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to hell and back

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College was never a fun time, but when you find out that your college is not normal a lot of wierd things begin to happen

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Dark clouds hang over the building with flashes of lighting, The gates are old and rusty, they make an awful squeaking noise as you push to open them, the building is four stories high and looks like it was falling to pieces.

I walk through the doors and down the corridors, I hear rumbles of thunder, they get louder the further I walk. There are bugs all over the place. The walls looked like they were solid ice. I feel very uneasy the flooring isn’t very even and it’s making a cricking noise every time I take a step.

I walk into my training room, that is when I saw her, the evillest person in my entire life my tutor Mrs Serena Hunt, she had piercing red eyes, long jet-black hair with the palest of pale skin. Her voice would send shivers down your back.

Mrs Hunt decided that is a good idea to go out to a cafe, so we can all get to know each other.

We all head out to a cafe.

As we were walking up to the cafe, Mrs Hunt wore a cloak that was completely covering her.

As soon as we walk out, the lighting faded, but we were in the middle of a graveyard. Mrs Hunt didn’t seem to be surprised. She just walked through the graveyard. The ground was uneven. Just as I was walking by I see a tombstone the odd thing was it had my name on it, with my date of birth and the date I started here.

As we were leaving the cafe, the sun was splitting the sky, Mrs Hunt disappeared quickly.

Angelia and I talked to Luke we soon realise that Mrs Hunt has always been like this, she doesn’t like sunshine, and that’s why she stays in the dark, and that is why she is always in a bad mood.

Over the next couple of weeks, I start to get more use to the place and its crazy ways of doing things, Mrs Hunt moods gets worst every day, and there is something different about her every day.

One day we were sitting in the class when the moon shone in on Mrs Hunt, as soon as the moon hit, her skin turned green.

Was Mrs hunt a witch? Suddenly, a heap of small spiders started crawling out of Mrs Hunt. Everyone tried to run out of the building. All the doors were locked; just then all the staff came out of the walls. They were an army of dead or evil creatures. Eventually, the army disappeared.

Angelia seems to spend all her time with Crimson, I tried my best to make friends with the both of them, but they never wanted it and excluded me the whole time, after agreeing to do something they would pull out at the last moment.

I did notice one day that neither Angelia nor Crimson had any other friends bar each other.

Early one morning as I was walking into college, I nearly got hit with a lighting beam, when I was suddenly pushed out of the way, by someone who looked like Perote, I thought I was going crazy.

As I sat in the training room one morning listening to Angelia rant and rave about her time in Chaos, I was so tired of listening to the same thing repeatedly.

All of a sudden Mrs Hunt asked me into her office. I walked in and closed the door. The ground below me started to break and sent me flying into a dark dungeon, that had lots of cobwebs, and there were skeletons all over the place. I looked up to see Mrs Hunt, closing over my only escape.

As I sit in the shadows thinking of a way to escape, I heard a voice telling me to trust them. The voice was so familiar to me. The dungeon was so dark and dusty.

Finally, I escaped the darkness, I look around to see what or who helped me escape, but there was no one there. Just then it hit me like a ton of bricks my boyfriend Perote was dead two years. I was distraught. A tear rolled down my face. I was just about to wipe the tear from my when someone did it for me. His touch was so familiar, I look up with disbelief and see him in front of me.

More tears rolled down my face, “Perote is that you?” as I fell into his arms, because of all the darkness had made me so weak. “Rose it is me?” “How are you still alive? I thought you died in that car crash?” “Rose, I never died. That evil witch trapped me in that dungeon. She implanted that car crash into your head so you would believe that I was gone. She wanted you to go into the darkness.” Perote was slowly fading away “What’s going on? Why are you disappearing again?” “Rose, you need to free me from the witch. I am still in her evil grasp” Rose looked at him disappearing.

Over the next couple of days, I try and figure out how Mrs Hunt has Perote trapped. Nothing was coming to me.

The course was getting more painful every day.

I was getting more depressed every day. My fingers were turning to ice.

I was in the bathroom one day, sitting on the ground crying when I was wiping the tears away. I noticed the marking of the star I had on my back of my hand was fading. My skin had gone all pale. My eyes were going darker. I knew this wasn’t a good thing.

The thunder and lightning were getting heavier every day. It was getting dangerous coming into and leaving college.

Early one morning, I was walking down the corridor to the training room. I was listening to the loud rumbles of thunder. I was praying it would all go away, Callum, a guy from one of the other courses, came running out of the gent’s bathroom screaming “there’s a man in the bathroom, he’s lying on the ground, not moving.” He was in such a state that he could hardly talk.

I quickly ran up the corridor nearly slipping on the floor because it had gone so icy. To tell principal Parson what had happened. He sat at his desk not listening until I said “not moving” he jumped up out of his chair and ran down to the bathroom to wake the man up. There was no movement from him. The police and emergency services got called. He got taken off to the hospital.

Mr Parson was in serious trouble. He had looked back over the cameras to see how the man got into the centre. Mr Parson saw one of the students leaving at 3.55 pm, had left the door open and that’s when the man walked into the building. Mr Parson had been in a hurry that evening and had forgotten to check that the building was empty before leaving, he locked up the building.

He had been interviewed by the police 2 or 3 times.

Eventually, there was confirmation from the hospital that the man was awake. He told the police that it was all his fault; he was homeless; he was looking for a bit of shelter because he got frozen to the bone because of all the snow outside. He also said when he tried to leave all the doors were locked, and the alarm started to sound, the man went back into the bathroom and fell asleep, but he had forgotten to take his tablets, and that was what sent him into a coma.

Something was playing on my mind, why didn’t he say anything about the coldness in the building? Then it hit me the ice only appears when one of the staff members are there.

The homeless man came back to the college a few days later and apologised to Mr Parson, the staff, and the students for giving them all a fright.

The walls in the training room where covered in ice and bugs, the snow was continuing to fall.

It was getting close to the end of the term, and everyone was talking about the school dance that was coming, “Rose are you going to come to the dance tonight?” laughed a couple of guys as they were asking her “No I don’t think I will bother” she got and walked away. “You always run away, maybe that’s why no one likes you here, maybe open up and let us see the real you” she walked out of the room.

I finally did decide to go dancing that night. I sat by myself at a table at the back of the room. Rob came over to me later that evening “I found out who you are” I looked up at him “So what?” Rob laughed “Well a princess needs a prince, so why don’t you and I get together?” I couldn’t believe what I had just heard, I got up and had to push Rob out of the way to pass “No way am I ever going to get together with Rob, he is so rude and selfish.”

As I am battling pass Rob, I see her Serena, and she was leaving a trail of ice behind her, so the ice problem was worked out. That was when I saw it, the necklace she was wearing was in the shape of an ice crystal.

The next day as I try to walk through the college doors, the lighting nearly hits me again.

Mrs Hunt wasn’t in the training room as she usually is, but her necklace was? I picked up her necklace, I walked into her office, and there she was lying on the ground, her face was blue and ice-cold, her fingers were ice

The necklace was melting in my hand. A black mist was flowing out of it.

It suddenly hit me what happened Mrs Hunt was controlled by whatever lived inside.

I dropped the necklace on the ground and stood on it. The darkness formed into a person and then vanished into thin air, a wave of bright magic ran through the whole building, getting rid of all the ice and bugs.

Mrs Hunt started to get colour back in her face. When she finally came to, she was a more helpful person than I had initially met.

I walked out of her office, and all the students in the room bowed in front of me, I was seriously confused, I was so different, there was a band of moon crystals around my head. My arms had got covered in moon pearls.

I walked down the corridor, and all the staff and students were bowing as I passed.

Then I see him.

“You did it, Rose, you saved everyone.”

I threw my arms around him, never to be apart again.Start writing here…

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