Lone Wolf

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Chapter One

Caiden POV:

Fuck! The one time I tell them to stay put, the one time and no one listens to me. We’ve been running for hours but these guys never give up. I don’t even know what happened. One minute we in a store and then the next Reed runs in and begins shoving me out where the rest of the boys took off running

“Caiden...I c-can’t.....run...anymore,” Cash managed to breathe out as the four of us turned the corner into a complete dead end. There was one way in and one way out and wall that stood in front of us was to too high to climb.

“Fuck, tell me what the hell happened back there?!” Screaming on top of the boys as they tumbled over each other taking in deep breaths. Dom was about to respond when the group that had been following us had poured out from the corner and enclosed us.

“You know you could have made this easier for yourself if you just gave up,” a dark haired, well-built guy with a strapped shoulder said pushing his way to the front of group. He began walking towards us. At this point all seven of us knew it was the end of the line

Turning to the boys, I saw each of them holding onto each other with their lives. I stooped down kneeing in front of the boys and put my hands around the group.

“Don’t hurt us please, “I whispered out getting the man’s attention. The boys turned to me with open eyes realizing that there was no way out of this. The man let out a humorous laugh.

“Now where’s the fun in that?” He smirked, pulling out his machete out of the cover that had been slung to his back.

“I’m gonna enjoy ripping you to shreds” he said as he swung the machete down on me. I closed my eyes and waited for the impact but there was nothing but the scraping of metal filled the silence until a voice spoke out

“What are you doing on my fucking territory Jack?” Shiver went down my spine and I looked up to see a girl with black curly hair covering my view from the guy, crouching in front of me with a knife in one arm held against her arm and a fist formed on the other.

“L-low,” the man supposedly named Jack stuttered out as the girl stood up from her previous stance.

“Don’t make me ask again,” her voice was calm and swift making the statement seem more as a threat. Jack clears his throat

“We just came for them,” he spoke with shaken confidence. Yes, he was trying to sound confident. He was shaken to the bone. Whispers began erupting from the crowd behind him.

“Who is this chick?”

“I would totally bang that”

“Fuck, she sexy”

A small smirk formed on the side of her plump lips when one question had caught her attention , “Who the fuck are you?” Another man spoke out echoing through the area, taller and more muscular stepped out of the crowd, marching until he stood level with Jack.

“Luke, go back,” Jack barely whispered to him as if he was telling him to back off

“Low, I’m s-sorry he d-doesn’t know what he’s d-doing,” snapping his attention to girl. The girl was around the same height as Jack but was small compared to the other guy. There was no way she could take him out.

“Jack? Why you scared of this chick? What the fuck is she gon-” out of nowhere she swings her knife and takes his hand clean off. Screams of pain howled into the air as the hand dropped on the floor.

“I’m gonna give you three seconds to get off my territory, or else I’m gonna cut off more than just a hand,” she threatened as she looked at the crowd. After she spoke people began rushing out of the corner and taking off. Running for their life and pushing each other out of the way to save themselves.

Who was this girl? She looked so young. Catching a full glance once she had turned around, I took in her whole look. She had worn a high waisted ripped jeans with a tucked in white singlet stained with dirt and blood and a jacket that had one side slipping of her shoulder as if she had thrown it on in a hurry. Her black curly hair had made her thick pink lips and ocean blue eyes stand out and her gorgeous golden brown skin that was covered in scars but still glowed. But scars didn’t make her any less beautiful, to me she was flawless.

Snapping out of my daze I looked over at the boys who had been scanning her from head to toe like she was some prey. I cleared my throat catching her attention and she shifted her eyes to me.

“Listen, I don’t care who the fuck you are or what the fuck happened but I’m giving until sunset to get off my territory,” she growled out causing shivers down my spine as she turned on her heel and walked off.

Watching as she walked off I brought my attention back to the reason why we were in this situation in the first place.

“I’m gonna ask one more time, can someone tell me what the fuck happened!?”


“Listen, I don’t care who the fuck you are or what the fuck happened but I’m giving until sunset to get off my territory,” I growled out as I turned around and walked off.

“I’m gonna ask one more time, can someone tell me what the fuck happened!?” I voiced erupted from behind me.

A growl left my lips as I continued walked back to my hideout.

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