Lone Wolf

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An 18 year old girl just trying to survive...

Adventure / Action
Spastic Weirdo
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I live in a world where it’s an us or just me.

People chose they’re different ways of living and all had their own groups. They were the Bygoners.

Those that chose to live in hiding. They became the scared.

Those that looked for ways to bring together everyone together, they became the Seekers.

Then those who chose to live for nothing ended up paying their lives for the afterlife.

Then there was me. After losing everything I had, I was looking for a reason to live. I had been alone ever since that day that party of Bygoners had taken everything I loved and cared about. I was the Lone Wolf. Not as in werewolf or anything supernatural, it was a name, a branding, and a title. But it was any ordinary name, the name was bedded by. The ‘Lone’ stood for being alone and ‘Wolf’ stood for danger. The Bygoners were the ones who gave me the name after I wiped out two entire parties of them.

To them, I was a threat.

To others, I no longer existed.

People thought I was a just a story since no one knew what i really was and no one would pick out a innocent 18 year old girl to be a Silver.

Being nothing but a story, keeping in the dark was my top priority. I was only to make myself known if necessary.

Until one day when everything changed...

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