The Rebel War

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Since she was five years old Madelyn Grace Greenbrier was left in the woods. She learned to survive on her own with her horse Denali and her best friend Josh Hancock. When she gets caught stealing one day she is taken to the royal family where they discover something about her that changes her life forever.

Adventure / Romance
Carolyn Reeves
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The Begining

I don't remember being left in the woods since I was just five years old. All I remember is figuring out how to survive in the woods on my own. Building a fire, collecting food, making tools, everything I know was figured out by luck. I dream of finding my real parents and figuring out why they left me but I'm woken up by a sudden winnie from my horse.

"Ugh Denali why do you have to wake me up at the literal crack of dawn!" I say as I wake up from my makeshift bed on the ground.

Denali, the horse I found when I was around ten years old, left to fend for himself just like me. I untie his rope that I found a couple years ago and lead him to a river near our camp site.

"There you go, so high maintenance!" I say rolling my eyes and laughing a little.

I wash my face in the river and grab my stolen canteen from my waist. When I found my camp site a couple years ago I stole a couple things from the town nearby. Some clothes, a bow and arrows, pocket knife, canteen, a backpack and stuff for Denali. Once I'm done washing myself I take Denali and lead him back to our camp site. I start brushing out Denali and getting him ready for the day. Living in the woods you don't get a lot of action unless your dealing with wild animals.

"Ok Denali your all brushed out." I say placing his halter on him. It's a rope with another rope attached to it as the lead. I couldn't steal any real horse tack because it would have been hard to carry around so all I got was grooming equipment and a halter which I also use as a bridle. The first time I rode bareback on Denali it hurt very bad but I've gotten used to it.

"Alright Denali let's go hunting." I say throwing myself on Denali.

Everytime I go hunting it reminds me of the time I met my best friend Josh Hancock. The story of when I met Josh was very interesting. I rode through the woods until I spotted a wild turkey.

"Alright Denali, stay here." I said tying him up on a nearby tree.

I got my bow and arrow set and aimed for the turkey. As I got ready to shoot the turkey drops dead.

"What the heck?" I said as I went near the turkey.
"Hey if you want a turkey your gonna have to kill your own!" A voice said from behind the trees.

I still had my bow loaded and aimed at the trees.

"Who are you? Come out!" I yell.

A boy about my age, sixteen, steps out from behind the trees.

"Woah now Archer, I'm Josh." He said holding his hands up.
"That was my kill." I said still aiming my bow at Josh.
"Well looks like I got to it first." Josh said going over to the turkey.
"Ok I guess you did get to it first." I said backing into the woods to go get Denali.
"Yeah your right I did get to it first." Josh said moving closer to the turkey.

I ran back to Denali and hopped on his back. He picked up a gallop and I ran into the field with Josh and the turkey. I swept past him and picked up the turkey on my way.

"Thanks!" I yelled from behind me. Denali galloped back to our campsite quickly.
"Alright let's get breakfast ready!" I said making a quick fire. I skinned the turkey and started cooking it.
"Well you do make a pretty good fire Archer." Josh said coming out of the woods.

I grabbed my bow and arrow quickly and aimed it at him.
"Woah now Archer calm down, I won't hurt you." He said sitting down on the ground next to the fire.
"My name isn't Archer for starters and you need to leave." I said setting down my bow and arrow.
"Don't you need to go home too?" Josh asked standing up.
"This is my home has been since I was five." I said going over to pet Denali.
"Woah actually?" Josh asked.
"Yep it's ok though I actually enjoy it." I said taking the turkey off the fire.
"Seems like it's the time of your life." Josh said. "Yep I'm enjoying myself thank you very much!" I said to him.
"Well I should probably get going back to my home." He said.
"Alright well it was nice meeting you Josh, see you around!" I said going over to Denali.
"You as well Archer!" Josh said walking away. "It's Maddie!" I said yelling to him as he walked away.

Josh visited me everyday after that day and he became my best friend.

"Come on Denali we have to find something to eat." I say riding him around.
"Need some help Maddie?" Josh asks coming out of the woods.

I quickly got off Denali and lead him towards Josh.

"I would love some help!" I say as I give Denali's lead rope to him.
"How about we go steal something from town?" Josh asks me.
"Yeah I don't know about that, who would watch Denali?" I ask him feeling skeptical.
"I'll watch Denali and you go get something to eat." Josh says.
"Alright don't let him out of your sight!" I say as I run toward the village.
"I know!" Josh yells back.

I run to the town for the first time since I was ten. I arrive at the town and see the glittering towers of the royal families castle in the background.

"Alright time to eat!" I say.

I walk by some street venders and take some bread and apples and stuff them into my backpack. I see some danishes in the next stand and try to snag a few. As I place my hands on the danish a royal guard seizes me by the soldiers.

"Stealing are we?" The guard asks.
"No sir." I say lying.
"Your lying is as terrible as your stealing, come with me!" He says in a harsh tone.

He seizes my hands and yanks them behind my back.

"JOSH!" I yell as loud as I can for him to hear me.
"Quiet!" The guard says.
"What are you gonna do to me?" I ask the guard.
"I'm taking you to the royal family and they will decide what to do to you." The guard says.

As I walk up the castle steps I see myself heading to my doom.

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