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Nightfalls, your in an unknown place you become wary about your surroundings as you find something beyond the mountain through the thick fog deep caves and mysterious sounds coming from behind the grand river and mountains. what will you see? What will happen! Will you get your memories back?

Adventure / Mystery
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Unknown place

Mysterious shrieks could be herd from where you were. Eyes closed as you didn’t know what was happening, another scream but closer now the screams sounds inhuman like them odd creatures that call your name and you forget everything.what was this creature?

Your awoken by this wet sensation trickling down your cheek as your eyes sharply open you feel warm as the coldness of the rain lightly falls as you lay on your back in an unfamiliar place. As you regain your eyesight you see large trees hogging the sky like arms covering you eyes where are you and how did you get here? Why can’t you remember!
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