Maybe it’s an apocalypse, maybe not

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A girl goes on a journey through a world full of wonders- Wait. this isn’t your typical story. There’s an apocalypse going on and one person can stop it. Then, everything goes wrong. Can this person fix the world in time?

Adventure / Scifi
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World Domination : How it all began

It was another typical day for Elise. Maybe they would’ve gone outside, maybe read a book. Who knows. It’s just another day in the small town known as Bellington, Missouri. Bellington held a stell manufacturing company and little else. There was your convenient store, bait shop, school, and one small restaurant known by the name of “Bills All Day Diner”. There were a surprising amount of people in this drowsy town. In fact, there were over 8,000 people here! But, Elise was one of the many unlucky people born and stuck here. Their family was poor, so poor that they lived in a shack. Their father worked at the steel manufacturing company while their mother stayed home and did all of the basic things like cooking and cleaning. Elise, on the other hand, did not quite fit into either one of those categories. They went out into the outskirts of town and explored the wooded areas surrounding the town. Occasionally, Elise would see a car. But that was only when a new family got lost and needed directions. No one came here to work or live. That is, until the summer of 2032. Elise knew all there was to know about the outbreak, or all that they could know at least. They had to do a school report on something, didn’t matter what, and had to present on it. So, Elise did the outbreak of 2032. As they began their way to the school they practiced their presentation. Just like that, they arrived and class had begun.
“Hi, my name is Elise. I am doing the outbreak of 2032. I was 13 when it happened.” they began. “Now, this outbreak obtained world domination. It took over the world in a few days, making it one of the worst viruses of all time.”
At this point, the class seemed bored to death.
“The death rate of this virus is very high, in fact it’s over 13 billion.”
That seemed to get the classes attention.
“This virus is known for being the deadliest one known, all caused by global warming. The virus was trapped in ice from the ice age. This makes it one of the worlds oldest diseases. As soon as the ice berg that was containing the virus melted, all hell broke loose. The virus is deadly, killing adults in 1 day, children in a mattter of minutes. Our town was one of the only places left on earth that hadn’t been affected. Everywhere else had suffered greatly. Thus, resulting in one of two options. One being everyone that had survived moved here, or two, try and survive the apocalypse. The few that tried to survive most likely didn’t make it. But, if you dare venture out into the world, you will be more than likely to find one or two survivors. And that concludes my presentation on the virus outbreak of 2032.”
“Very good presentation Elise. Now, anyone have any questions?” The teacher asked.
One kid raised their hand.
That kid was named Buck.

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