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Chapter 2- The Start Of a New Life

“ Thank you so much sir, enjoy your day “ I say as i walk away from the counter, i have a job and i just picked up my last paycheck. Ive gathered a total of 7THOUSAND dollars, I think i might cry but before i can as i turn the corner i run into this girl. “ Oh im so sorry “ She says….Im Stunned, A few second go by and i snap into reality “ Oh my god im so sorry for running into you, sorry for staring at you sorry for it all “ I say in a total panic, “ Are you ok? “ She is gorgeous, “ Im- Im ok sorry for running into you I should’ve payed attentio-“ She cuts me off “ Omg- your my neighbor “ She says hugging me “ I hear your parents argue every night and sometimes i see your sister and i take her to a garden just behind the neighborhood”.She and my sister? “ Come with me, The cops came to my house and said i can have custody of your sister if i could find you, because i know your parents and they were clearly neglecting her and i reported them to the cops everyday and-“ She kept going on and on until we reached her house with the cops and my sister and my..parents. “ I found her “ She says grabbing my hand, I stop moving. “ Hey, Its ok “ She says planting a kiss ON MY CHEEK. My parents look discusted and then i loose it “ YOUVE BEEN NEGLECTING YOUR CHILDREN SINCE IVE BEEN ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF BOTH ME AND KYRA, IVE BEEN TAKING CARE IF MYSELF SINCE I WAS 7 AND IVE BEEN FULLY TAKING CARE OF KYRA SINCE I WAS 9, I AM 17 NOW DAD. OH AND MOM HOW ARE THOSE DRUGS YOUVE BEEN DOING? HM? KYRA IS-“ And SHE cuts me off. “ Babe stop, I know your hurt but just..let me get you inside, can you give me a second officer” The cop nods his head…SHE CALLED ME BABE, Im a very closeted Lesbian, Anyway gay panic. “ Sorry for calling you ba- “ I kiss her because i saw a cop coming in with my mom.
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