The Werewolf and The Vampire King (Preview)

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He was looking for prey She was being hunted He is the Vampire King She is an ordinary Werewolf They are MATES This is their story ** Warning this story may trigger some readers as it contains sexual and physical abuse, rape, some violence and mature scenes. Please read at own discretion! Royal Family series Book 1- The Werewolf and the Vampire King (This book is only a preview, you can find more on GoodNovel.)  Book 2 - Daughter of the Vampire King (preview) Now avaliable on goodnovel Book 3 - The WereWitch and the Royal Alpha Prince (preview) Book 4 - The Royal Triplets (work in progress)

Adventure / Romance
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He was walking along the dark and empty street, looking for some sort of prey. With all the attacks happening lately there wasn't many people out after dark. He doesn't go out much as its dangerous for him to be out on his own, he has enemies everywhere. Covered in a long black hooded cape he moves to the shadows. He wasn't hungry and he wasn't looking for a fight he was trying to find... Well he didn't know, he was drawn out night after night for the last two weeks. Something was happening or going to happen but he couldn't place what it was.

He is cruel, ruthless, unforgiving, relentless and cold-hearted. He runs everything with an iron fist and doesn't tolerate disobedience or failure. He is Dominic Issac King and The King of the Vampires.

She was alone, running for her life, Hiding whenever and where ever she can. She had people of all sorts chasing her for different reasons and she didn't even know what all those reasons were. She knew some were because of what she was but she didn't know what she did wrong for everyone else to want her dead. She had a few close calls, having to pull out a number of silver bullets from different parts of her body luckily none were fatal. She felt like her life was one big mistake, she hasn't had a real home since she was three years old.

She is no-one special, she is loving, caring, kind-hearted and always put others before herself. She is Seraphina Amara Wolfe and just an ordinary werewolf.

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