the bed admiring the woman I get to now call my mate. I wanted to tease her, just a little so I did just that. I began slowly taking off my shirt, taking care to make sure she seen my abs, before flinging it over my mirror.

Then I loosened my belt buckle and took it out while licking my lips slowly from side to side. I could tell I getting to her because not only was she flustered, she was blushing, and possibly even a little shy. I loved it. I got that belt off and did a dance with my pant belt loops that made her laugh. It was like music to my ears.

And then as swift as wind, Cheyenne was off that bed, and in front of me. She ripped my pants off of me, and I growled in appreciation. I was only in my underwear when she kept looking me up and down with lust in her eyes. I slowly, eagerly, took my underwear off- to which my member sprang like it found a newfound freedom.

Cheyenne’s eyes widened as she took in how big I was. Burning passion shone through her eyes. I then ripped her pants to show her in her bra and underwear. She was like a goddess. Facial features so graceful you’d think she was the moon goodness, a nice ample chest, abs that showed she worked hard, and tall long lean legs. She turned around and I gave an appreciative whistle because her ass was firm, not huge but not small either.

She came close to me, placing kisses all over my face, chest, and started going lower. I did NOT think my member could get more excited but I swear he grew by another inch. Suddenly Cheyenne’s mouth was on my penis and the instant her mouth touched it I let out a moan.

She took that as a sign to go ahead, and slammed her mouth all the way to the hilt of my cock, sucking hard while stroking it with her tongue. Mmmm. She brought me to the brink of my release when she took her mouth off me with a satisfying pop. I picked her up and slammed my cock into her already wet opening. She let out a small cry as I broke the barrier that meant she was no longer a virgin. Standing, I just held onto her supple ass while sucking on her nipple, while I made love to her. I banged her hard, so hard, we both moaned in complete ecstasy. I pulled my dick out of her, laid down on my bed, and lifted her right on top of me. Her slow strides on my cock made me thrust into her again. She said no no and pinned my legs down with her arms, leaning back, giving me the perfect view of us combined, especially of her privates. Which drove me absolutely insane. She rode me, sometimes coming up making me think she wanted to change position,only for her to slam back down onto my girth, eliciting moans and more from us both. Then with no effort at all, I took her off me, flipped her over, and starting going at it doggy( or shall we say wolf) style. Omg her pussy was so tight and wet. I felt that I was on the brink of cumming when all of a sudden she did just that. Costing me with her sweet sweet juices . It was the final straw I started to go hard, grabbing her by her hips, yanking her onto my cock, time after time again. Until I felt my dam break and I came inside my mate, pouring myself into her.

And then, to my surprise, she started shaking, her entire body was convulsing with pleasure again. She kept repeating “Oh yeah fuck me harder, give it to me baby, harder harder” and so I did.

We both climaxed together. Then I grabbed my torn pants and wiped her and I up. “ I never dreamed sex could be this good!” She said, sweat pouring down her face. “Me either.” Was my reply we had made love for a total of 2 hours the first time. We could hear cheers from our pack when we were finished.

“Didn’t know we were that loud.” She said jokingly, because we did not care who had heard us. We were loud and proud. As I lay next to Cheyenne stroking her hair, I looked at her and told her I Loved her, that I knew we just met not long ago but that I also knew she was the one my true other half. And she looked at me with so much love in her eyes and told me she loved me too.

That night we made love a total of 50 times. Each time more magnificent than the last. We tried every single position you could think of, and then some. By the last time we were so tired and our bodies so spent that we fell asleep naked holding onto each other.
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