Alpha Damon Ares

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Chapter 4 Cheyenne’s POV 🌶

OMG! Is sex always this good? I thought. Damon read my mind and said “ I don’t know but I sure do love when we make love.”

I shifted so that I was facing my mate. I couldn’t help but smile how did I get so lucky? He was perfect in every way. I put my hand onto his chiseled face, looked into those absolutely stunning eyes, and leaned in to kiss the man of my dreams. He deepened our kiss, putting his arms around me and brought me closer to him- which only aroused me because I could feel his member throbbing asking for me. Which only intensified my hunger so much more.

I suddenly sat up- and put my mouth on his member. “Ooo that’s a surprise” Damon said.
I sucked hard and fast then slower and I surprised him by hopping on him backwards.
I bent all the way to his feet and lifted my ass up and down up and down squeezing his dick with my muscles as I went. He really enjoyed that. All he kept saying was ooo yeah give it to me, harder, harder, yeah baby. Without a second thought I turned around and faced him this time repeating what I did, only so I could face him. We were both moaning in ecstasy, my titties bouncing. Then to my surprise he sat up- keeping us together, hugging me tight while thrusting his cock deep inside, making us moan louder and louder until we climaxed onto each other yelling yes oh god yes.

We sat like that for awhile- perfectly entwined, him in me, and only separated because we got tired.

All of a sudden we heard some pack members saying “OHHH Alpha did she wear you out” outside, teasing us. Even though nobody could see, we both blushed.

We just laid together on our bed talking, getting to know each other more. His laugh was the best one I’ve ever heard. I’d made the joke about the fact that I didn’t know when the haze would hit but that we were going to be spending most of the time- even without the haze- melding ourselves as one.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. “Hey Alpha Ares I know you two are knockin boots but I still need to get Cheyenne’s stuff into your room.” Ryder said with amusement in his tone.

“There is another door to my room, it’s my living room, just go ahead and open it and put all of her stuff away in there.”

Ryder said “Ok thanks Alpha, OH HEY CHEYENNE… have fun.”

“I have been having A LOT of fun and I mean a lot of it.” Speaking of go away so I can get back to it I said through the link . All I heard in my head was his voice saying OOOOOO go get you some sexy alpha with a laugh.

I looked at Damon and told him thank you so much for taking my best friend in along with his mate that it meant the world.

I looked at him and told him to chase me. I ran right to his bathroom. Inside it was huge. The tub was a hot tub that could’ve been a pool, the shower stood by itself, with its ornate designs, and to my surprise there was my favorite flowers cascading down the walls. “Those are my absolute favorite flowers how did you know?”
“I didn’t- those happen to be my favorite as well, they’re real so that it smells nice in here.”
I spotted the jacuzzi running water so high it would totally go over me if I was to sit, I’m sure it was due to Damon’s tall stature.

Suddenly I was lifted off the ground, and Damon took two long strides before he let go of me over the hot tub, effectively sinking me to the bottom. I never was taught how to swim-but water is my strongest element. So I held my breath, put a bubble around my head and waited to see why Damon would do. I didn’t have to wait long because he came crashing into the water frantically searching for me. I laughed. He heard that and looked right at me wide eyed. I put a bubble over his head too. “HOLY HECK this is awesome, but you scared me don’t do that!”
“Sorry I didn’t mean too. I’ve never been taught to swim so, I learned water magic first. Umm how deep is this thing? I fell for awhile before I landed here.”
“ I had it made to be 6.5 feet deep, and it’s the same across so that I could fit into it without being cramped. You look like a fish” Damon replied laughing.
So I did the only logical thing, and popped his bubble. I stayed down for a few more seconds admiring the work of the tub. When I came up I made sure to flip my hair so that my boobs would jiggle. That surely got his attention. He began sucking on my nipples, one by one. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped, as my core was contracting with every suck. So I began to stroke his cock under water, the buoyancy of the water helping. I pinned Damon up against the wall, growled teasingly, and realized I could smell his arousal. I smiled at him as he sat down on the seat in the water. And then I took charge again, found his hard sex, and lowered myself onto him in the water. OMG water sex felt so much better and I don’t know why.
I rocked back and forth onto him as he would thrust himself deeper into me. When I brought us both underwater, put a bubble completely surrounding us, and let us go to the bottom.
It was amazing seeing the water around us refracting off the bubble, as we held onto each other. Soon we were making love on the bottom of his hot tub, grabbing onto the bottom of the seats so I could spread Eagle showing him all of the most intimate part of me. He went down and licked my pussy like no tomorrow. Licking, dating his tongue in and out, full face onto my vagina you name it he did it, plus his fingers! OMG they were magical. He brought me to orgasm I can’t even tell you how many times. I returned the favor by sucking his cock, using my hands, and my boobs, and then finally when his eyes were closing in ecstasy, I got on that dick and rode it for awhile. When we had both came too many times to count, we laid on the bottom of the hot tub looking up.

“It’s pretty amazing how you can do that with water. I love it we can use it to our advantage. But why hasn’t anyone taught you to swim?”

“ I was afraid of the water, of drowning and more. But ever since I knew I could manipulate water, I haven’t been afraid.”

We were broken out of looking at each other when it looked as if John was looking down at us. Damon felt me tense up, but assured me he couldn’t get in here at all. But there was someone there. Looking at us. Not sure who it was but the image shimmered away.

After that we just looked at each other like wtf was that? The heat of the water surrounded us, making us super sleepy.
We fell asleep laying by each other, and didn’t wake for 12 hours- must’ve been all of our activities. The best thing was the fact that we never got cold.

I was the first to wake up, and I was disoriented at first. Not knowing where I was or why I was underwater. I heard a giggle and Damon said “ You’re cute when you’re thinking hard.”
I turned and was greeted with a good morning kiss. “How did you even manage to keep the bubble around us while asleep? It’s pretty amazing, YOU’RE amazing”

“I’ve always been able to hold water for long periods of time, it’s been one of my fortes since I was a kid and ya know almost drowned. Do you want to see something even cooler?”
Omg, yes” Damon said

So I took air in my grasp and directed it out of our bubble and began to make swirls in the water, that eventually went into shapes of letters that said I OVE YOU. “OMG THATS AWESOME and that takes the elements, air, wind, and water. Can you do fire too?”

“Yes I can it’s not as easy as the others while under here but hold on.”

I moved to the other side of him and concentrated closing my eyes. Soon the similar heat began to surface I opened my eyes and I heard holy shit. I knew my eyes were harnessing the fire power so I took some and out it in my palm. Letting it grow bigger and bigger until it was time to put my hand outside the bubble. As I put more energy into it, I heated the water even more, to the point of it bubbling before I turned it off

Damon stared mouth open eyes wide “You really are the master aren’t you”

“I heard one of your pack members say that and now you but I have no idea what that is or what it means.” I told Damon.

“It means that you’re the only one in the world that can control ALL of the elements. Most people are lucky if they get 1, but you have all of them. I haven’t seen you use earth yet tho.”

“Yes you have when we first met. I was trying my damndest to move but Earth had me rooted to the ground. Because it knew that you were near. That we had finally found the other half’s of our soul.”

“OH” was all Damon said looking amazed.

We’d been down there forever so we decided to get out and shower together- we did just that- shower and only shower, lathering each other up. When we were done we went and got dressed. Me in my favorite sundress and Damon in a very sexy short set.

“What do you say we go get breakfast and officially introduce you to everyone in a more … traditional way.” We both laughed so hard that our stomachs hurt and we were on the floor laughing because we knew the jokes would come and the teasing of course.

“Well, my almost blushing bride, would you like to go and have some fun with our family.”

“Oh yeah, let’s do this.”

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