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Her Broken Soul

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Her heart was broken. Multiple times. She didn't like knowing her father had raped her best friend. She had been like a sister to her. It broke her, knowing her father had forgotten so quickly about her mother.

Adventure / Fantasy
J. Miranda
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Harsh Truth

Jerin's blue eyes widened in horror as she heard her friend's screams.

"Stop! Phoenix, please! We were just dancing!" She screamed.

Jerin stood no chance against her father, so she silently cried.

What would Mom do? She'd put him to sleep. And that's why she.... Don't tell me he killed her! And to think I'm his daughter. I need to tell Jensen!

Jerin ran to her adoptive brother's room. She knocked until he opened.

"What?" He asked, annoyed.

"Quick, how did my mom die again?"

"Um, poison, I think. I don't remember what it was called, why?" Jensen asked, worriedly.

Jerin rarely talked about her mother. And when she did, something happened to trigger her despair.

"PHOENIX, STOP! IT HURTS!" Enna screamed.

Jensen and Jerin froze. Now Jensen understood. Anger filled him. "Jerin, do you know how to shield someone yet?"

She nodded. "But I'm not as good as she is..."

Jensen rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Just shield me. I'll need to be careful if I wanna live."

Jerin's able to bring life to someone. And to make people fall in love. Unfortunately, she's seen as weak compared to her father's "apprentices".

Enna Thorn reluctantly gave up her last name. It was changed to Shade. But she put up with it for a while since she didn't know what to do to find her parents. She's powerful, but she's scared of accidentally killing someone.

Jensen grew up in an unhealthy environment. Phoenix had seemed like his savior back then. But now, he's come to realize that his true savior had always been Cyrus, his brother.

When they arrived, Phoenix was gone. And Enna was crying on a dark-haired guy's shoulder.

"Shh, it passed. Sorry I couldn't come sooner to beat him up. Does it hurt too much for you to run, twin?"

Twin?! Why didn't Enna tell me she had a twin brother?!

"A little. Can you heal m-Jerin?"

She didn't call me Rin or Rinna this time. She thought, saddened by the fact that her own father was responsible for the fear in Enna's eyes.

"Sorry. Um, Zen, that's Jerin and Jensen. Zen is my brother. And..... can you, please, heal me, Rin?"

Jerin nodded. "I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing? It's not your fault."

"Maybe. But I could've at least tried to stop him. I mean, I'm his daughter. And...."

"Rin, stop beating yourself up. Enna's right. She's stronger than us. But terror, fear, as well as her love for him made her freeze up."
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