Alpha Damon Ares

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Chapter 5: introducing Charlotte to our family

I had called a meeting about an hour ago to introduce my mate to our family. Charlotte was so nervous that they wouldn’t like her, but I already knew they loved her, Alpha link and all that.
“I have called this meeting because as you all know I have my mate, and we would like to introduce her to you, formally.” At that I heard the snickers and whoop whoops coming from the crowd undoubtedly due to the fact that everyone could hear us. I blushed thinking back onto our activities these past few days.

“Moonstone pack it is my upmost pleasure to introduce to you not only my mate, the love of my life, but to introduce you all to your Luna! I know she will be an amazing Luna and she will take the best care of everyone here. So let’s get to it! Luna Charlotte please take a step forward by my side.” I could see her nerves and feel her hesitation but I assured her again they’d all love her just as I do. So as she came up beside me, my arms locked around her waist and I’ll never forget her smile when she was finally introduced.

“Charlotte, I introduce you to OUR pack, OUR family, the ones who will always have your back, THE MOONSTONE PACK!” I have never heard this caliber of loud in my life. There was hoops and hollers, some WOOOHOOS, it’s about time, in my life. It was AMAZING! We kissed the most amazing passionate kiss we have ever had since we met. Which made the crowd go wild again. I had a plan for this day to be the best ever and so far it was, but I had one more surprise for everyone but especially for my mate. I released her from my grip, and got down on one knee. I heard her gasp as well as our pack. “ Charlotte Victoria Whitesand, will you do me the absolute honor and become my wife?”

“OH MY GOD! I said so happy, that I finally found my person. “Yes, OF COURSE, I will marry you!

I put my mother’s ring on her finger, knowing without a doubt she was watching from heaven, beaming with pride. What happened next didn’t much surprise me, but it did anyway. She grabbed me in close told me how much she adored, and loved me, and kissed me with so much love, need, and passion, that I was almost knocked down. She can be very strong when she wants to be.

“Alright, alright, enough of that.” I heard her best friend say with a laugh, “we’ve heard enough of what THAT leads to.” With the biggest laugh. “ I am so happy for you Char, you finally found the one place where you TRULY belong. Where we BOTH belong” As he had said that Charlotte bent down and gave him and his boyfriend a kiss on their cheeks. It truly has been the best day ever.

“A week from today I am going to marry my soulmate, my other half and you are all invited.” After I said that I took my blushing almost bride into the house. I will never forget that night, or the sheer amount of passion we both endured.
I will never forget the way she smelled, the way she took in every ounce of me, or how extremely beautiful and sweet she was. I couldn’t believe anyone would have treated her in any other way except with love. Her past may not have been the best but I vowed from this day forward that she would only be treated with the respect, love, and passion she deserves.

The next week flew by in a flurry of motions, making sure my fiancé got everything she ever wanted in a wedding.
She wanted something colorful that included our packs colors. So she got neon orange, bright blue, black, and the brightest red, the last of the two being pack colors. We found all of those colors in all the flowers that we lined up through the aisles, and at our alter. She wanted a bright coral for what we would be walking on, and her dress was white with all of the colors combined on the bottom of her dress. The top was white, with some diamonds, rubies, amethyst and angelite crystals. It was an outstanding dress, fit for my partner. Since the whole pack was coming, we made sure that there was enough seating for everyone where we would be married, and where our reception would take place. Only 1 more day until I get to marry her.

That night we’d made a promise to not have sex in order to make it more special while on our honeymoon. So we went to bed in each other’s arms, entwined, and so beyond happy.
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