Alpha Damon Ares

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Chapter 6- The wedding

I woke up in the best mood ever. I couldn’t believe it today was going to be the best day ever. The day I got to marry my heart, my other half. Damon made sure I got everything I had ever wanted in a wedding and so much more. We had the biggest pack out of them all, so it was interesting watching the pack assemble the chairs, the flowers, the coral silk we would walk down, with chatters abuzz. My link to the pack had been getting stronger since Damon introduced me, and proposed to me. After today I would be just like him. I would be able to mind link everyone within, as well as others I am close to. Someone would have to be very powerful for us to not read their minds, or know that danger is upon us.

As I got ready the hairdresser, Debbie, did my hair, after that her assistant did my makeup and I looked amazing. I was so happy how it turned out that I gave them a large tip. Which got me some of the biggest thank you’s and appreciation.
In another room Damon was getting ready as well and I could hardly wait for me to call him my husband. In ONE single hour I would take on his name. We would be together forever. I had so many jitters that was stopped by him mind liking me to say stop you’ll be fine, we’ll be fine. Love you - to which I told him love you back. When I was finally dressed and he was done, we went to our spots for first looks with my best friend, and him with his.

We gave them them air kisses said thank you and went on our way to our first destination of our honeymoon.
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