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Chapter 9

We started packing our things and, while Achak was packing up the tent and Ollie was packing the sleeping bag, I pulled Adahy aside. “Adahy. In case we don’t make it out, there’s something I need to do. It could risk my life, but it is very important.” I looked into his eyes. “It’s why I got kidnapped in the first place, I think.”

“Tesla, don’t say that, we’re all going to make it out,” I looked at him with pleading eyes.

“Please, Adahy. It’s important.” He looked at me for a minute before reluctantly nodding.

I had a necklace tucked in my shirt, and I pulled it out. I pulled a box from my bag and handed him both. The box had a lock on it. My necklace had a small jar on it as a charm. I handed them to him. “These items are why I was kidnapped. I need you to hide them. Hide them, bury them, I don’t care. Just put them somewhere where no one will ever find them. Make sure you could find it though if you ever needed to.” I looked around me to make sure no one was watching and stuffed them into his hands.

“Well, are you going to tell me what it is?” He asked. I looked around again. “I can’t. It would put your life in danger- more danger than it already is.” He looked disappointed and he set the box down with the necklace on it and took my hands in his.

“I would risk my life to save yours.” I let go and stood up.

“Just, please hide it. Hide them separately and come back as fast as you can. Please,” I said and walked away. He took the box and necklace, beginning to head in the opposite direction. I began to run back to the tent but it was gone. Achak and Ollie were standing with the bags. I picked up mine and we began walking. They didn’t question where Adahy was.

While we were walking, Ollie slowed down and eventually was in the back. I suddenly stopped. There was a van right in front of us. “Ollie?” I whispered. “What do we do?” I turned around, slowly. Ollie was nowhere to be seen. I looked at Achak. “Oh no,” I said. I saw the van starting to pull away. There was a note stuck in the door. It said,

HELP! They captured me! They wrote another fake note telling you to go to that other empty truck to lure you in.


Something wasn’t right. This wasn’t his handwriting. The van started to move. I had to think, fast. I looked at Achak and then looked around. I noticed another van over and hidden slightly, starting to move. I jumped on the back of the van and saw there was another note like the first one said. I grabbed it but it ripped a little. Luckily, the part that ripped didn’t have any writing on it. It read,

HELP!! They got me. I’m in the white van. I left this note on the black one with the other cuz I thought you might not find it if it was on the white one. The other note is a lie. HURRY

I jumped off the black van and Achak ran up and helped me up. They could have written the second note because it didn’t say
“-Ollie” on the bottom so if the kidnappers didn’t know his name, they wouldn’t sign it. But the first one could also have been written by them because it wasn’t his handwriting. But, he would have been in a hurry. He could just have had sloppy handwriting. But in the second one, he said “cuz.” That doesn’t sound like him. He’s constantly correcting my grammar and hates the word ‘cuz’, getting angry anytime I use it. But I bet I would do that too if I was in a hurry and might die.

I didn’t know what to do and we didn’t have much time. I handed the notes to Achak. I saw she had a worried look on her face so, even though I was also freaking out, I put my hand on her shoulder and told her, “We’ll find him, don’t worry.”

When she finished reading the notes, she looked up at me. I had seen that Adahy had been teaching her English lately. The black van started to speed up and the white van’s lights turned off as it began to move. “Whichever van we choose, we need to go, FAST,” I said. I looked at Achak. “Which van?” She looked back down at the second note. She flipped it over to the back. It was blank. “There’s nothing there?” I said, questioningly.

“Look,” she said.

“I am,” I replied, “There’s nothing there.”

“Look! Look c-clo...s-ser. Look closer!” I leaned my head close to the paper. In small writing, there were the words:

Grey Jedi

“Grey Jedi?” Achak asked. A memory flooded back to me at the words, pulling me in. The van, the forest, Achak, everything dissolved and instead was replaced with the dim memory.

Ollie was sitting on his couch watching some Star Wars show called “Star Wars Rebels” or something like that. I love Star Wars, but I don’t like those shows. They’re annoying to me. But if he was happy, I’d tolerate it.

He had 2 spoons out on the coffee table. We had arranged for me to come over to his house that day since my parents were gone, again. I set down the tub of ice cream I had brought. It was Neopolitan; our favorite. We both grabbed a spoon and started eating it right out of the tub, me going straight for the strawberry and him going for the line between vanilla and chocolate.

“What color lightsaber would you have?” he asked me before taking another bite of ice cream.

“I don’t know,” I replied, shrugging and taking another bite, this time venturing out and eating a bite of chocolate. “What about you?”

“I dunno either. Would you be on the light side, dark side, droid, grey Jedi, or bounty hunter?” he asked.

I furrowed my eyebrows, “What’s a grey Jedi?” I asked.

“It’s like a Jedi who’s not with the Rebellion or the Sith. They ain’t dark or light. Black and white together make grey. They don’t have to hide their emotions, but they don’t use the Force for evil,” he said.

“Oh. I wanna be, like, a Jedi Knight or a Jedi master or something,” I said. “What about you?” He thought for a moment.

“Bounty hunter.” I made a confused face. “Why?” I asked. He kept eating his ice cream and didn’t look up.

“I wanna be a good bounty hunter. Like the Mandolorian.” We went quiet and ate. After a while, I said, “That’s cool.”


I looked around. “There! A grey van. A mix of black and white. Good and bad.” It was hidden behind a tighter cluster of trees, blending in fairly well. We began to run towards it and I jumped on the back. This was a very large van, bigger than the others. It was hard to hold onto while it was moving, but I managed. Achak was running behind the van, trying to catch up, but the van was beginning to speed up. I grabbed the handle and pulled it. From the angle I was at, I couldn’t pull it very well- It wouldn’t open. It was the kind of handle you had to pull down. I wrapped both hands around it and let my feet slide off. I was dangling off the back of the van, holding on only by that handle. I hadn’t thought this through all the way because when the handle moved down, I did too. I couldn’t hold on to something sideways.

I pulled my feet back up and grabbed the top of the door as it swung open. The wind was swinging it back and forth with me dangling on the side of it. I almost screamed, but I stopped myself, realizing I might get us exposed. The van was moving faster now which made it hard to hold on. The wind knocked my left hand off the door so that I was only holding on by one hand and I noticed Achak was starting to slow down.

“You can do it!” I shouted at her. She sped up and got closer to the van. I smiled as a gust of wind blew. She was a small girl and the wind lifted her off her feet barely, but enough. She flew backward and knocked into a tree, hitting her head. Her eyes closed, a deep scarlet coating some of her head. The gust of wind pushed my hand off the door as I flew backward too, flying in the wind. All hope was gone. The van sped away and Ollie was gone. Forever. I heard a gunshot and everything went dark as the world disappeared. I heard a scream. My scream. I was screaming. The last thing I saw; blood.


I knew I was gonna die. One day. Everyone dies, it’s the circle of life. But never, not in a million years, did I imagine it like this.

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