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The monster love curse

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Robin is an innocent girl one day she gets herself into a suitation and becomes a prisoner of a person she thought was dead

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Robin was an innocent teenager that got herself in a lot of trouble. She was standing in the middle of a courtyard. There were two men in grey suits standing in front of her. “Come with us little girl you need to punished for your crime” Robin was so confused she had no clue what she had done. ” What have I done to you? I have never seen either of you before in my life.” The men never replied and tied her up in handcuffs and dragged her to the dungeon.

The dungeon was so cold that there was ice on the walls. The only bit of company I had was the mice and rats begging for straps. I sit there and wonder what the men could have meant I knew what I have done? The men were wearing some symbol on their uniform, and it looked like the royal family symbol. But I haven’t been near the royal family and I wouldn’t. I hate the royal family. They destroyed my life.

The night was getting colder, and the ice was growing layers on it. I am huddled in a ball trying to keep warm. I am blowing air into my hands. Nothing is warming me up through. I keep thinking about how I got myself into this mess, and nothing comes to me.

A while later I hear a door opened and I look to see him standing there. “Honestly, Reece you get me locked up for what?” the guys shrugged his shoulders and looked at her “You know what you did to me. You ruined my life.” I looked at him and laughed “How the hell did I ruin your life. I am the one in handcuffs and sitting in a cold cell.” “If you have never found that stupid piece of paper Robin, my life would be completely different.” “I am so sorry, Reece. Are your parents not happy to see you?” “Oh no, they are so happy to meet me. But now there is so much pressure I have to learn so much and then I have to find a perfect bride.”

“How come that is my fault?” “Well if you never found that piece of paper. I wouldn’t be under so much pressure now.” “So, what you locked me up for finding a piece of paper?” “Yeah, why not. You ruined my life. So, I am going to ruin your life.” “You live in this lovely house with servants and maids to do anything you want, how is that ruining your life?” “I am not free to make my own decisions. There is always some law to follow.”

He slams the door closed and walked back up to the house. The dungeon is dark and still very cold. I honestly don’t know if I will survive the night. I look out the window, and there is no possible way for me to get out. There is sharp wire everywhere, and I would rip my skin open if I had one wrong step. I decided against trying to escape. I look out at the moon and pray that something will help me escape from Reece. I know there is more than a little piece of paper.

I lay on the cold stone floor when I hear such a bizarre noise. The moon is shining so brightly. The door of my cell opens again. My heart nearly stops beating. I look at Reece and never saw this one coming. I knew why Reece was annoyed at me now. It was nothing to do with his parents. The piece of paper that I must have found was cursed and made him become this handsome scary monster.

Reece looked at me. His once brown eyes were black “Look what you have done to me. I can never return to normal until I get a girl to fall in love with the monster side of me” I look at Reece for a moment “How bad is that curse?”

“I try to escape it and be asleep by midnight. If I can’t sleep, it takes over my body, and I have no control until the moonsets.” “How is it going finding a cure?” “I hope you are trying to joke with me. A girl sees this side of me, and either is too scared of me and ends up fainting, or they run as far away from me as they possibly could”

A little while later, Reece left my cell, and I wondered was he strong enough to hold off the curse. He looked like he was in a lot of pain tonight. Or was he in pain? I honestly can’t tell because this is the first time, I have seen him in years. But I can’t honestly stop myself worrying and thinking about how good looking he looked.

Reece came back to my cell the next morning, and he was back to normal. I had never seen it before, but Reece as his usual human self and the monster weren’t that different. I am happy that Reece survived the night. “I am surprised you look so happy. Last night was so cold.” I am shivering “Yes, it was so cold last night. I don’t know how I managed to stay alive. But seen you this morning made me happier.” “Are you honestly playing games with me, Robin.” I look at Reece for a moment “No not at all. After you left last night, I got scared because I didn’t know if you were in pain or not” “No I wasn’t in pain. I have gotten used to that curse now. Why would you care anyway Robin you are the one that made this happen.” “How was I the one that made you become the monster?” “You must have some magical curse on the paper or something like that.” “Can you stop being ridiculous. You know my powers heal not curse.” “Then try and heal me, Robin.” “I gave up my powers years ago. I feared them.” “That’s bloody great I was relying on you been able to cure me.” “I am sorry I never thought we would see each other again.” “Why would you say something like that, Robin?” “After I gave you that piece of paper, you disappeared, and no one heard from you again.” “Robin I can’t risk people see me as a monster. They wouldn’t understand, and I could end up locked away.” “You locked me away.” Reece didn’t look at me again and walked out of the room.

I honestly feel bad. I start shouting at the top of my voice “Reece I am so sorry. I never wanted to lose my best friend, and now it feels like I am losing you all over again.” that stopped Reece in his tracks, and he came back to my cell “You were never a friend of mine. You and your girly friends laughed at me.” “They were laughing because I liked you back then and I think I still do like you. I thought last night I was just attracted to your monster side, but I want all of you.” Reece was a little stunned. “I never saw that one coming.” “Sorry I can’t stop those feelings for you.” Reece knew he had work to do and walked away without saying a word.

The clock struck midnight. I could hear Reece becoming the monster again. Poor Reece he doesn’t deserve to live a life of pain. My cell door opened, and there he was. His black eyes sparkled in the moonlight. “You never stopped caring about me?” I should feel scared, but I don’t. I feel alive than I ever have. “I never wanted to be without you. I am sorry I never told you before.” his arm wrapped around my body and pulled me in against his hard rock chest. “Kiss me like you mean it Robin and pray that curses me” our kiss was full of passion. But it didn’t cure Reece; instead, I started to feel strange. A couple of months later, I was under the same curse as Reece. “I am sorry I lied to you. There is no cure. I am so lonely.” I don’t feel mad at him at all. “I am happy we are together now.” “This curse keeps us together forever.” I smile at him and say nothing more.

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