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Second Chance in Life

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Oliver Smith (Ollie/Olly) was reborn again after living a miserable life in the past. Read as his story about his second chance in life.

Adventure / Drama
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Chapter 1

Where am I? How long have I been here? The last thing I remember is being beaten up in an alley. I don't even want to remember that. What is this place? It's cold and dark. Wait... did I die? What the hell! I hope I didn't die in an embarrassing way.

"Well, that's an odd thing to be worried about" a voice in the darkness

"Well, duhh who wants to die in an embarrassing way anyways? And I really have nothing to worry about since my life was a mess anyway" I replied.

"Interesting... you're not even questioning or afraid of who is talking in the darkness," the voice said.

"I mean what's the point of being scared or questioning who you are. It's not like I can do anything about it. I've been stuck in this who-knows-where. I'm just glad I have someone to talk to" I replied.

* a burst of loud laughter filled the darkness* "You really are a very interesting human. Unfortunately, life has been really hard on you." The voice said.

The voice continued "You were born poor and abandoned by your parents. You grew up in an orphanage and when you were adopted you were abused and beaten up by your adopted parents. You died young an- "

"I don't need you to recall everything that I have experienced I know it myself" I replied cutting what he was going to add.

"Look here's what I think. Since you ARE very interesting, I will give you a second chance in life. Although I can't control what kind of life it will be. You'll still be a human and not a dog or a pet so don't worry and as a bonus, I won't remove your memories from your past life so you can keep them as a lesson, but you won't be able to remember this place or me" the voice said.

"A second chance huh. Wait why do I get to keep my memories of the past but not this place?" I replied.

"Well... It's better if you don't remember me or this place but I will be watching. Do you want your 2nd chance in life or not?" The voice said.

"Sure, why not? Maybe I'll get lucky this time" I replied.

It was just darkness and silence. As time pass by for god knows how long. there was suddenly a blinding light. It was so bright that I can't use my eyes to see. As I slowly opened my eyes, I could see a blurred figure of a woman. As I try to focus, I have a woman's face with her black hair. She's like the moon in the night sky. She's pale and looks tired. Oh my god! Is she, my mother? Wait... am I a baby? Then the darkness and the sudden blinding light was the v-

A man suddenly entered the room running towards what seems to be my mother. He sat beside my mother's bed holding her hand.

"How is he? Is he okay? Are you okay?" The man said.

"Yes dear... were fine. Now stop crying before you scare the baby."

"I'm not crying tho... t-there was just too much dust here. Do they even clean this place?"

He then looked at me and said "hello there little buddy I'm your dad. Can you say dada?"

"Hon... he's a baby he can't talk yet."

"Awww anyways I'm sure our little OPTIMUSPRIMUS will be a handsome young man since he's this cute as a baby."

*looks at him menacingly* "who said were calling him OPTIMUSPRIMUS?"

"I-I was just kidding hon."

"Our little Olly will be a wonderful child."

They continued talking for a minute or two. Adoring how cute of a baby I am. I still don't know the names of my newfound parents. It's weird to be able to think like 19 years old but can't talk. A nurse then came in and said "Congratulations Mr. and Ms. Smith! Both Ms. Smith and the baby are healthy. You just have to rest for a while, and you can go be discharged tomorrow."

"Thank you," Dad said.

The nurse then left right after.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" Mom said.

"I know, I know... but I want to be here with you for now" Dad replied.

"Hon, I'll be fine. We will both be fine. We have the nurses and doctors to take care of us. Go and take care of what you have to do. After all, it's for our future."

"Fine but be sure to call me when something comes up. Okay? I love you."

He kissed me and mom on the forehead and waved goodbye.

~ (means next scene)

4 months have passed already my Mom, Beatrice takes care of my needs. I don't see Dad a lot since he's always doing work stuff. I can't wait until I can talk because IT SUCKS being a baby. Well, sure I don't have to do anything but sleep, eat, repeat. My Mom is super protective, but we do go for strolls around the park, and I enjoy looking since it's the only thing I can do. It feels good to have a Mom that cares about you. I didn't get to experience having one in my past life because my past parents abandoned me in front of the orphanage when I was a baby. I spent most of my time in my crib with nothing to do. I have chew toys that my mom bought cause she believes it will help me develop my teeth but heck no I'm not chewing anything or else my pride as 19 years old will be ruined. Since I have nothing else to do. I have been always wondering about the reason for me being reborn. I have read about reincarnations and theories but aren't reincarnated souls supposed to lose their memories from their past? Then how come I have mine intact? I can still remember the cold and wet feeling of the ground of that alley where I have been beaten up to death. Ughh beat up to death... it must have been the stupidest way to die.

"Hello there little Olly... Ready for our stroll? I bet you are." As she gets me ready in the stroller. We then went to do our casual walks.


Another 2 months have passed, and I can never be any prouder of myself! I CAN CRAWL! Since I have started Crawling my Parents had the whole house baby proof. Not that I need it, but they didn't know that I don't need it. I still spend my time like before and my Dad, Alex seems to be improving his business since he gets home in time and spend time with us.

"Is he sleeping?" Dad said.

"He just went fell asleep, I sang him a lullaby" Mom replied.

"Hon Do you think we need more baby proofing?" Mom added.

"I don't think so Hon... to be honest, I think we have too much..." Dad replied.

"It's for Olly's safety! It's a must"

"Yea. like it's a must to have a baby lock on the front door because He's gonna crawl to open the door that is way higher than him"

"E-eh that was a mistake I was gonna put that on the low drawers."

"I'm not even gonna ask how you mistook a door for a little drawer hon."

"Shush I was anxious, and I don't want anything to happen to our son."

"Don't worry we will move out sooner or later and you will be able to pick the house that has a safe environment for both you and Olly."

"Y-you... The business was successful?"

"Well, you can say that we have enough money to support our needs and wants but I still need to work hard. The company won't run itself yknow... and I want this company to be run by our son when he's old enough."

End of chapter 1
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