The Indian Adventure

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May finds out she has a twin and powers and must save the world and her twin sister. She learns how to fight, but the only way to defeat Kushan is to find her true self.

Adventure / Fantasy
Elana Wendorf
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The Indian Adventure

The Indian Adventure
By: Elana Wendorf

Chapter 1

“Mama! Bobby took my spending money!” I cried.

“May it’s ok, I’ll give you some extra allowance this week, and Bobby” she says, as she turns to face him, “you know not to take your siblings money! Now please just go to your room. I'm trying to get your little sister to sleep!” Mama half-shouted, frustrated with our arguing.

I froze, what would Papa say if he saw me acting like a toddler? “Yes Mama I’m sorry, and you're right, I’m too old to be complaining about a little spending money. I wouldn’t use it on anything important anyway.” Mama smiled and looked pleased that I was being mature. It looked like she was about to comment on it, but Bobby rudely interrupted saying,

“That’s not fair! You ALWAYS favor May!” Before I could object, he ran to his room and slammed the door to his room, cracking it a little more than it was, reminding us how often he had his “temper tantrums.”

“We’ll have to replace that door with a stronger one at some point.” Mama mumbled.

“Especially when it splinters from a particularly bad tantrum” I respond. Quietly, than rather loudly, baby Lily started crying and mama mumbled under her breath so quietly I couldn’t figure out what she said. I put my head down and mumbled loud enough that mama could hear me saying with an apologetic look on my face, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault that she’s crying.”

“No, it’s not, it’s Bobby’s fault too, but I suggest you go to your room” Mama says. I went up to my room and called my friend Leah, and asked if I could come over to her house to hangout. She immediately responded with an enthusiastic voice:

“Yas girl! Just make sure that your mom is ok with it.”

“Yeah ok” I said as I hung up the phone and started to go downstairs. I then went to Mama and asked “Hey Mama, can I go to Leah’s house so you won’t be as bothered?”

“May, remember it’s not can I it’s MAY I please don’t go down the stairs loudly when your sister is asleep.”

“Ugh why does it even matter mom? It's not like I’m gonna lose my reputation and get low grades by saying “can I!”

“It’s important please say May I, and Sure, you can go but bring your brother, he needs the exercise” she mumbles the last bit, but I could still hear what she said. She gave me a bright fake smile and waved me away to Bobby’s room. I groaned and made my way to Bobby’s messy smelling room. I knocked on the door and said,

“It’s May, can l co- MAY I come in?”

“No I hate you! I hate your room! I-I-“ clearly Bobby had never said something hurtful and scarring to me while being so mad I thought he would explode. “I wish you weren’t my sister!”

“Mama made me, so deal with it.” I said angry, as mama thought I wouldn’t mind having Bobby come along. I opened the door and looked at Bobby, he was sitting in the middle of his room which was even more messy than yesterday, and he was drawing a picture of a flower with red and green petals. “Look, Mama said I could go to Leah’s house as long as I brought you. And even better you get to hang out with Johnny. So get your shoes on and let’s go.” Bobby glared at me and without one word put shoes on.

We walked downstairs giving mama a hug. “Be back at 5:30 for supper ok?” I nodded my head and walked outside. As we approached I saw Leah sitting on the porch waiting for us. I ran to go greet her. We hugged and walked back to Bobby. Instead of just glaring at me he ran across a street full of traffic. Even though I knew it was stupid I ran across chasing after Bobby. I paused in the middle looking all around for Bobby until I heard a scream. Bobby was curled up in a ball with a face full of fear. A car was coming straight towards him. My first response was to protect him with my own body but instead of putting out my body to protect him, I put my hand out. A strange bubbling went through my head for a quick second and something I thought was a trick of my imagination or that I was crazy. The cars around Bobby froze and a tree close by melted like ice on a hot summer day.

Chapter 2

I froze, thinking, “how is this possible?” I turned around thinking, hoping that someone behind me had an ice machine or something, but nothing was behind me. I saw Leah, her eyes full of terror. I then ran to Bobby not believing my legs would even let me move. Once I was close to Bobby I hugged him tight, burying my face into his shoulder, my face full of tears, “You idiot do you realize what you just did!? You could’ve-“ I didn’t finish, I didn’t want to, and I wasn’t going to finish that sentence.

“Why are you even crying May!? you just froze cars and melted a tree! I didn’t even think that was possible!”

I shouted back now angry, “”why did you even run in the streets you know how dangerous that is!”

Bobby looked down and said. “I just wanted to get a pretty flower I saw for mama. I wanted her to know I’m a good kid.” I hugged Bobby and stood up.

“It was that flower you were drawing huh?” I said, remembering the flower Bobby drew. He nodded and stood up too. “Your drawing was awesome by the way, I liked how many petals it had. I said with a weak smile. Bobby gave me a small smile in return and we walked back to the sidewalk. After 6 minutes I finally managed to unfreeze the cars. Leah, finally able to speak said,

“That was amazing! But maybe we should make sure no one knows like in the movies!” She said with her signature ear to ear grin and a wink. I laughed and nodded. After an hour or so Bobby and I walked out of Leah’s house with fresh peanut butter cookies. “Remember, you're always welcome here, you two!” Leah said with Johnny at her side.

“We’ll remember that!” I responded over my shoulder. We then came home and mama put the cookies on a plate for tonight's dessert.

“Call papa and Ben to tell them supper is ready and they need to come home.” I nodded my head and walked to my room. I called papa first knowing he would show up last.

“May! My favorite 17 year old daughter! What’s up? Does mama need help with the baby or something?” Papa said laughing in the middle of his sentences. I laughed too and said,

“Nah, mama is fine but supper is ready. Mama wants you to come home to eat.” Papa answered like the famous Santa Claus would.

“Ha supper? Of course I’ll come! and I expect a big hug from everyone ok? Love ya bye.” I said goodbye and hung up; next was Ben. Ben was usually out playing video games with his friends or hanging out with his really pretty, kind, and (future) fiancé. Ben is planning to propose to her on the Fourth of July, which I think is super cute and sweet. I called Ben and said,

“Hey bro listen mama wants you home for supper we’re celebrating Bobby’s first A+ in school.” Ben groaned but still sounded cheerful about it.

“Ok I’m coming, I’ll be there in a few days.” Ben hung up so I came downstairs and said,

“their coming.” Mama nodded while Bobby (for once) set the table. I went upstairs to my room. Once my door was shut, I grabbed my diary and wrote down every little detail about what happened back on that large and busy street.

By the time I came down stairs to help mama out with supper Ben came home. He was definitely with his friends because if he was with his girlfriend he would be cheerful but calm, but in reality he was with his friends, probably playing video games.

“Hey mama I’m home! What’s for dinner?” Ben said sounding too excited at this point, so I of course answered,

“Broccoli soup.” not even bothered to see his face expression from me answering his questions I added sarcastically, “your faaaaavorite!” Ben glared at me and answering with a less “joyful” tone,

“I wasn’t asking you, I asked mama, and anyways mama, why do we ever eat broccoli soup? It's disgusting!” Mama gave Ben the “don’t you dare complain Mr.” look and I couldn’t help but to laugh. Ben sat down knowing that if mama gave him that look she meant business. A few minutes later papa came home and shouted, happy as ever,

“I’m home! Where are my hugs?” We all went to papa and gave him a big hug. When he got all his hugs he said, “Mmmmm smells great honey what are we having?”

“Broccoli soup, all but someone,” I glanced at Ben, “I'm excited about it.” Papa laughed and sat down. Ben however glared at me and ate some garlic bread. Mama put the soup on the table and we said our prayer. Afterwards mama had to force Ben to eat a bowl. Once we finished eating I put my dishes in the dishwasher. And said “I’m going to bed goodnight.” and walked to my room. I took a quick shower and put on my Pj’s. When I was in bed I thought about earlier that day. The image of Bobby’s amazement and fear replayed in my mind until I told myself that I would try to summon the powers again to quiet those thoughts. After wondering if I could even do it again I was fast asleep.

I woke up with a sudden feeling that I was being watched by someone other than a family member, and it wasn’t Leah being weird. A tall man was looking right at me. For a moment I thought it was a trick of my imagination and was about to lay back down but than the man spoke with a deep (but not too deep) of a voice and said,

“Good, you're awake… Now we all depend on your strength; you must help us save the world from terror and destruction.”

Chapter 3

For a second I thought I was gonna scream, but nothing came out of me. Finally I remembered how to speak again, and I asked the tall man,

“W-who are you, and why are you in my room?!” The tall man answered like it’s normal to be in a stranger's room while their sleeping,

“Ahh that’s what every warrior says, but they always end up asking themselves who they are.” I looked at him but he didn’t didn’t say anything else. I paused and then realized he called me a warrior, but I wasn’t a warrior I get scared of my own shadow sometimes so I said,

“Um I think you have the wrong person because I’m not a warrior and I don’t know who you are; sorry to disappoint.” The man had no response except for a simple and freaky,

“Well I know your full name is May Ann White, and you're 18 years old on Saturday.” I thought he left because it was pitch black but after only 10 seconds of what might have been sand (or something?) all over me and thinking the man kidnapped me, I was in a strange place with the sun bright over my head. The strange place looked like Egypt or something but I wasn’t sure and I lived in California so traveling that fast was impossible. The man appeared behind me and put his hand on my shoulder. He smiled at the beautiful but small town. I thought he was just gonna stare forever, but he said with a joyful tone:

“Welcome to India! The best place in the world!” I gasped, not sure what my emotions were.

“India! That’s across the world, I live in California, we were in that sandy thing for maybe ten seconds! This is impossible!” I shouted, still not sure about how I felt. The man just grinned, then said,

“Nothing is impossible, especially when it’s possible for us to turn into any predator in the world.”

“Turn into what?! Any predator?! Ok now I know that I'm dreaming about a crazy mad man. I'm going to wake up, have a great… dream!” I shouted. I pinched myself hard expecting I would just wake up.

But instead the man chuckled and shook his head a little, then held out his hand to me, which I shook and asked “so if what you're saying is true, and I’m a ‘warrior’, and I’m going to ‘save’ the ‘world’ I at least should know your name since you already know mine, which by the the way is freaky.”

“Well, I’m Ren, nice to finally meet you” he says with a small grin. I wondered how long he knew my name while waiting to meet me. Ren started to walk so I followed him. I finally took the time to study what Ren looked like. He was definitely tall, about 6.5, had deep blue eyes (maybe a cobalt blue?) and light brown hair. I figured he was training for what he called ‘our adventure’ because he had a lot of muscle on him. Ren then walked to a beautiful log cabin that was pretty large. Instead of stopping at the peach colored door, he just opened it and waltzed right in like he owned the place. Ren then walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. He handed me a water bottle but I waved it away.

“I don’t need water ok? I’ll just eat this banana.” I grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl in front of me. I looked at Ren and asked, “So is there anyone else in this mission to ‘save the world?” Ren looked back at me and smiled.

“Yes my sister Amara and our best friend Audie, all four of us were chosen to do this but I was chosen to know about the mission and get everyone together.” I rolled my eyes, annoyed he knew about it and not me. I then responded sarcastically,

“Wow, so surprising considering you can teleport.” He looked at me with a surprised expression and then an expression that realized something.

“I’m actually amazed that I was the one to know about it my whole life because you have many powers. Personally I think you should’ve known first, and besides, teleportation is the only thing I can do that no one else can do. But at least we can turn into any predator.” I looked at him in amazement and confusion, Ren just laughed at me and just looked enthusiastic to see me.

“Wow, how many powers do I even have!?” I asked, getting more and more interested in this whole experience.

“About forty-ish I think. Though it’s probably even more, I kinda gave up counting all of ‘em” We both laughed awkwardly for a hot second and Ren looked at his hand. After a long awkward silence Ren’s phone rang. As he answered the phone he looked at me probably wondering if he could talk without me freaking out. I shrugged and mouthed

‘I’ll just go explore the rooms.’ Ren nodded and walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. I walked into a room full of books to study with. There were also books about how to stand while teleporting. I looked at the whole room and realized it was Ren’s room. Other than the books there was just a king sized bed with cobalt blue bedding, light gray walls, and a journal. I read it and it said that he wanted nothing to do but meet me. I smiled thinking how sweet he was to have a simple dream of getting to know that someone knew these things. I turned around and saw a small box wrapped in newspapers. Taped on the box was a small card saying “To May from Ren.” I wanted to open it so badly I forgot all about Ren’s journal. But of course I didn’t want to be any more snoopy than what I already was. I paused and realized Ren was being so kind to me and got me a gift. Me on the other hand, was annoyed by him and refused a simple bottle of water.

“You know you should never snoop, especially when you’re an adult and not a little kid on Christmas Eve.” I jumped and spun around not sure if I was angry, scared, or surprised.

“How long have you been watching me!?” I shouted frustrated that he was just chuckling to himself and shaking his head.

“Relax drama queen I just came. Besides this is my room. You can open your present and then I’ll show you your room deal?” I rolled my eyes and said,

“Ok fine, but never scare me like that again.”

“I make no promises malady, but here is your gift.” Ren handed me the box and I opened it. Inside was a small necklace with a lion carved out of wood.

“Did you make this?” I said breathless of the beautiful carving.

“Who else?” Was his response. “ You’re staring at me again.” I blushed realizing I was in fact looking into his eyes. I looked away embarrassed.

“Whatever, just show me my room so I can be embarrassed in peace.” Ren laughed and walked into a room that was right next to his room.I groaned and said “why can’t I be embarrassed in peace where you can’t hear me mumble.”

Ren laughed and said, “Well if you want you can take the garage but there’s spiders and malady should never have to deal with that!”

​“ Oh fine your highness now let me pout in peace!” I half shouted annoyed he was so casual but Ren just laughed and said,

​“Your highness huh? Well that's a good one I’m stealing it for later. Ren laughed at himself as he walked away. I opened the door to my new room and gasped, the room was my dream room. A tree stump as a chair for a huge bookshelf, a queen bed with the most beautiful cream and peach colored marble design bedding, a light shade of gray with a hint of blue. Below a simple window was a desk with three drawers on each side of the cream colored office chair. I walked into a walk-in closet with some new outfits to wear. As I walked further into the closet it led me to the door to my own, personal, and medium sized bathroom. To my right was a large tub and shower with my favorite sandalwood scented shampoo and conditioner. Next to the tub was a sink with more counter space that I could handle. Above the sink was a large mirror. Behind the door was a tall mirror. Finished with my exploration of my so-called “room” I Went downstairs to eat dinner. As I walked downstairs I turned to look in the kitchen and screamed.

Chapter 4

Ren pulled off his terrifying bear costume laughing so hard I thought he was gonna fall off the stairs.
“Why would you wear such a horrid costume!” I shouted, still trying to breathe at a normal pace. Ren was still laughing his head off so he barely managed to say,
“Y-You should’ve seen the look on your face!”
“Ha Ha very funny now you have to make me food my heart is too fast to help move me.” I grumbled.
“Ok your highness I shall make your dinner” I walked off to the living room mumbling things about men and their confidence in themselves. When I looked around at all the books I found a couple in English books I saw one called “Tiger’s Curse” The author was Colleen Houck. My friend Leah told me it was a good book, so I opened it and started to read. By the time I was 4 chapters in I heard,
“Your highness! Dinner is served!” I rolled my eyes but sat down at a round, light brown, and medium sized table.
“Ren, were you named after the tiger Dhiren?” He smiled and said,
“Yes, have you read it?”
“I just started while you were making this bread and soup”
“It’s called naan bread and mulligatawny soup.”
“Huh…. So have you read the series?” Ren raised an eyebrow and said,
“May, I’ve read it six times and Kelsey, so far, reminds me of you.” Instead of responding to his answer I ate a chunk of naan bread and two scoops of mulligatawny soup. It was amazing but I didn’t want to satisfy Ren so I ate quietly taking my time, stirring in between each bite. “May if you don’t like it don’t eat it” I smiled, noting that Ren was a good observer. I never answered Ren so he just mumbled something about girls and how you can never tell what they're feeling. When I was done and took a shower. When I was done I put on some pj’s from the closet and brushed through my long hair. When I was presentable I went downstairs. As I made my way down I noticed that Ren was talking to a young man and woman.
“Oh here she is now.” Ren said, looking up at me. I didn’t know how to respond but when I looked at the woman she looked a lot like Ren. I guessed they were Amara and Audie so I finally said,
“Are you guys Amara and Audie?” The girl who I assumed was Amara said
“Why yes! My brother must have told you about us, and Audie is a good friend of ours.” Ren mentioned our special abilities, right?
“Nope just that you're in this crazy adventure too.” This time the boy who was apparently named Audie said,
“Well good because I like telling people myself. My special animal is the wolf, and my special power is flying.” Amara smiled and looked at me.
“My special animal is the golden eagle, and my special power is healing.”
“Wow, that's amazing!” Audie snorted at my response but I ignored him, “Ren said I have special abilities too. Any idea what they are?” Before Amara could respond I heard Ren grunt and say,
“Your special animal is the asiatic lion, and like I said earlier you have multiple powers.” I stood there dumbfounded by the word Asiatic. “Our adventure starts in two weeks so you can settle, go ahead and relax.” Angry for no reason about the word relax I said,
“Easy for you to say you live here, have known about this adventure for your whole life, and know your way around. I, on the other hand, just found out about this half an hour ago, didn't know my way around, and traveled across the world in less than ten seconds thinking I was being kidnapped! Would you feel relaxed in my situation!” Ren just stared at my fuming face for what seemed like hours. “UGH I’m going to my room. GOOD-NIGHT!” I stomped upstairs angry that Ren wasn’t uncomfortable by staring at someone he barely met in person. I wanted to read more of that book so I came downstairs, grabbed my book, gave Ren a long glare, and headed upstairs without one word. I read until I was in a deep sleep.

Chapter 5

“No no no! You're doing it all wrong! Peanut Butter cookies need to be flattened by forks!” Someone said, I was halfway off the bed and when I moved to get up I fell down with a thud landing on a hard wooden floor. Ren came up growling, in huge tiger form, he turned back into a human and asked,
“Do you flatten peanut butter cookies with a fork?”
I looked at him in confusion and responded
“Finally someone who gets it!”
As I realized I looked like a zombie I got up and pushed Ren out of the door so I was able to transform myself back into a human. Once he was out and my door was locked I put on jeans and a black T-shirt. After remembering I wasn't a ‘jeans’ girl I switched to some cobalt blue sweatpants. I walked to the kitchen and asked,
“Do my parents know where I am?” Audie ignored me as he got up, grabbed a second serving of waffles, and another peanut butter cookie. Amara however looked up and said,
“they think you’re on a business trip”
“So you lied to them,'' I said, annoyed with Audie’s loud chewing.
“Pretty much. By the way, girls usually wear jeans,” Audie said with a mouthful of cookie.
I glared at him and shouted,
“What do you know?! You’re not a girl and anyways don’t talk with your mouth full, it’s rude.”
“Calm down May, Audie is just excited” Ren said as she walked into the room with a second batch of peanut butter cookies.
“Whatever, his chewing is annoying, you had to wake me up at midnight and then only give me one more hour of sleep”, I mumbled.
Amara looked at me and offered a cookie. “Here, Ren makes amazing peanut butter cookies, it’s the new cure for anger”, she said smiling.
I grabbed one and said,
“If only they cured loud chewing for poor little Audie.”
Ren and Amara laughed while Audie glared at me. I glared back showing I wasn't a girl to mess with.
“Why is she part of this adventure?? She can’t respect the amazing person I am.” Audie shouted getting up from his seat. I wasn't going to let him win so I shouted back,
“You think that, and yet you have no manners, Judge how I dress and don’t even greet me when I come to a country I know nothing about!”
Audie glared at me trying to get me to back down, but I never moved a muscle so he finally said, “FIne you win! I’m sorry”
I smiled, grabbed my book and proceeded to read a few more chapters.
“May please calm down, I know you’re stressed but we need your help”, Ren said coming into my room.
I sighed “I know it’s just I-“
I paused and looked at Ren. He looked at me with a face full of concern.
“I’m sorry I’m just not in a great mood today, I miss my family. I don’t have a clue about what’s happening and being rude to Audie doesn’t help.”
Ren sat on the chair at my desk and said,
“I can train you with forming into animals and fighting, would you like that?
I smiled, “I would love that! Can Amara teach me how to use my powers?”
Amara came in with a grin and said,
“I thought you’d never ask.” I grinned back.

After dinner I got ready for bed, grabbing my phone off the bedside table, I called my parents.
“Honey, how is your work trip going? I heard you’re staying in India for three years!”
I smiled and said,
“yes mama, I get to be trained in karate”
Momma gasped in excitement. We talked for a couple more minutes, until I told her it was nighttime and I needed to get some sleep. We said our goodbyes and hung up the phone. As I set my phone back on the bedside table, Ren knocked and offered some water,
“Thanks Ren, Goodnight!” He grinned and walked about shutting the door behind him.
I woke up feeling groggy and sleepy.
“Good morning May! A little birdie told me you weren't sleeping well so I brought you some lemon water,” Ren said joyfully.
I nodded my head and thanked him. I sipped the lemon water. The first sip was tart, the second sip was still tart but in a refreshing way. I smiled happily with my new wake up call. I looked on my desk and found the carved lion Ren got me was now a necklace. He had promised to wake me up every morning with lemon water and fuzzy socks to make me feel more at home. I glanced at Ren again and he still had a concerned look on his face, So i told him,
“Ren I’m okay today, I was just upset with Audie yesterday. Can we train now?”
Ren sighed and looked at his hands, I glanced down too and noticed a scar. It started at the top of his middle finger and went across his palm to his thumb. I looked at Ren and asked, “What happened?” He looked away hiding his hand, “It’s nothing…. I’m gonna go take a walk” He walked out looking pensive and the spark of joy in his eyes had diminished.
A couple hours later, Amara came in and asked,” Is Ren okay? He hasn’t talked to anyone all day. Usually if something is up Ren always tells me but he hasn’t moved from his chair?’
I shook my head, “no last time I saw him he was talking…. Well making excuses to avoid talking about the scar on his hand anyways”
Amaara’s eyes widened at this piece of information and she jumped up and ran out of the room. I ran after her and found her standing next to Ren. Amara yanked his hand and gasped as she saw the terrible scar. Ren pulled his hand back and started to get up but was prevented by Amara pushing him back down into the chair.
“Ren what happened?”
He just put his head down and stared down at his hand again. I knelt down and gently looked at his hand. The scar was bad and still bleeding. I looked straight into his eyes and asked, “Ren please tell us what’s wrong”
He looked back and said “Kushan”.

Chapter 6

“Who?’ I asked, confused.
Amara gasped again and said” You idiot! We are supposed to hide from everyone! We don’t know who works for him!”
Ren looked down again and said, “ I know but… I…. I didn't think walking into town was that big of a deal!”
“Who?” I repeated louder so I couldn't be ignored.
Amara glanced at me and said, “ Kushan is the man we are trying to overcome. For his whole life he has been working to become a god. He has an assistant named April but she goes by the alias of Leah Ann Brown”
I froze. “Leah Ann Brown? MY Leah Ann Brown” I turned and walked back into my room and grabbed my phone. As I opened my contacts I saw Leah’s name and sure enough, saw Leah Ann Brown written as her contact. I started at the full name for what must have been about 30 seconds until I heard a smash. I turned to see Ren, AMara and Audie standing there. Each with a broken jar in their hand.
“Why did you all break a jar?”
Ren looked at me, “You kept staring at your phone, we tried to get your attention by calling your name but you didn’t even flinch”
I looked at Ren, “ I was just glancing at my phone, no need to break jars..”
Amara stepped in and said,” You were looking at your phone for an hour…”
No, NO...nonono. I didn’t stare at my phone for an hour, maybe a few minutes
‘What?” I exclaimed, surprising myself with my shout.
Amara repeated herself, You were looking at your phone-”
I stopped her before she could finish, ‘ I heard you I was talking about my best friend”
I showed them my contacts, pulling up Leah’s name. They were all shocked as they looked at her name and then they sighed.
“Then he already knows he picked the wrong twin” Ren spoke, not willing to make eye contact with me.
“Wait, one of you has a twin?”
Everyone stared at me until their stares were broken by the sound of a ringing doorbell. Instead of answering like normal people everyone got quiet and Amara led me to the room next to Ren’s.
“Stay here and be quiet”
I nodded mutley, not understanding why a doorbell ringing was such a bad thing. After about twenty minutes, Ren entered the room.
“False alarm, it was the rest of our group”
“There’s more of us??”
I asked, surprised.
Ren either didn’t hear my question or chose to ignore it because he continues on halfway down the stairs. I ran to catch up with him. But once I was caught up, he led me to the living room, where two men sat. One was an older, middle aged looking man, he looked to be about fifty. The other man was young, and looked to be about Ren’s age, he had white hair and a thin frame.
The older man looked at me and exclaimed, “ May! It’s so nice to meet you! I’m Mr. Dharr and this is my grandson Makah”
“Okay nice to meet you but I’m only going to ask this nicely one more time, Who has a twin??”
Still no one answered, the room was silent as they all looked at me.
I was filled with anger and confusion. “WHO. HAS. A TWIN.???” I yelled.
Fortunately, someone finally answered. Unfortunately it was Aduie. His answer made me freeze as everything around me faded to black.
“You have a twin, May”

Chapter 7

“Wake up! We thought someone told you!” Someone was shaking me; hard.
“Mom, five more minutes, I wanna know how this weird dream ends. I found out I had a twin, and I wanna know what happens next.” The shaking stopped but an angry voice said,
“You idiot! You should’ve waited till she talked about her ‘friend’ more! We didn’t know if she knew April was her twin!” I thought I was still dreaming, so I silently listened to the next voice.
“Well sorry, she was mad, and wasn’t going to stop asking until she had an answer!” Someone was shaking me again but this time it was soft. I didn’t respond thinking the soft touch was my imagination. Because of that I was picked up and set on a soft couch. As I remembered I wasn’t in a dream and everything I heard was reality I sat up slowly. Ren gave me a small smile and walked out of the room and into the chaos outside. I sat there waiting for someone to get me because I still didn’t know my way around. No one came for ten minutes so I grabbed my book, some sound canceling headphones, and read. An hour later Ren opened the door. I took my headphones off so I could hear him and I noticed it was silent. Ren sat on the office chair at my desk and looked at his cut.
“So how long exactly was I out?” I asked, trying to start a conversation.
“Around half an hour…...look May, I know it’s hard to believe, but what Audie said about your ‘friend’ is true.” He looked at me and immediately looked away as if ashamed. He was deep in thought when he finally said, “Your mother never told you because she didn’t think you were ready, and she didn’t want you to stop trusting her.” I looked out the window, not willing to look him in the eyes.
“We’ll see about that. My mother never lies to me. I’m going to call her so you can leave.” Ren grimaced and nodded. Once he shut the door and was downstairs I called my mother. As always she answered right away and almost shouted in the phone from excitement.
“May! I’m so happy you called! How are you?” Instead of telling her I was fine, and slowly making my way to the subject, I went straight to it.
“Is Leah A.K.A. April, my twin sister?” I heard silence, then a sad sad sigh.
“I knew you would find out… I just didn’t think it would be this fast.”
“So Ren wasn’t lying?!” I heard a whimper from my mother before she said
“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you! It broke my heart knowing that your best friend was your twin. But we didn’t have any money so the neighbors took April in and visited everyday to make sure you were still close. We wanted to wait till you were old enough to understand.” I didn’t respond unsure if my mouth would explode with anger or if it would stumble with the words. With tears in my eyes I finally said,
“So my best friend is actually my twin sister?”
“Yes,” mother said softly.
“Look mama, it was wrong of you to not tell me, but I understand the fact that you did it out of love.” Just as mother was about to respond Ren came running and motioning that I needed to end the call fast. “Ma got an emergency at the office, got to go.” I said as I hung up the phone. Ren transported us deep in a forest.
“Ok this is gonna be a lot of information at once but, when your twin was little she was secretly kidnapped and so no one knew Kushan made a robot clone thing to live as your neighbor. April, your twin, is looking for you because she wants to take you to her master who raised her to become a terrorist. Kushan knows that your destiny is to defeat him but he didn’t know you had a twin, so he took your twin thinking it was you. When Kushan took April he thought that if he raised ’you’ to be with him, he would be unstoppable.” Ren finished in one breath. I stood there trying to process all the information I was given. I probably looked kind of stupid but right then I didn’t care.
“Wait so my twin is a terrorist?” I asked. I wanted to shout but my throat closed. Ren nodded. Before I could respond, Audie came running and said,
“We’re clear for now so we should probably teach May the skills she needs to know.” Ren teleported us back to my now three year home. The second I was in the gym Ren started explaining that turning into a predator is easy but the first couple tries it hurts.
“All you do is think of a specific animal, and jump.”
“Jump?” I said.
“Yes, jump, that’s what I said.”
“Nevermind ok.” I shook my hand nervously and did exactly what he said. “Lion lion lion” I whispered. As I jumped my arm trembled. When I landed my whole body shook and I fell on my knees. I cried out. My whole body ached. At last I heard my cry turn into growl as the pain went away and a mirror was put in front of me. I was looking at a beautiful lioness with golden fur. I still had one teal eye, and one lavender eye. As I was exploring my new form Ren started to explain,
“Now when returning to your human form you do the exact same thing, but remember the details of yourself.” I closed my eyes and thought of myself. The pain returned but it didn’t last as long. Before I knew it I was plain old me. Teal hair that faded white, my right eye teal, and my left lavender. As I grew up whenever I met someone new, I had to explain to them that my hair and eye colors were natural. I was born with odd features and I always knew it was cool, but I was bullied by many people because of it. Before I could go away in my head thinking about school I was thrown onto the ground.
I blinked and realized that while I was out in my head, Audie was talking about surprise attacks. Before he could ask if he hurt me, he was thrown across the room. Audie landed on his stomach groaning. Just seconds after Audie fell Ren was at my feet gently touching a lump on my scalp.
“Are you hurt? Do you want to lay down? Do you-“ I held my hand up stopping his rant of questions.
“I’m fine I just wasn’t listening or paying attention, and seriously did you have to throw Audie across the room? I may not like him but sheesh.” I heard a harrumph in response. As I got up Ren was quickly next to me helping. I tried waving him away but he just gave me a look so I kept quiet. After I was steady I pushed Ren away and looked over at Audie. He was up but still groaning with his hands on his stomach.
“Baby,” I said, grinning. Audie immediately stopped groaning and glared at me, but I just laughed and walked to him to tease him further. I was just about to laugh at his scowl whe Ren lunged forward stopping a dart that came through the window from hitting me. I gasped as Ren tried to fight the darts urge to make him faint. More darts came. About twenty I total all of which hit Ren. Amara ran downstairs, looked at Audie ad Ren, and nodded to both of them. Makah, and Mr. Dharr came and Ren teleported us to a forest close to my house. Once everyone was in the forest Ren fell gasping for air. I helplessly watched as Ren’s eyes closed, and his body slumped to the ground.
“Is he-”
“No,” Amara answered to my unfinished question. I sighed in relief. As I bent over to sit next to Ren, Makah -who i forgot was here too- said,
“Uh May, you might want to become a bug or something, here comes your twin.” I stopped breathing for a second, then thought about a bird. I felt my body shrink, and I shook from the pain of it. The second I changed, Ren woke and looked at Amara. Amara nodded and he teleported Makah and Mr. Dharr away from the forest. Meanwhile Audie turned into a fox, and Amara a small yellow bird. Audie disappeared into the forest and Amara flew up. The second that Amara was out of sight a girl came out of a portal. She looked just like me with only small differences. Her eyes were switched. Instead of the right eye teal and the left lavender, her right eye was lavender, and her left eye was teal. Her hair was also the same color, but it didn't fade white like mine did.
“Father won't be happy. I won’t return until I have her.” The girl who was apparently April said. She twisted the bracelet on her left wrist and a vortex opened. She went into the vortex and disappeared into the night. Amara flew downturned back into a human
“Audie, May, it's safe.” Audie leaped out of the bushes, and in mid air turned into his human form. I thought about the girl who was apparently related to me, as I turned back. I walked out of the bushes and wAmara quickly grabbed a dagger from her belt, and put it in front of my throat. In a threatening tone she said,
‘ May is under our protection now, so don't you dare try to take her from our grasp.” shocked i half shouted,
“Amara it's me, May!” Amara paused and considered me. She eventually shook her head smiling.
“May you need to think of what you look like when you transform, not someone else. Ow please switch back to yourself. Seeing April gives me goosebumps.” I nodded and thought about what I looked lik. When i was my normal self again i opened my eyes to see a smiling Amara “ much better.” Audie decided to comment and said,
“I don't know man. She looked better when I wasn't the only one looking at her with disgust.” Amara and I ignored his comment and just looked at each other.
“I'm sorry about your sister… I bet she would've been a great one if Kusha didn't take her.” I never thought about that. I then realized that she never actually had a childhood. Promising to myself I would save her from the trap she was in. We trekked up and down through the forest until we ended at a small town a couple miles from where we had just been. There were only a couple dozen houses, and each house had a family of six. The families were having a BBQ and the kids were playing 4-square.

Chapter 8

​We made our way in the town as I rubbed my calves from the long walk. We walked around the town for a small shop whe a little girl with brown hair and bright green eyes came out of her little house and asked,
​“Hello, I'm Ela. Are you hungry? My family has sweets, and drinks, come.” she waved her hand motioning us to come forward. She looked almost robotic. I was going to say that we should leave the town, but I stopped thinking I might hurt the girl's feelings if she was real. Audie smacked his lips hungrily. He started towards Ela but Amara stopped him with her arm.

“ Wait, this town is suspicious. It wasn’t even here last week. I think Kushan and April made a setup.” audie stopped and and said,
“ Yeah, I guess that's true. Man! I was hungry.”
“Let’s walk around it.” I said thinking we should still stay close to the town in case it could give us clues. Aas we went back up the steep hill, -Audie complaining the whole time- the ground shifted. Amara stopped and shouted to Audie who was far behind
“Run!” Audie ran and I shook my legs to warm them up. I ran. The ground suddenly shook the other way and my legs gave out. I felt a sharp pain in my ankle.
“Ow! I think I sprained my ankle. I can't walk.” Amara stopped running for a second, grabbed her phone, and pressed a button. A couple seconds later Ren appeared. He put me on his back and ran. His running made the wind whistle. My hair went everywhere. I couldn’t move. My body was so frightened that my legs and arms were locked on Ren clinging on for dear life. I started to feel dizzy as Re sped up. My head throbbing and my grip on Ren faltered. I fell but before I felt the ground it was black. I was in a dark void.

“You know, we need to strengthen her. She faints a lot.” I heard an annoyingly loud voice say. I opened my eyes and found myself in a hospital bed. My head and ankle were wrapped tightly with white cloth. My everywhere and everything hurt and i just wanted to sleep more but a soft voice said,

“She's awake. Audie, get the nurse. Amara go ahead and head home.” I heard footsteps and a couple minutes later someone was talking in a softer voice.

“her skull is cracked and her ankle is broken, but nothing fatal.” I heard as the two voices spoke back and forth I realized one of the voices was Ren’s. I opened my eyes again, so I could actually see around me. I blinked a few times to get used to the bright yellow room around me. Ren, Audie,and a young lady were standing in a circle talking. I tried to hear what they were saying but my head throbbing so much that their words slurred. I decided to watch Amara’s facial expressions instead. Her face went from serious, to scared, to relieved, but sadly never happy. She glanced at my sleepy face and grimmaced. A wave of pain hit my ankle and I gasped. I had never broken any bones in my life so this was new. The nurse rushed towards me and asked me where it hurt, how much it hurt, if I was thirsty, and many other questions I didn't pay attention to hear. I never answered any questions so instead I
got my ankle wrapped again. I fell asleep and dreamed about a little girl with bright green eyes beckoning me forward. I came closer and once I was in arms reach, she swallowed me and I fell screaming. Ren shook me awake saying,

“May! You're having a nightmare, it's okay.” I awoke with tears in my eyes. I looked at Ren and then looked around me. Amara was asleep on a chair, and Audie was nowhere to be found. I sighed and laid back on the bed. I stared at the ceiling until I fell into a dreamless sleep. For two weeks nurses unwrapped and wrapped my head and ankle over and over again. I was asked questions over and over again but I ignored them all. Finally Ren told me that my head was healed, and my ankle was good as long as I wore crutches. As I walked out the hospital with my crutches Amara drove up in front of me. As Amara drove us home, she talked about what had happened recently whilst I was gone.

“April tracked our house down so we moved to a new one. It’s all underground and the door is hidden in a tree so it’s hidden really well. All your stuff is in a new room and to be honest, I’m jealous. You got the best room. And we noticed you love reading, so you have a bookshelf full of books now. All in English by the way.” At this point, I was fast asleep. I woke up about an hour later just as Amara was parking the car on the side of the road.

“Now, we fly. Turn into a small bird and follow me.” With that, she turned into a goldfinch and flew off. I chose a robin since I couldn’t think of anything else and followed her trail. She stopped at a banyan tree with a hole barely big enough for Amara to fit through. She turned back to say

“Through the hole”

I looked at the hole, then back at Amara. I shrugged, turned back into a robin and flew in. It was dark but Amara pushed me all the way through. Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw that I was in a room with grey couches, a caramel coffee table, and a ginormous TV that took up most of the wall which was 20 feet wide and 15 feet tall, according to the stickers that were at the corners. Sitting on the couch was Audie stuffing his face with popcorn watching something in Hindi.

“What are you watching?” Amara said, setting the keys in the hook by the door.

“The news, apparently some guy thought he saw Durga rob his house, but he has mental issues so no one believes him”

“Huh, well who knows, anyways, we are going to let May rest until her ankle heals and then we will continue training her.”

“Whatever” Audi said, losing interest in the conversation .

I made my way over to Audi and whispered, “I hope you’re ready to lose some card games”. He snorted and went back to the news.

“So what card games do you guys have,” I asked amara .

“Well-“ she grunted, opening the oven door, and continued to take out the pan of cupcakes. “Probably none in English, but we can go to the store tomorrow. Right now, do you want to help me decorate these?” Motioning to the cupcakes

“Sure! What are the cupcakes for?”

“Your birthday of course! November 1st right?”

I paused “Wait- but it’s September, the middle of the month but still…”

Amar shook her head, “ You came in the middle of September, stayed until the end, then we trekked to the town which took a day, that’s when you fainted and you were unconscious until October 5th. And then we left the hospital on your birthday.”

I stared, I didn’t know what to do. I stood staring as Amara made frosting. When she was done she put the blue and white forging into piping bags.

“Okay time to stop staring and time to decorate”

I shook my head, taking myself out of my trance and smiled. Amara and I joked and laughed as we decorated, flinging frosting onto each other’s cupcakes. When we were done, we had butt-ugly (Emma’s style added) cupcakes that tasted heavenly.

I turned to Amara and spoke, “Thanks Amara I needed this, I've been so nervous about April and Kushan that I forgot to relax and have a little fun.”

Amara smiled back, “ My brother and Audi like having fun but with April so close…” she sighed. “Well they have good hearts, but they’re so careful with you around that they forget to let their guard down for a while to relax.” Amara twiddle with the frosting back, “Audi will never admit it but he was excited when you came too.”

I smiled,” Well we will just need to remind them what fun looks like”


“Well tomorrow you and I will go buy some games, play with the boy for a while and then… How does a water balloon fight sound?”

Amara smiled again “I have no idea what a ‘water balloon fight’ is but it sounds wet and fun.”

I laughed, “its soaking, make sure to wear a swimsuit”

She laughed and I gave her a hug, “Thanks for the amazing birthday” I murmured.


I grabbed my crutches and walked to the bedroom door with my name on it. I opened the door to find a room that looked exactly the same as my room at the cottage. The only difference was that this room was missing a window. In place of the window, stood a large painting of a majestic lion I could tell was painted with a lot of detail. I hobbled further into the room until I could lean the crutches against the bed and then I climbed in between the sheets. I sighed as I felt my aching body relax, my eyelids grow heavier, as my mind drifted off.

That night, my dreams were about April. She was talking to a thin man, with black hair that was slicked back into a man bun. He was commanding April to find me, and if he didn’t he threatened to throw her into a cell for the rest of her life. As April walked away she had a solemn and calm expression on her face but her eyes revealed a scared and hurt expression. I tried to run towards her but an invisible wall seemed to block me. Tried to yell to get her attention, but nothing.

NO matter how hard I tried, April couldn’t hear or see me. Kushan however, turned around and looked right at me. His back eyes gleamed as they looked at my terrified ones. Kushan beckoned me forward and he suddenly looked as harmful as a kitten. I walked over to him, I couldn’t stop. Alarm bells were ringing in my head but Kushans awful smile encouraged my legs to move forward. I heard another voice shout at me, telling me to stop.

I looked over and found April, Ren, Amara, and Audie. They all had chains on their wrists and were telling me to come back, Kushan waved a hand and suddenly their voices were muffled.

Abruptly, the ground underneath me disappeared and I fell into a void of blackness. The last thing I saw before the darkness enveloped me was Kushan’s sinister smile, and then I was floating and I saw emptiness. I tried moving my body but I seemed to be frozen. I tried to speak but my voice was drowned in the blackness of the void. As I tried to move again, I was suddenly in a new dream. In this dream I was playing card games with April. We laughed and spent an afternoon peacefully as I slept the rest of the night.

Chapter 9

“Wake up sleepyhead. We got some games to get going” Amara said as she pulled open the curtains -I was later informed that it was a screen projecting the Indian landscape, since we were underground- and smiled. I sat up and rubbed my eyes as Amara opened my closet. She looked through every single drawer till she found one with a couple swimsuits and beach towels. She grabbed a pair of shorts with green and blue leaves criss-crossing each other. Next Amara grabbed a white swim shirt with spaghetti straps and ruffles all over the garment.

“Perfect, put this on and…” Amara searched through the dress drawer until she found a sky blue summer dress with the same spaghetti straps as the swim top and similar ruffles too, but only at the top.
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