Love with Obsession

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"Kai,"  "Help," We sat there hearing her pleas for her life. Hoping that it was all a dream but the terror was real, so real I could hear her dying pleas up today as they fall on dead ears we couldn't save her, her pleading couldn't save her.  Living a life that was created by someone else wasn't my choice, they say that you always have a choice. That's a lie. I wasn't given a choice, my brother wasn't given a choice, my father wasn't given a choice, and my mother wasn't given a choice. That's why anyone who crosses my path won't be given a choice. I will make their choice. I will choose their fate good or bad, life or death. That was life.  I didn't ask to sit as my mother and father were tortured to death by my loving uncle.  ………………. "Madelyn," "You'll be my wife," He said coldly, walking slowly towards me. Help? I wanted to scream but who would help me? This is the man my adopted parents betrayed.  "No," I yelled, I can't marry him, I won't marry him, "I won't be your wife,"  "I am not asking," He said, grabbing my cheeks harshly.  ©Yash_Chris

Adventure / Fantasy
Yash - Chris
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Chapter one

One by one they come.
With a promising smile,
"I'll never leave you."

They say with a loving smile,
"I won't hurt you."

They spoke with voices that sounded comforting yet not.
"I love you."

But, No! Those were lies.
Lies that were beautifully

Oh, those shapes you could die for, and, those colors alone.

The caring words would make your day seem so bright. But, No! Their promises are dark.

"If you cry if you tell anyone." They will make you scream in pain, while they speak in disgust.

The pain will be better."Yes, yes!" Their promise is true. I have faced them all in that dark room, where they will leave you to weep. Where no one can hear you, no one can see you.

It all happens in the dark where you are cold and alone.

Where you are vulnerable.
So! So vulnerable that you have to give in.
To the plans, they have for you.


"Why did you do it?" I cut his right ear off, he screamed, filled the room with horror." I take the burning candle and let it drop to his ear which was bleeding. He screamed, still refusing to talk. "Oh, this will be so much fun!"

"Why did you kill my brother? John." I hissed at him, He smiled evilly and nodded his head. Why is he making this so easy to torture him?

"He deserves that!" He hissed, wow what a bolt man. He laughed. "I should have killed him sooner, I had so much fun killing him." He smiles.

"You sure did!" He seemed surprised by what I said, "When killing him I mean."

Oh no! he shouldn't be surprised. He skinned my brother alive and sent the video to me. "You had a lot of balls back then," I stated coldly. He stared at me, his eyes were calling to me. So, I took his left eye out. He screamed while I dig his eyes out. Sure he screamed loud and horrible. One might say it was the most terrifying sound they ever heard, but not me. I heard far worse than that.

"Still, refusing to talk to John!" I hissed at him," his blood was running down from his eyes. But I am not done yet.

"Fuck you!" He hissed then added, " You will join him very soon." wrong answer friend, NO ONE THREATENED ME." I will be sorry for you. He is just making my job easier. One by one I pulled his teeth out.
He screamed and fainted. I smiled.


I turned to Jake who stood beside me.

"When he wakes up, give him a nice meal." He hadn't eaten anything for the past week.

"Yes, Sir." Jake nodded." He is a man of few words. I like that. "Good!"

I will let him be for now.

Madelyn POV

"Hey, Maddie," my sister Ella says as I sit at the dinner table. Elle Moore was my adopted parent's daughter, Mary, and James Moore had adopted me for the past nine years. I can still hear Mary's warm words, on that dark and cold night. " From tonight you will be my daughter, not my adopted daughter." Those kind words still warmed my heart today,"

That day I had lost both my parents in that terrible accident. I had a blood sister and brother. They were twins -they were adopted by a lovely Italian couple. I have never seen or heard from them. Jessica and Jesse. It made me sad. I thought I had lost everything until my adopted parent showed up with my new sister Ella.

"Earth to Madelyn," Ella giggled, " What happened Maddie." She inquired, oh I love her she always seems so uptight. I thought maybe they were just pretending. But who is such a good actor? Maybe I am dreaming and someday I will wake up from this dream. From my family. I smiled at her.

"Nothing!" I answered, "How are you?"

"I am great," she jumped in excitement, "we're planning your birthday." She smiled lovingly, oh!" Yeah, Ella was two years older than me. "I wish I could redo my 19 birthdays," Ella says.

"You are 22 Ella," Mary said, "You can only turn 20 once." You can hear the smile, in her voice." I love having family dinner with them, they were always warm towards me.

"That is why we are planning your birthday at the utopia." Mr. Moore says he seems happy. Too happy I must say. He is a man of few words like, "You can not come home after or before midnight." That was the only rule they had, so I willingly obeyed." So what is that UTOPIA? I don't know. I never heard of that word before.

"What is the UTOPIA?" I questioned everyone was mum. Then Mr. Moore speaks, "You'll see!" That's all he said, Then he continued to eat his dinner. Everyone ear in silence. Mr, and, Mrs, went to their bed.

"I am sorry." Came from a hateful voice, in the mocking tone of a man. I looked up only to find him standing over me. Where am I? I wanted to scream, but my voice was gone. I don't know where I was, all I knew was that the place was dark and cold. There I lay in the corner, my back braced against the wall. "You belong to us, you will do whatever we say." The voice speaks.

"No!" I cried in dismay. Only to find myself lying in my bed screaming my breath out. It's just a nightmare. Relief, wash over me. I was still scared so I took my phone and sent my best friend Tina a message.

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