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When Amelia finds out that she doesnt belong where she belongs she gets very confused and doesn't know what to do

Adventure / Romance
Emma S Harris
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Chapter 1

One late evening in the Kingdom of Ethic. The King looked at his Wife “Darling you know as well as I do that Amelia needs to go away” the Queen looked at him for a moment “But she is so young she will never survive on her own”

Eventually, the Queen agreed that it was the best thing to do. She took Amelia out of brother Julian’s arms “I promise one day you two will be back together” Julian didn’t want to give up his sister, but his father grabbed her out of his arms. The King looked at the Queen for a moment “I told you I would get even for cheating on me” The Queen looked at him for a moment “You should blame me not to the child” “I have heard enough.”

The King opened a portal and as he was sending the baby away. He felt a bit of guilt in his heart. “I am sorry I can’t keep you here, darling, but no one can stay here if you are a full family member.” a tear dropped from the King’s face as the portal closed.

Queen Luna approached King Christian “I am glad you made your point Christian. You are making the wrong person suffer.” the King looked at the Queen for a moment “What did you name the girl in the end?” “I named her Rosa.”

No one realised that after the portal closed the King’s heart began turning to stone. He felt so guilty for letting that innocent baby go.”

It was a typical day for Sofia. She knew that she had to do the weekly shopping but wasn’t in the mood to go out to the shops. The weather was very heavy. The clouds were very black. Sofia got into the car and was driving to the supermarket when the heaven’s opened. The rain was so heavy that it was impossible to see in front of you while driving. The winds out of nowhere picked up, and it was like a twister was surrounding the car.

The shopping experience wasn’t much better. The lights kept flickering on and off. The rain and winds continued. The winds got so intense at one stage it shook the entire supermarket. I paid for the shopping and began walking out to the car. The wind and rain had surprisingly disappeared, and the sky was back to a clear blue sky with no clouds. I started to hear a strange winding sound coming from the direction I was walking. I unpacked the shopping into the car and kept hearing the sound.

I walk to the front of my car. There in front of me was a young baby in a carrycot. It was incredibly young. There was something quite different about this girl; there was a weird light circling it. But in a flash, the light was gone.

I didn’t know what to do with the baby. I knew I wasn’t responsible enough to raise a young baby. I took her to the police station. The police officer looked at me like I had 6x heads. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere with the police. In a moment I realised that it was left up to me to raise this little girl. I bring the baby home and begin to raise her myself.

The King and Queen looked through a mirror portal “There you go. Rosa will be safe with that nice kind lady.” “She could have been just as safe with us Christian, but thanks to your bone head mistake you have sent our baby to some distant land, and there is no way to get her back.” the King looked at her for a moment

“What are you talking about our daughter?” “I had an affair after I found that I was pregnant. Rosa is your daughter.” the King looked in horror as he looked at the Queen “Why didn’t you tell me this beforehand?”

“You never gave me the chance to tell you.”

Over the years, I notice that Rosa’s powers were starting to develop more that she could hand. Rosa was quite scared of the powers that were coming out of here. I start to wonder what type of powers Rosa has, but I can see it is something dangerous. I feel a little in fear of my life.

The Queen and King looked in fear “Christian how are we going to save Rosa, so her powers don’t go out of control.” The King looked at Queen and shrugged his shoulder “I don’t know Luna, maybe it is time to bring Rosa home.” the Queen laughed for a moment “We can hardly go up to that woman and say thank you for raising our daughter. We are taking her home now.”

Rosa grew into a beautiful young lady. She knew nothing of her past. But little did she knew that secrets were going to be told sooner rather than later.

Rosa was sitting in school one day when this new student appeared in the school. All the girls were falling head over heels in love with him. I couldn’t see what the attraction was. The new student approached me, and for some reason, my whole world began feeling strange “Rosa, isn’t I am Julian, it’s lovely to meet you.” Rosa was kind of confused about something “How do you know my name if we have never met before?” Julian smiled at her for a moment “I am sure I had seen your face before maybe when you were younger.” “Are you sure. I wasn’t wanted. I am to have a lonely life.” “What if I could tell you what happened?” Rosa looked at him for a moment and laughed “Yeah, what do you know about my life?” Julian knew the time wasn’t right and walked away.

Over the next few months, the King started to feel very strange. He felt his chest and couldn’t feel a heartbeat. The King looked at his Queen “I don’t know why I can’t feel a heartbeat from my chest anymore” the Queen looked at him in fear “Could it be the stone curse. When you send Rosa away, your heart started to turn to stone, and the only way to turn it back to normal is to bring our little girl home?” Christian looked around the room “I must be an awful father Julian has also runoff.” the Queen laughed for a moment “Julian misses his sister badly. He has gone to find her and bring her back to us.” “Let’s hope Julian can find Rosa because I think my heart will give in soon.”

Rosa returned home from school. She looked at Sofia for a moment “Sofia, do you need to tell me something about where I come from?” Sofia looked at Rosa “I don’t know where you come from Rosa. You were in a carrycot in a supermarket car park when I found you why?” “This boy Julian said to me today he had seen me before. He thinks it was when I was younger.” Sofia looked at Rosa for a moment “Why would you think he is telling you the truth?” “I felt like he meant it. I don’t know how to explain it, but I had a weird connection with him.” Sofia was staying to feel scared now “It would help if you stayed away from this boy. He is probably filling your head with stupid nonsense.” “Why won’t you just tell me what is going on?” Rosa didn’t let Sofia answer and ran up to her bedroom.

The next morning Rosa approached Julian. “It has been bugging me all night why do think you know me?” Julian looked at her for a moment “Simple you are my sister” Rosa wasn’t expecting that answer to come out “But I can’t be your sister. No one wanted me and gave me away as a baby.” Julian comforted her for a few moments “It wasn’t you’re doing. Mother had an affair with another man. Soon after she found out, she was expecting a baby. Dad freaked out, and after you were born. Sent you here because he thought you weren’t his daughter, but you are.” “You said mum found out after the affair, so how am I your sister?” “Mum was excepting you before the affair.”

Rosa felt overwhelmed by the information. She walked away from Julian and tried to process what she had just heard. Rosa always thought something was different in her life. But she never thought it would be that different.

Rosa returned home from school. She looked at Sofia “I have a question for you?” Sofia looked at Rosa for a moment “What is it?” “Would it hurt you if I asked Julian to bring me to meet my birth parents. You will always be my mum, but I would like to see where I came from” “No of course not Rosa darling, but I would like to meet this Julian before you go anywhere.” Rosa never knew the dangers that awaited Julian.

Rosa approached Julian the next day in school. “I am sorry for running away yesterday” “That’s okay Rosa, you were probably scared and overwhelmed, that’s all.” “I was a little scared and very overwhelmed. Could you bring me to meet mum and dad one day?” “Yeah, sure we could go on the weekend if that suits you?” “My mother, Sofia, has one condition, though. She wants to meet you first before she lets me go anywhere. I hope you understand.” “I understand that Rosa how about I come over today after school to meet her” Rosa called Sofia to make sure it was okay and of course it was fine.

The Queen began to freak out “No, Julian, don’t go with Rosa. It is a trap.” the King looked at his Queen “Care to explain what is a trap?” “Sofia isn’t a stranger.” “Okay, who is she?” “She is my dark sister. I thought, so Rosa wasn’t completely alone in the world. I tricked you into giving her to my sister.” the King was a little fuming “How is Julian in trouble?” “My sister has a power that can turn your heart to stone and slowly begin to kill you. But she can also make the process a couple of seconds but stealing people’s hearts.” “Why has she never tried this with Rosa” “Rosa powers are different than Julian’s, so she is not affected by Sofia powers.”

Julian and Rosa headed over to the house after school had ended. The town was small and very cold. Julian started to feel very weird. He was lightheaded. His vision was going all blurry. He felt his heart, and there was a tiny heartbeat, and he could also feel it getting colder. Rosa looked at him getting paler “Are you okay, Julian. What is going on?” for a few moments, there was no answer. Out of nowhere, Sofia walked down the stairs “Well are you a handsome young man. It is too bad you won’t be around for long.”

“Sofia, what are you talking about?” “I have made Julian’s heart become stone, and very soon, he will die from it.” “You tricked me into bringing him here. Have you always known who my family was?”

“Yes, I have known all along that you are my sister’s child and that one day I would get even with her for dumping you on me.” Julian was getting in a lot of pain. He was in so much pain that he let his guard down. Sofia was then able to steal his powers.

Rosa watched in fear as her brother powers left his body.” Julian was a weak, defenceless boy afterwards. “I should just kill you, and then I am going after her” as she glared over at Rosa.

The King was confused “How can Sofia go after Rosa?”

“She can use Julian’s powers to kill our baby girl Christian.”

“We have to get our child out of there and home with us where it is safe.”

“No, this is Rosa fight Christian. We can’t get involved. She needs to find out if she can control her powers, or will the powers control her?”

The world was closing in on poor Julian. He could feel his heart giving in.

Julian looked at Rosa “I am sorry I won’t be around for much longer. I am so glad I was able to see you again” Rosa looked at him and threw her arms around him “No, Julian, you can’t leave me. I can’t lose my brother a few hours after meeting him again.”

“Rosa, I am sorry, but she is too strong for me to fight off.” she felt his body going colder. “Please don’t leave Julian. I need my older brother, please.” Julian began to fall through Rosa’s finger. Rosa looked at Sofia in a rage of anger “You lied to me all my life.”

“You don’t need a family that threw you away like rubbish.”

“That was my decision, not yours.”

“Face it, Rosa. You will never understand how to control your power, and now I am going to kill you.” Rosa was getting so angry. She looked over at Julian’s lifeless body, and within a moment Sofia couldn’t move. She looked in fear as Rosa controlled her powers perfectly. Sofia’s powers left her a few moments later. “I give up you win Rosa” Rosa looked at her with pure anger

“Bring Julian back to life.”

“It is not possible, Rosa. He is gone”

Rosa sat beside Julian and grabbed hold of his hand. Her face was dripping in tears. “I am so sorry for dragging you into this. I love you.”

The King and Queen looked at their children in so much pain. Julian was lying there lifeless. “What are we going to do Luna. Our daughter is in bits, and our son is dead.” the Queen kept watching through the portal in amazement. Julian fingers began to move, and within a few moments, he was awake. “How did that happen?”

“Rosa’s powers can heal broken hearts. In this case, it was hers, and it brought Julian back to life”

“Do you think Rosa could ever forgive me and fix my broken heart.” “I think we have some making up to our daughter first before she does anything for us, and you know that” “I know, and I will make it up to her. I promise”

Rosa got the big surprise a couple of seconds later. She was in a hug and couldn’t understand what was going on. Rosa pulled away and saw Julian alive. “How is this even possible?”

“Your powers saved me, Rosa. You honestly are the best little sister.”

They sat in the quiet little house, no sign of Sofia anywhere. Julian was about to bring Rosa home when a portal opened and out walked the King and Queen. The Queen threw her arms around Julian “Thank god you are alright, my darling baby.” “Mum, I am fine. Rosa saved me.” the King and Queen turned and looked at their beautiful grown-up daughter. The King’s pain in his heart disappeared. “Rosa, I am so sorry, my darling. I will never let you go ever again” the King hugged his daughter so very tightly. Rosa knew she had finally found her family. The portal reopened, and the King looked at all of them “Let’s go home.”Start writing here…

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