The Queen War

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Princess Madelyn is now becoming Queen Madelyn. With the help of her boyfriend, soon to be husband, Prince Kalen she believes that she can do it. But what happens when her country miss their beloved late King and Queen and do not like Madelyn?

Adventure / Romance
Carolyn Reeves
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The Begining

"That is how you eat with the correct utensils." Ms. Mara says finishing her lesson.
"Thank you Ms. Mara." I say bowing my head to her.
"Of course your Majesty, you are excused." Ms. Mara says.
"Thank you." I say and turn to leave her classroom.

It's been three weeks since I first heard that I would be Queen. The council gave me lessons from Ms. Mara who helped me turn into the graceful Queen I need to be. I walk down the hall and turn the corner to see the hall of pictures. There are a few pictures of me when I was a child but after I turned five there were no more pictures. My mother and father have many pictures but are now covered in cloth. My mother gave her life to save mine in the rebel attack and my father gave his life to avenge my mother's. I turn away and continue to walk down the hall.

"Hello, your Majesty." A maid says as she passed me.
"Hello." I say.

I walk to my room to find Amelia straighting my bed, Juliet laying out my makeup, and Mia cleaning my desk. We found my maids back in the Erine castle and quickly brought them here.

"Hello your Majesty." Amelia says.
"Hello everyone, would somebody please get my riding clothes out." I ask as I sit at my vanity.
"Of course your Majesty." Juliet says and quickly goes into my closet.

I pull my hair back in a tight bun and get my riding clothes on.

"I'll see everyone later." I say and walk out of the door.

I make my way down to the riding stables.

"Your Majesty." Christian says bowing to me.
"Hello, Christian." I say as he rises from his bow.
"So lesson or trail?" Christian asks me going to get Denali tacked up.
"How about a jumping course." I say following Christian.
"Boring lesson with Mara?" Christian says bringing Denali out of his stall.
"Yes." I say and take Denali from him.
"Assumed so." Christian says and goes to set up the jumps.

Christian sets up the jumps and I mount Denali. We go over a few jumps and continue our jumping course for a few more hours.

"Denali seems to love his new life." Christian says as we walk into the barn.
"Oh yeah, not having to find food on our own or gross river to drink he's loving this place." I say walking Denali into his stall.
"I'll untack him if you want to go get ready for dinner." Christian says.
"Oh thank you Christian your a life saver." I say.
"Yeah I know." Christian says.

I walk back to the castle and go to my room to get ready for dinner. My maids do my hair, makeup, and get my outfit on me. I still have an hour before dinner so I go out to the balcony to read. I open my book and before I can even read a sentence a knock comes at my door.

"Shall we open it your Majesty?" Juliet asks going over to the door.
"Yes, please." I say.

Juliet opens the door and Kalen stands at the door. I quickly set my book down and run towards him. I embrace him and he runs his hands through my hair.

"Missed me that much huh? I just saw you at lunch." Kalen says with a laugh.
"Haha hilarious." I say with a smile on my face.
"So how was your afternoon?" Kalen asks me.
"Good, had my lesson with Mara and then went to the stables." I say going to sit on my bed.
"Sounds like an eventful afternoon." Kalen says.
"It was, how was your afternoon?" I ask him as he comes to sit next to me.
"You know the usual, budget meetings, castle renovations, etc." Kalen says.
"Kalen I told you I would help you with that stuff." I say taking his hand.
"Please, I don't want you to worry about that stuff, especially during this time for you." Kalen says.

I have to look away and blink the tears from my eyes. I know what he means by the hard times I'm going through. My parents death.

"I'm sorry Maddie I shouldn't have brought it up." Kalen says as I look back at him.
"It's alright, I'm gonna have to accept the fact that their gone soon enough." I say.
"It's not easy to accept that and I understand how hard it is." Kalen says.
"Kalen, no you don't, your parents are still alive while mine died for me. Me! I feel responsible for their death!" I say walking over to the balcony.
"I think if I was in danger my parents would die for me!" Kalen says raising his voice a little.
"But Kalen you say you understand but you really don't your parents are going to be at dinner while mine are not even gonna be there for my wedding!" I say my eyes filling with tears again.
"What did you think your father would walk you down the aisle! Well news flash he's gone!" Kalen says now yelling.

I look at him with tears in my eyes. He looks at me and realizes what he just said.

"Maddie, I'm so sorry." Kalen says coming towards me.
"It's fine." I say looking down at my shoes.
"No Maddie it's not. I don't know why I said that. I have no idea what it's like for my parents to die. Please forgive me for being so stupid." Kalen says coming to embrace me.
"Trust me Kalen. It's alright I forgive you." I say embracing him.
"Why are you so perfect?" Kalen asks me as I pull away from the hug.
"I'm far from perfect." I say laughing.
"That's not what I see." Kalen says kissing me.
"Come on let's go to dinner." I say.

I take his hand in mine and we walk to dinner. Kalen may say I'm perfect but I'm far from perfect.
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