Cherry blossom hill

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Mia Notting lives in a palace. She is an only child with her pet dog companion Prince(who turns up later on in the story!).Then she finds out a secret that could change her life. NEW CHAPTERS EACH WEDNESDAY

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Chapter 1: Scitiing Castle

Mia started walking (with her parasol in hand) to the grand palace that was now her home. It was a perfect white with gold and aqua green accents. It looked like any castle a Disney Princess would own.
Her father was outside, waiting for her."Dear, would you like people to come inside the castle and have a nice trip or would you like them to not come inside at all?"
"Well," she began, choosing her words carefully and thinking them through "Some people have not been in Scitiing Castle at all...OK.....yes that should be good, and, dad..."
"Yes?" he asked.
"1)Don't call me dear. 2)If one person's family member in my school asks and I know them a bit they (or their family member) can trek and explore, so it's a bit private" Mia said.
"Ok I will get that number two sorted and I'll try not to call you dear" her dad said cheerfully.
"Thanks!" she exclaimed and ran off into the castle, her pink parasol flapping in the breeze.

Mia went inside and took a map from the basket at the front entrance, then she rethought and snatched a souvenir bag and put 5 maps in there, just in case she lost one.

She found her palace companion (who was one of the maids sons),Boy, looking back
at nothing.
"HI!"she called out loudly, just in case Boy didn't hear her. Boy waved at her and ran quickly down the palace halls. She knew Boy had trouble keeping secrets and didn't talk to her when there was a secret going on.

But what was the secret?

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