Lone Wolf

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Chapter Two

Caiden POV

“I’m gonna ask one more time, can someone tell me what the fuck happened!?”

“Fuck, we’re screwed,” Dom cried out as he dropped onto the floor.

“We would be in this mess if it wasn’t for you, so shut the fuck up Desmond,” Cash spoke with vemon. My gazed shifted to the boys.

“Don’t fucking call me that,” Dom stood up face to face with Cash. Eyes filled with threat poured into each other. Here we go again.

Suddenly Jodo spoke out.

“Now is not the fucking time for you to be fucking around, we have to figure out how to get out of here before fucking she come ba-,” Jodo was cut off by a loud scream.

In an instant, the boys stood stumbled over running to where the screamed had erupted from. Racing around the corner of the dead alley, we all got a clear view of the girl standing over an unrecognizable body with her head tilted back as if to catch a breath. Something didn’t seem right. It’s as if she was trying to settle on what she just did.

Staring straight at her, the side of her lip began rising into a small smile. A small whisper filled the dead silent air

“T-that’s that Luke guy,” Cash whispered out as he fell to his knees.

“What how do you know?” Jodo asked

“The ha-hand,” cash breathed out. I couldn’t say anything

“We’re dead,” Dom trembled as he spoke

“We’re fucking dead,” Dom shook harder, that’s when the girl’s attention fell on us.

She locked eyes with me and a shiny of silver in her eyes disappeared from her eyes returning back to her normal eye color

What was that? Her eyes changed. No, I’m seeing shit. There’s no way. She can’t be. They all died. They said that they were all dead.

“Ca-caiden,” Jodo’s whisper caught my attention. “Aren’t they all supposed to be dead? Weren’t all the silvers supposed to be exterminated?”

“How the fuck would I know?” I squeezed in a scream.

“Where the fuck did she go?” Dom breathlessly whispered out. This caught everyone’s attention. All heads were brought to the spot where she was. Gone. She was gone. Where the fuck could she disappear to. It was an open area. No area was close enough to run within seconds.


“FUCK! They saw me. But how did I change back? They told us there were no controls. No wait,” I paced back and forth until I threw my hand in the direction of a metal wall making contact. The impact had left a deep dent. Suddenly a killing migraine put me in a bundle. I dropped to the floor with both my hands on my head.

“Urgh,” moans of pain filled the enclosed space. This was a major side effect of being what was known as a‘Silver’. I’m the last one alive. Remember when I mentioned that Bygoners had killed my family, which was the reason. My entire family were test subjects. We were the reason why the world had gone into chaos.

A few years back, certain families were selected for a research program done by A.P.I, formally known as, Apolis Pro Intelligence. No one knew the real purpose behind the program. The only outcome was destruction of families and the world. My family was among 700 other. Someone had breached security during the study, causing all locations to lose control over all of the test subjects, with all the test subjects gone, murder was on top of new. The world’s population dropped drastically as they were being hunted down Bygoners. I was the only one who got away and made myself scarce. That’s when we were eventually forgotten. We didn’t exist, well I didn’t exist. Now here I am.

With the migraine dying I slowly picked myself of the ground. I didn’t know what they would do if anyone found out I was Silver. I’ve lived this long without Bygoners knowing what I am. They just thought of me as a dangerous girl, trying to survive.

I dragged myself across the room where there had there was a barrel of water where I rinsed my face and pulled myself together. I haven’t slept in 3 days and hunger was growing on me like a wildfire. I was about to get food when they came alone. Speaking of which, who were they? They smell different. I know for sure they don’t belong to the Bygoners, they were trying to kill them. And I know they were part of the other groups, something seemed off about them. They smelled fresh.

I couldn’t pull myself to figure out why I saved them. Yeah they were on my grounds but I should have let the Goners take care of them. Why did I save them?

I was brought out of my thoughts with a loud scream caught my attention.

“What the fuck is with all the screaming today?!” I screamed inwardly as I ran for the door and exited the building, running out into and the open area. There I came into view the same group of boy.

Fuck are you sucking serious. What is with them, don’t they know how to stay out of fucking sight. I thought to myself as I slowed my pace and began walking towards the group of boys surrounded by the Goners.

“If you don’t wanna end up like your other pal Luke, you better get you fucking ass of off my territory. I don’t mind making this field a cemetery,” everyone’s head turned to me and the Goners slowly back off.

“The four of you, follow me,” I said turning my head and began walking off.


“The four of you, follow me,” her voice wasn’t like before, the hostility was gone. She turned on her heel and Caiden pushed us in front of him past the group of wild men that has surrounded us.

“If you don’t wanna die, keep your head down and don’t do anything stupid. They’ll do anything to get you down and trust me when I say the pits aren’t somewhere you wanna be,” she spoke softly to us as we followed her into a building that was well hidden out of sight.

“The Pit?” Jodo spoke out in curiosity.

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