The Unknown Metaverse

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We woke up on a strange world and are trying to find your memory back. You also meet some new Friends. (Pls have in mind that this is still in the works)

Adventure / Scifi
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Chapter 1: The Arrival

I woke up in a place that i have never seen before. I couldn't remember anything from my past. I was just laying there, on the ground, trying to remember hiw i landed here. After a few hours i stood up and walked. I walked a few minutes until i found a cave. I entered the cave and i found some writtings on the wall. They say stuff like: "DON'T TRUST HIM!" or "HE BETRAYED US ALL!". Suddenly i had the feeling i was being watched......

A few hours have passedand i left the cave. I heard a noise, i looked around, but i saw nothing. Then somebody or something jumped of a nearby cliff. I couldn't see it, but i heard it. I knew i was being watched.
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