Shadows of the Past

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In a world beyond Earth, Alex was taken in and raised as their own by the Alpha and Luna of the Boronduin pack after finding her near death in the mountain pass. Since then she has had no memory of where she came from or who her family was and she lost her wolf and strangely her scent. Years later the Alpha wants to marry her off to a new young Alpha of a small pack who claims to be her mate, but Alex knows the truth and after discovering that this Alpha has a heinous plot, she decides to run away to protect her pack. She runs to the only place she knows no one will find her. Instead of reaching her destination, she is taken hostage by one of the Shadows. Large, lone wolves that no one knows anything about, but everyone fears them. Once in the Shadows' territory, she fights for her freedom and uncovers the truth about the Shadows and the Erisdar forest. Mysteries soon start to unravel as unknown forces stir within her very soul and Alex discovers ancient secrets and a greater intertwined destiny than she could have ever imagined. A/N: This story was originally posted on wattpad, however, I have decided to try another platform. If you would like to support me for the watty's this year however, please check it out on wattpad. Thank you! Any constructive criticism no matter how mean, is more than welcome in order to improve the story for the readers' benefit and enjoyment.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Feel free to notify me of any grammar mistakes or plot errors/holes or anything at all that seems to bother you as a reader. Don’t be scared, I love criticism, both good and bad. So, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments.

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