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Amanda and the bloody tears.

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Amanda a dark queen ruled lamon city was defeated by her Father and sent to the earth. There she lived with her friends and family. Suddenly a problem bursted out. Then they started to search the city ended with a evil power sucked Amanda and made her fight with friends and also release of main villan

Adventure / Fantasy
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Bloody tears

5000 years ago, AMANDA a powerful queen of dark witch ruled Lamon City. She was just 6 years old. She was under her aunt's control. Her aunt wanted to rule the whole city. the city had 155 ZOMANDA stars. Although she ruled the whole city she couldn't catch the last star. It had something special as KELLEN FELIX, the father of Amanda had the power over the star. The way he stood before Amanda as an opponent, looked like the two edges of a sea crashing each other. That day came when Amanda waged a war on him, The last Star of Lamon City's protective God stood with Kellen, where she was killed by her father. As she was the queen of black magic it was tough to beat her off. So he used three magical objects to defeat her. The objects were feathers of GOLDEN PHEASANT, now hidden in the Red Mountain of Sambam planet, even he used a magical knife made of the silver dragon ambush's blood it is now flying up in the sky palace of Bavarium Skyland. He also used the "Dacumblan" book to get spells to oppoe her. it is now submerged in Atlantis which is located on Earth. "Amans", the deadly servants of Amanda were searching for the book, cause it has the way of making Amanda up alive and Atlantis, it comes once when a rebels moon meets the sun at the same time a male silver dragon comes out to find it's soul mate. So they could take a chance of having both elements which make her alive. the occasion comes 50 years ones. yep, it is a way a long time. they tried much for me. Oops!! I shouldn't have been said this to u. But let us keep this a secret. yes me Amanda living in London, studying in wisdom high school. as u think, yes I lived 5000 years ago and was killed by my father. but it is not the truth. Dad Kellen was about to kill me, but that time a bright reddish light came with a word to give me an option to become as normal as I was before. Thus, I accepted the opportunity then my father played a drama that he had killed me. Now I am a humagician it means I am a half-human half magician. The only rule is I shouldn't use magic for any cause. Let me introduce my best friends. Luke my neighbour and my classmate and The first person I met on earth And Dessie is also my classmate. I know her since 4th grade, luke and Dessie were cousins.I came here since I was 7 yrs old. I am pretty savage and away from popular guys in my school, cause we are the only girls in the football team of our school. other girls had jealousy of us for both the things that are being friends with Luke the only most handsome guy in our school and also for the team selection. Though we were popular, Jessica the meanest girl in our school always make fun of us as I don't talk to others except for my friends. I don't get good grades as well. I often get scoldings from the principal for the mistakes done by Jessica. She is the richest mean girl in our school that was the only point for her to do the things like this. She always make fun of us . She had an eye on Luke.When I came to earth I saw the worst civilization I have ever seen. In Lamoncity, we had a high tech civilization. An undesirable thing is I am a queen though, I am working in the search of a part-time job for the need of money. As I wanted money for my studies. I am free for meals. I was raised in my aunt's house. They had two sons. Jacob and Steve. my uncle passed away a year ago after a few months constantly my aunt died. They raised me. Their death was unacceptable. Their death had something mysterious. My aunty was a human -magician too. her name is Isabella. my father's favourite sister. He had three Sisters. Annebella, Gabriella and at last Isabella. Annebella had the power of spellbinding anyone at any time. Gabriella has the power of draining others power by touching them, she also has the power to take their power as her own. Isabella has the power of making someone's thoughts either positive or negative. But she used the power only for good things. She fell in love with a human when she came in search of her diamond crystal. My uncle helped her to find out. There their story begins. After a long fight with the family she got married with one condition to never come to see any one in lamon city. But my father came to see her. Because of my father's that one mistakes my first brother's magic was extracted. Then he sent me secretly to my aunt's house. I saw my father a long ago, he had never come to visit me. He could possibly forget me. but I don't care about him. I hated him ever. I often felt that I have forgotten about something in my life. It gives me a nightmare. I am frustrated with searching for the thing. It corners me every night, every sleep I take. My nightmare framed like a young woman who wore a red outfit decorated with crystals and gold, flying up. She looked like she was hypnotised by someone. She was pregnant and seemed to have the pain. Another old lady came nearby her and she tortured the way she was about to die. She suddenly stopped everything and she started to travail. She started to say the spells. The young lady had a girl child the old lady was filled with anger and killed the other. The Girl child had reddish eyes. my dream gets over at this point. And it is disturbing every night.I feel the pain of the child and her mother. Ok, let's go to school. Here comes our professor Annabella, she is such a dumb teacher. no one respects her. "Student I ..,.. I haa have an announcement. th that we have a sic science exhibition next month. Be prepared,". _ Oh, Amanda we have an exhibition !!!! .ok let me call luke too. Be careful Dessie. Not me, you be care full aman. Ok, let me stay in our play. Come fast with him. Bye_. I have a science exhibition next month. What should I do? _ Hey aman we came, have you planned anything Hey. Aman. Amanda. _oo what. _what were you seeing there. _ nothing. I am sorry guys. But why ? I haven't said anything about me. What are you talking about?? Spill the things. Don't make a circle make it clear.Ok guysi am to the point this is an important thing that I have to say to you both. Say it. Dessie, Luke I am a humagician. What is meant by? It is like I am half magician, half human. What Are you kidding us? Those are fantasy things. How could they come in real, and how could u? Luke this is a sour truth.do u say us to believe in u.?Ok then let me show that both a thing. See it, my hand is sparkling. Now could u both believe in me? And don't let this secret out. All fine. But why don't you just say this before? I mean, you didn't believe in us. Am I right. And why are letting it now? I think you have a problem. Yes Dessie I have a problem. But! stop Amanda never come back to me again. You are a liar, then luke are u going to come with me or.........sorry Amanda. Luke, Dessie please come back luke.....Dessie...( That's it everything is going to end Amanda) who is that. Hey whoever is there come out. (Amanda )(come and join me. I will make u a power full girl) who, who is that. Boohoo it is me. Dessie, luke you both. I am sorry. I should have said it before, but my aunt said, ok ok leave it. We were just kidding you .ok we make the project and talk about this with you later tonight. Then you both come to my house .ok luke bye. see you tonight. Goodbye Dessie. Jacob, I came home. Ok, aman get a shower and come to have dinner.ok, bro. Jacob is my aunt Isabella's first son. Her second son Steve is also my age, was lost in the woods a day before aunt Isabella passed away. Now Jacob is taking care of me. Ok, let me take a shower ((Amanda)) yep Jacob. What Amanda. Jacob why did u call me. No, I did not. Ok.is there anything wrong Amanda. No nothing Jacob. ((Amanda, Amanda)) who, who was that. Dessie is that u. ((Amanda I am Gabriella your aunty. Come with me. I will take care of you)) what aunty no that can't be possible. I am dreaming((no I am real. This is my image. I know who killed your mother. it was Annabella))no u are lying. (( no, it is the truth. Believe in me your father and his second lovely sister had a different relationship without making it known to others. After your mom married him he no longer stayed with Annabella. So she killed your mother. I came to know these things and I was about to say this to kellen but I was captured by Annabella and prisoned in Lamon city. She is eagerly awaiting to kill Jacob. Come and unprison me come, Amanda come)). Jacob, where are you? Jacob. Hey aman, I am here. Why are you panicked? Leave it where we're you. Luke called me. I heard that you are going to stay there. So he asked you to bring the coco powder. What are you going to do with it? Project. Ok bye, I am leaving first. Bye. Take care aman. Ok bye, bro. Luke, open the door first, Dessie. I have an important thing to tell you. aunt Gabriella's image talked to me I was having a shower. There she said who killed my mom and((.................., ..........................))this happened. ok fine, as you said your innocent aunty is captured by a devil aunty. what? No, it is just my assumption, ok. So she came to you by creating her reference to you.am I right? But she was prisoned a long ago and she can get an image of her then why dint she come to you before and ask for such a Rescue. Yes, Dessie is right, aman.don't confuse me, guys. Now I am in a clear state. So we are going on a rescue adventure. Everything is fine. But where is lemon city?. How do we go there?no problem guys. Mom, aunty, aunt. What do you mean by? Luke, I meant I know how to go to Lamon City. What!!
Yes, I am Amanda's guardian .wow!mommy you are great. Just shut Luke. mom!..... I have an idea guys. First, you should go to Atlantis. "A T L A N T I S" is that true. Yep. It is true. From now after three days Atlantis comes out. Before that, we should be there. After that take the Dacumblan book and the next day, the golden dragon comes there. To find, its soul mate. Get them both and come to your school. I will say what to do after that. But how do we go to Atlantis? No problem, I have booked tickets for you three. Thanks, Auntie. Ok, let me pack my things in the morning. But what should I say, to Jacob? No need aman. I am here. Jacob? Yea I am here. I know everything. U can go. I got packed up with your stuff. Thanks, Jacob. Luke follow me to the next room. Ok, Jacob. (..., .................................., ..................................). Ok, aman is the only one who I want to care about the most. Don't worry about it, Jacob. Hey luke, ok I am gotta go. Yes, aman. Why did you call me, what was the thing that you can Jacob was talking about. Sorry, it's a secret. Won't you tell me? Sorry, it is a secret that should keep away from you. Ok! When the right time comes let me say you. So come and have dinner. We have a flight in the morning. ok. let's go. //night//((Amanda. Come to me, Amanda))who is that((come to the mirror, you can see me. And yourself too))what. To the mirror Dessie sleep.don't blabber something((i am you. Come to the mirror,))//mirror// ((come near me. Remove your contact lens. )) ,what lens. I don't use any contact lens ((no remove it you see yourself))no hear me. Let me show you, ooooo no something happened to my eyes. ((No it's you. You have a red pupil, your family and friends cheated on you. Everybody knows about you. They all are humagicians. Don't believe in them. )) no stop. What happened, what, what's wrong Amanda. did you get a nightmare or what. move, get me the mirror. what? this is real. I have reddish eyes. and Dessie, luke you both know everything before right. Amanda, no, please stop living to me please. /cries/ yes we know everything thing. But we made it a secret because to stop the consequences which were surrounding you when you came here. Because you used your magic yesterday we got into trouble. It was just because of you. But we are not blaming you for that. It was just because you were reached 16. Those were the side effects of former Amanda. So please trust us. "Belief in yourself makes comfort, belief in friends makes the world in your hand". Sorry guys. It was Dessie Amanda time to flight. Ok, Luke just a minute. We will come soon. Come on we have to fight back. Fighting. /at airport/((Amanda believe in me. They are annabella's servants. )). Stop I know everything. ((zentumavai xozya, defantenu erricuka))((.....))no stop, stop that, please STOP. Amanda what happened. Hey is everything all right? Here have some water. what happened. I. I heard something, that made me irritated. And I could not handle the pain it gave me. Mm I know who did that, it was your aunt. Don't mind her. She will stop you from all the directions. We are here for a war. Here we are going to land. \dear passengers.......,// Dessie how do we go to Atlantis. I have a plan, girls. Let's book a room in a hotel. Atlantis will be upon the land for 3 days usually. But by using our magic we can make it stay for another day. People will not be allowed to visit there from the 3rd day. It will be easy for us. Luke, you are a genius. fast, book the rooms. And Dessie, we have a problem with you. What problem with Dessie? Make it clear. Yep, today is a full moon.so what. Dessie_, Dessie? what for Dessie. she is a werewolf. She couldn't stay with us. WHAT, DESSIE IS A WEREWOLF, no problem Amanda I will stay in the woods tonight. I am used too. So I have booked only one room, what? Why. Then where do I stay, with Luke? only us. Yes Amanda you should stay with Luke, cause you can't be left alone. Someone should stay at your side. Dessie, I have magic. you should not use magic for any cause. This is an order from Lily aunt. But why. It is an ORDER.Luke will save you from any problem. Does he have any power like you? Yes, I have. I am Annabella's son. I have more power than Dessie. Am I right Dessie, Luke stop the nonsense. Get back to your hotel. Let us meet at the city centre tomorrow morning. But, Amanda come faster. Wow Luke this hotel is amazing. But how did you book the room here? It looks expensive. This is a hotel for humagicians. So we have to pay nothing for the booking as well as the service, only self-service is allocated for us. If you want let me pay for the hotel service.no, no need for that. And I see a sweet talker of you. You have never spoken like this to me ever? Why now suddenly?Because cause you are Queen right. That's why. Then make me some food and get into the room. Ok as you wish. Then what you would like to eat Amanda, anything but, please be fast. I am waiting to taste your food mister Luke. Sorry Amanda I'm gonna bring the food and not going to make it, ok at least do that faster. I will be in a minute be safe inside.do not open the door till I come and don't use any magic understood. Yes, dude I know I won't be a tracer, go get some food please I will be safe don't worry about me.(( Amanda doesn't play with me, they are going to make trouble for you. I am your aunt and you're not believing in me.that Luke is Annabella's son definitely make you trouble, he will only try to kill you.don't believe them.I am here and will take care of you. Don't believe in them)). Amanda, I came with food open the door. Who are you? I am Luke. No, say my Nickname. You are testing me just open it. No, say my nickname no Amanda does not open the door he is not luke he is the servant of your aunt don't open the door. Now open it. No, say my nickname (purple)please open the door purple. Ok, wait a minute. Come in. Here is your food, thanks. Luke, I have something to ask you, go ahead.do you have feelings for Dessie? What no. We are like brother and sister. then do you have a crush on anyone? Yes, I have one, nice how does she look like, she has brown short hair. Her eyes are adorable. Her name is...someone knocks on the door. No the window. What window. Open it, please. I Am Dessie. Dessie? you look horrible! I can't believe this. Are really you dessie? yes, it's me.but you said you will stay in the woods tonight.yes, I was in the woods but my messenger told me that Annabella's as the servant came to attack you so I came for saving you and I heard everything you were talking about with luke. you have a stupid taught. He is my brother and he does not look good too. Dessie?shut Luke!!, Are you going back to the woods? No, it's already going to rise. See the sun is rising. Then no need for the city centre-right. No, we have work there. What work Dessie, let me tell you, Luke.it is shopping. What!? Nooo. Yep, we came here, Luke you have money right. Dessie, buy whatever you want to. (Ropes, knives, shovel.......). Wait, Dessie why do you buy these things. You are a total dumb man Luke, these are used for the searching process. Ooh! Don't waste your time. Come and pick up things. Coming Amanda what should I pick can you tell me .please, luke take those ropes and come to the billing area.Amanda Luke look up at the sky, it is the symptoms of Atlantis. Come fast. We should take Amanda It the hotel. She might get caught. Come on get that cab. Open the door fast it is not opening. Fast use your magic. ! Sorry, it is not the key. Now it's opened. Come in faster. Wait sit. Why did you drag me this faster?Amanda listen this is the time for which Atlantis comes up to the land there are some of the servants of Amanda, what I don't have any servants. I meant the former Amanda. Only we know that you are alive. if they see you the problem will be serious. They try to take you away. But why do they come here? To take the book, and to make you alive. What, me alive. Just a cup of jokes. So we are going to prison you for some time. Be quiet.what prisoning? Be quiet for some time. Hey, guys don't go. Don't do this to me. ((Amanda, I said you before. They are not your friends. They help Annabella. Believe me. Come to Atlantis. Fast. You have no time for thinking. Just escape from them and meet me there))No Amanda doesn't hear from her. Stop don't go. Dare to step out. I use my magic, whatever I want. So Amanda! Prisoning is not what you think. Just stay home. Amanda, help me. Amanda. !!!! Dessie. !!Luke stop the Dragon. It is taking her away.Stop Amanda, don't forget not to use your magic at any cause. Let me handle this. No, let me help you. Stop AMANDA. You are letting her go! I am trying. U left her. And we are in the centre of the woods now. How do we find her.the Atlantis is coming too. What should we do now? See there,it is a dragon feather. what how come a dragon leave it's feather. It doesn't happen. If it left so it might come back to take it. We will catch up. Now we go to search in Atlantis. No you are not coming there. Why Luke. No Amanda we can leave Dessie as like that. You go in search of her in the mountains. mountains? Yes it is after the woods. Come on hurry up. Luke I have a thing to ask.! What is the thing. Who is the girl that you love. Can I know her. AMANDA is it the time to ask this. Get up to the mountain first. And one thing,the mountain only stays here till three nights. It has Already been a night So be fast. Let's meet up there! Luke but where? Hey??? Hey Amanda.what you?here?.yes why. Do you have any problems !?no but why do you come here Jessica. Next week Dessie's birthday. So I want to buy him a gift and get along with your group. Jessica Dream on. He loves another one girl. Wait from when did you cut your hair. Why do you ask this now. First tell me. Two years Before. Then !!?.then what?the girl who Luke love is you. Jessica you. Ok let's go to the mountain. Mountain? there is no mountain in our place. No it is there behind the woods. No there is nothing there. There is Only a mine Located. Come with me let me show you.let's see. If there is one let me never come to join the group. No if there is a mountain you can join us. Then it is impossible. Just come. Where is dessie?? Dessie!! If I say you wouldn't believe. No say it to me. *(5000 years ago, AMANDA a powerful queen of dark witch ruled Lamon City....................................DESSIEISAWEREWOLF...........................It's a dragon........... Dessie! Luke save her.............................)*this what happened. Interesting!! Stop. Do you hear anything. Yes they are coming too. Who?? Amans. Your servants!!no.hey Amanda don't think too much. Warner,joycen and Kaye, Ashely. Just you guys . I said you Amanda. And Why are you guys here. To see the mountain. What there isn't any mountain. No we come here often. What?often?and without your leader. I will punish you all. Jessica run. They are the servants who were sent to kill us. What. ? I can explain it to you but you will not be there to hear it. Run. Come to the mountain top ok!Ok, Run. Ho no it's a dead end.But !there is a feather. It is alike like. But the color is different. And where are they. They all went!!but what,why,and who are you. I am eragon.studing in your school. I love to collect feather. Can I get the feather you have. Sure but. Can you say what kind of bird is it. For that you have to come with me. ((*he is really hansome)) thank you but you spilled your mind voice out.. sorry. Let's go.now say what happened,why did they Chase you??*(5000 years ago, AMANDA a powerful queen of dark witch ruled Lamon City. She was just 6 years old...........................................,.......... City....................................DESSIE IS A WEREWOLF...........................It'sCity....................................DESSIEISAWEREWOLF...........................It'sCity....................................DESSIE IS A WEREWOLF...........................It's a dragon .......................Dessie,Luke help)*this was happened ,hey !Jessica!! Amanda. You came here. Yes. Come on,we go overto the top of the mountain. It is going to set. What sun set. Sry I have to go. Eragon? Stop, Are leaving us like this. Sorry I have to go.see you morning. There is a cottage in a few distance. Get with tonight. Bye. Bye ! What? cottage? Amanda I couldn't believe anything this mountain, your story , the cottage and this beautiful full moon it mabmake any danger at any time . Here the cottage comes. Wait some one is here. Dessie !Amanda!at last I found you. But today is full moon Jessica run. Amanda don't be afraid I am now lost of the curse. I will be human only. What? What Jessica is here ?? Yes is one of the members in our group from now. What how is it possible. She is a ...... No , Jessica saved my life. Dessie come with me. This is personal. What is the matter Amanda,?the thing is that Luke's love girl is Jessica.what are you talking about. How come he ?
Think of this when we were at the hotel I asked him about the girl whom he loves and he said*(the girl has a short brown hair and adorable eyes)*in our school Jessica is said to have an adorable eyes. And I saw them talking secretly in the woods. I didn't take it seriously but the both are in love with each other without knowing. That's why I made her a member in our group. OOO intresting Amanda. Ok we can move forward for the Golden pheasant's feather,but we should go to sambam planet right. Amanda we are in sambam planet right now. What?? Then this is red mountain? Yes. lets go! We are going to bavarium sky land too. Leave it Dessie you were taken by the ambush and how did you escape from it?what is the curse?how did you over come it ?wait, wait. Take a break .let me say. My original identity is a dragon,we are from ambush family. I am not cousin of Luke.we are different. When you're father came to see you at your 10th birthday he took my dad with him.when the saw them both coming from earth the both were punished. That your father became a statue of the palace which no one could find him in those 1022 Kellen statue , what happened to your dad?. He dead in a war so they cursed that i should to be a were wolf at the earth Having a life of human till I meet my soul mate. I was sent to guard you. Then did you meet your soulmate ?yes the the dragon that came here was my soul mate. What ?? I loved you for years. ! Who is that ? Jessica you? Yes it's me. I loved dessie for years. Only for Dessie I wished to become a member in your group. But we taught you loved Luke?no he helped me to take to the woods because there he had a guest house and that day my father was drunken. He tried to abuse, Luke helped me!!. anyway, Let me introduce him in the sky land and we reached the top. It is already dawn,we have still one night to complete the task. See guys there is a Cave. We need three feathers. Dig into it. Hey all l Found some thing. Yes it is that. But this purple feather I saw it before. But we have only two.it is here. Who is that !Eragon! . You know him? You two know him. Yes. He is the dragon. What ?then that's why you were Afraid of Full moon. No! I am the Prince of Bavarium sky land. I am only allowed to stay down till the sun Starts to set.what ?? Nice to meet you again Amanda. Yesterday I had a great time with you. Let me gift you this feather but on a condition take me where ever you go!. Sure. Amanda why do you blush like this. Luke you came. And with the book. Let me introduce Eragon. We know each other before. What?.we are lab mates. Nice to meet you here bro. Me too bro!{land is shaking to the death.and a the mountain starts to break. There a staircase forms wit gold, the gate of LAMON CITY. Every one stares at the path .it was full dark. It looked spooky} should we use this path. Yes come in we Can use this fire holder. Give that Amanda . Wow Eragon you lighted it just with your fingers. Thank you. Stop here is the gate give me the feathers (나는 도시의 공주입니다. 우리를 들여보내주세요). Wow it's a awesome. After a long time we step in here. We are here to wage a war. Not to have fun. { When Amanda stepped in ,her eyes sparkled .shewas lifted up. She murmured some spell. Other shouted. Her dress changed its colour.she started to attack every one. There was a big fight. Dessie was injured harshly during the fight. They saw the Evil in Amanda.she flew to the castle and released Gabriella.} \\it is just the beginning\\
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