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Gnarly tree

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A girl who likes a tree

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The gnarly tree

There once was a girl who wasn’t that rich. She ties her hair into a messy bun, with a blue rubber band and normally wears overalls that are old and torn apart a little, but she doesn’t mind because that’s the way she grew up! She has shoes that are a bit to small for her. Her name is Trisha. She lives with her mum, dad and one little brother who is 3 years old and she is 10 so she doesn’t really like playing with him - but sometimes she likes to sit alone, she just sits on the old wooden swing hanging from the gnarly tree it brings back her memories, she remembered the time when her parents would play with her. She felt happy!

One day, when she walked to school she was thinking about what it works be like to have someone who would be able to play with - because she had no friends no one would want to be her friend because she was the smartest person in class, they they thought she was a nerd. When she reached school at about 8:16 she sat on the bench still thinking about it. When school ended and she reached home she went straight into the kitchen to help herself with a cheese sandwich, she finished the meal in about 6 minutes and then remembered that there was an announcement at assembly about the year 5 camp she ran straight to her parents and said
“Mu-um can I go to the year 5 camp”- “l’m sorry darling, but you can’t go, because”- “WHYYYY! It’s on the 6th of May - there’s still one month to go!” Trisha stormed off to the backyard - but when she was approaching the tree she couldn’t see it - she just barely saw the silhouette of one tree! She ran to the tree but when she reached it...... she couldn’t see any tree that looked of the sort.

She ran and ran and she didn’t know if the tree moved but she kept running through the direction of some mist. She didn’t think about if she had past the tree - but when she stopped for a breath she realised that she was in a completely different place, instead of being in a forest area she was just about to fall of a cliff, she walked back and then turned around and in her sight she sight she saw a cute, little dog, leashed onto a pole. She quickly untied it and ran around the area to see if there was some sort of transport across the cliff but to her luck she found a bridge - she thought about the dog and said to herself....

“How am I going to be able to go across?”
She had an idea, she picked up the dog and steadily walked across the bridge she reached the other side of the bridge and she surprisingly found the tree. She ran to the tree and slid down the tree. “How did this tree move here?” She said thoughtfully and she climbed onto the tree and turned around so she was facing the tree trunk. It looked twisted and in knots, with a slight touch of grimy green. She lost focus of the tree because of the wind blowing in her face. But Trisha still needs to come home!- what will she do! Trisha thought about having to leave the tree but she needs to go back home! She made up her mind, to leave the tree! She thought it was kind of silly to like a tree, but it gave back memories. Then again her parents would be wondering where she was. So Trisha went back across the bridge.

She ran and ran back by the time she reached the misty sort of place the mist had cleared - she knew that THAT was the place because when she was running to the tree she got a glimpse of an eye of the area. BUT she kept running when she reached home, tied the dog onto she ran straight through the door and ran upstairs to the corridor where she found her parents. Her dad said “where have you been? Why did you leave?” “Because mummy said I couldn’t go to school camp!” Trisha replied “well go to bed anyways, it’s getting dark now. She walked into her room, exhaustedly, opened her blanket and hopped in bed. Snug and warm.

When she woke up she changed into her day clothes, packed her exploring bag, water bottle and food. Then she headed straight for the door, untied the dog and ran out of the house.........

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