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Broken-hearted after a tale as old as time, Starry doesn’t want to find the meaning of life, until she must know. The world was going to war, and she was separated from her pack. She soon meets Robertson. Robertson says he came from the stars, sent down for some reason, but remembers none of what he is supposed to do. Can Starry find a way to get Robertson to know what he was supposed to do or will it be to late for that?

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Chapter 1

I stepped down from our cave; watching the world go by. “Starry, it’s time for bed.” My grandma said, walking up to me, sitting down next to me. “Grandma?” I asked her “yes Starry?” She replied “is it true that all of our ancestors lie down or their Star beds, watching us from a distance?” I asked grandma. “Well sweetie, it’s true if you believe in it.” She said. She then walked me towards my room, and nuzzled me, then left to her room. I then slept, and woke up the next morning, when the sun shone bright.
I went out of my room, and my mom was making breakfast. It was berries and meat. My favorite! “Morning mom, morning dad.” I said as I walked towards the kitchen, “here, eat some breakfast kiddo.” My dad said, giving me some pork and berries “thanks dad.” I said, I ate my food, then left the den “hey! Where do you think you’re goin’?” My mom said stopping me at the door. “I wanna go outside the barriers for once mom.” I said begging her “no! You stay with our pack. We can’t afford to lose another pup…” my mom said, as her voice trailed off. “Another?” I asked “you know what… how about you just play near the edge borders?” My mom said. “Yay!” I said, happy to go outside in the fresh air.

Three years later
I slowly put flowers on the hole of which we buried my grandmother. Tears ran down my eyes; blurring the surrounding world. “I won’t forget you, Grandma…” I said, my voice breaking up “you were my idol, and I’ll follow in your paw-steps forever.” I said, my paw on the dirt above the place we buried her. “Come on starry, I’ll make you your favorite dinner.” My mom said, she nuzzled me, I knew she was sadder then me, but why didn’t she show it?
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