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Adventure / Fantasy
Bernard Joseph
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Jurassic Vacation

Before I could open my eyes to see a crowd surrounding me. Bending all over my presence in the History museum, my curiosity did not lose its edge. Something happened and I was not sure if everything that occurred was real, but I intended to grab the truth. Worse, I was more surprised when I opened my eyes and bathing in my blood. I met a new John Dick and he could not die.

I jumped from a long slumber when I realized I became the main attraction in the History Museum. Everyone jumped at their turn when I opened my eyes, I could not miss hearing the rumors that I was dead. I continued to walk my eyes over every face I can see, their look was indescribable and puzzled at the same time. I was trying to figure out the current situation when my right hand slipped hard on the floor. I had to fight my balance not to fall back on the marble floor. Cold, slippery, a bit muddy, and wet, I could not avoid taking a look down my lower half, and there it was. Blood, a bloody bath of red liquid that only the human body contained to function. Estimating from the mass on the floor, I lost three-quarters of my precious ruby liquid and I should be dead.
Everyone saw my resurrection, yet they could not make heads or tails to the facts in front of their eyes.

I decided to recall my last whereabouts when three EMTs of the nearest hospital cut the crowd. They dived right by my side, slippery or not, wet or not, and mushy or not. Their concern was my health conditions with all the blood I exposed to the people at the Museum. Whether they were with family, their kids, their other half, or on a school trip.

“Sir, are you ok?”

“I am…ok…” I did not know what else to say and I was not sure of my body state, but my mind was working in the meanwhile. My main purpose was to uncover the mystery behind my resurrection and my return to the 21st century. My first clue was to remember the vacation with the giants of the Jurassic period I met.

“Sir, can you tell me where it hurts?” I was not close to replying to him when I felt a sense of Deja Vu. A fellow soldier, it had to be. The posture, the dressing style, the touch, and the attention to detail; I perceived them when he touched me. Yet, it was not over, a shining fact came to me and it was bloody painful. I died from a pack of raptors though I showed them that I was the Alpha they could not mess with.

I managed to keep the EMTs at bay, focusing on my body. I kept my concentration on the matter at hand while I was getting my thoughts together. They did what they had to do. Test me, consult my body for broken bones, and a sign of self-awareness. I passed with flying colors and it was time to put one and one together.

I got up with confidence that I earned from different experiences in my younger days. Then, I dismissed everyone who could not spare themselves to follow the event of my demise. I did not need people all over me. I was not a celebrity and I never needed to be one. I liked my privacy fine. I preferred it to keep people guessing about my life or whatever they thought they can figure out. I stood up and looked straight and walked away from the crowd.

Right away, I located the janitor and provided him with a tip to clean up my mess and a surplus for his trouble. He did not mind thanking me for the understanding and I saluted him for his hard work at the museum. His smile was enough for me to grin myself and my days as a janitor myself was a happy one. I was not always a grown man and it took me fifty years to reach maturity. I was late but I made it anyway. I was proud of myself.

As one of my manners, I forgot the incident altogether and went home. Yet, the next day I was the first to the history museum door. The janitor recognized me and I checked the floor with my blood. Like I never stepped foot on this place, remarkable. I thumbed up my man and he moved on to continue his duty. I did not waste any more time going back to the thing that started all this.

Yesterday was no different for me.
I have always been an Art teaser though I did not focus on it when life became too real for me. I held hope or to say I kept my options open.
I was not surprised to see me becoming a man at the age of fifty, my life was precious and I counted to live fully.
The History Museum of Art was one place I felt at home. I came in every now and then, without plans or inconvenience. I did not bring people with me.

Some people and children do not appreciate good things when they were at childish ages. I had patience but not to feel alive among history, worrying about children scrabbles.

I did not plan much that day and I figured to check upon the wonders of the Dinosaur's history before their extinction. I was admiring an old drawing on paper when I accidentally fingered the sheet to feel the old sand of that era. Unsure of the property of those sands and the pictures, I was sure nothing would occur according to the condition of my power. However, something went wrong. Before I could blink, I was spiraling down the history line of time while catching glimpses of many periods I read and learned about.

The travel part had always been longer than the fact itself or the destination I am supposed to reach. At the moment the drawing indicated, I landed with efficiency. If the picture was wrong, I ended up in a time the fact was undeniably identical, but in a different circumstance. Still, I traveled through time and to the destination I saw and touched. That Jurassic drawing was no different and I was eager to see the giants beasts in their real habitat.

When I came to look upon the horizon, my mouth dropped dead and I could not remember the last time I got amazed. I discovered the exact pattern of the image I saw in my last adventure. The green color did not manifest itself to be of nature, but it was the master of this time. The mountains should be taller but they did not seem to matter in front of the species that touched the sky. The rivers, oceans, and lakes were pure without a period of blue amid their content, and the crystal of glass that we came to know in our time was present here as well. The cloud seemed to be thinner and the celestial roof hardly had a brand of grey clouds. The weather remained constant for more than we had seen in our period, and flowers decorated the lands better than weeds we discovered in our garden and garage. I thought of closing my eyes to breathe the air, I could hardly feel the wind and the whisper of oxygen that went to my lungs. The land was fertile, the odor might be different in my nose to bear, but I could not blame the climate and the occupants. I was more worried about the view that took me away from the beauty I have known.

My view was a landscape and I caught every detail. The herbivores with his long neck that a giraffe could not compete against. The short-neck dinosaur yawning when his body requested of it. The flying duck style with eagle wings, and feet of predators. At last, my favorite, the rhinoceros that had his trio defensive bones to pummel any threat. Yet, it appeared the gentlest with his little ones.

Sure, the view was breathtaking. And, every day after that was a discovery, an adventure, and a blessing I had that gift to travel through the past. I have never gotten anything worthy of my person according to my standard. The Rock had wrestling and his iron body, Batman had his brain, and The Shield Hero had his Curse Shield. All I had was my addiction to women and besides that, it was not my forte. I have never understood women, at all.

When I discovered this gift, I knew someone chose me. Whether if I was not, I was going to make it my own and give back to my society, my community, and my generation. I did not take pleasure in going into the past for the fun of it, but this period was something not to miss. As far as the concern was mine, I was the only one and I did learn not to abuse stuff when you did not understand them. I took precautions and so far, they worked. Except for this time and I did not regret it.

I decided to spend a week there and returned as soon as possible.
I was learning of survival firsthand, experiencing the wildest with a species that can swallow me with one bite. First I located a tree long, larger, and hard enough to support anything. Get some eggs and meat at some disadvantage of the lands as well as myself. Running was one of my weaknesses, yet I was not going to just lay and die. I found time to work on my physics and I learned some truth in my trip. Predators did not attack because they enjoyed it, they did it because it was the law of the jungle and in their instinct.

I became a man and so, a boss. I did not intend to go back to my childish foolishness and move forward with the wisdom I earned over the years. My passage to Jurassic Time was educative, but it was time to leave paradise. Everyone thought about it as the deadly period of all time. And I was about to confirm it with my own two eyes and my body.

The week was over, I did not need to stay more than I must. I spread everything I gathered during my time and I was getting back as I came. I was on my way to the climax of a mountain when one of the main predators took a peek at me and I knew I was in trouble. 360 degree of sight, fearless eyes that cut your soul upon crossing, Godzilla skin with scales, and a crooked nail that can play a deadly weapon in Riddick's hands, I was in for a deadly match.

A course began that minute for my life and gaining land was a priority. One, two, three, and before I could take a peek again, a flunk was chasing me for more than my fleshy tasty skin. I went straight, made some turns, plunged into the trees, and tried some vines, unsuccessful. I could not match their rival in a chase or should I say their aim was solely on the prey. I did not have a chance under the good sky to escape with my skin intact. I was a soldier and the next move was to fight. I prepared myself and I was not going down without a blow or several. He did not take much and I fought fiercely for my life. Yet, in the end, I went down and eaten alive. Though I did not feel any bites besides the fang in my back that scored the deathly blow, I went down proud and happy.

Of course, I did not have time to think about everything I have seen. The wonders of the earth back when it was at its peak. I did not regret it either to have seen the species that no one will ever find out the truth behind the comet. Even so, at that time, the Earth was the most fertile.
We destroyed it and we complained that the dinosaurs were a tragedy. We are and we don’t even see it.

I folded my legs to kneel at the exact spot I woke up and I slid my fingers over the floor where I was bathing in my blood. Somehow, after my death, my powers activated and transported me back to my time. The past was fragile and being there was a risk. I was still discovering my powers.
Foreign to the era, my presence must have trigged a defensive mechanism in my powers. The picture of my demise was clear and I acquired a copy of the image on the net after a teenager posted to joke around. Even so, I could not find any spiky teeth mark that composed the raptor's jaws. My body returned to the perfection of its function.
It was not a lie. Our generation had no regard for respect and people. Everything had to be on the net. Don’t get me wrong, it helps sometimes but social media had become a joke and took to ridicule people's life. Though it is not the app but the people.

Impossible to tell you how it happened but somehow I woke up from death and I was as new as the minute I met my demise. Nothing had changed, not even the blow that assured my death, it was nowhere to see. My curiosity was at its summit and life just started again when I must discover whether I am immortal or not.

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