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Adventure / Thriller
Sagar Parajuli
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Well, Well

I have seen many individuals shouting out there censuring themselves for being a loser.
We always blame ourselves when we regret something. And we compare our life with the third person, I am not better than him/her, She is beautiful, He is handsome and all.

Basically, The story BINISHA isn’t only about love or breakup or motivation or sex or pain but it’s all about us.

So, we can see BINISHA crying out hard more than us and we can appreciate that we have an easy life. And we can see the journey of Binisha to the writer whose real identity is unknown to the real world.

BINISHA(An imaginary girl) is the name of the main character in the story in the first person.
The name came to my mind because I actually like the name when I heard it likely 7 years ago at a restaurant.

( The story is not suitable for the children below 16)

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