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Call of the forest

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Audrey was happy living in the forest with Hector until strange and unexplainable things start to happen. She starts on a journey to fight for her life and to find the answers to the secrets Hector hid from her as she tries to escape danger and assassination attempt. Why are people after her? What did she do that Hector keeps hidden from her?

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

The mist rolled in over the hills blanketing the area in a cape. Audrey stared out of the lattice window, her figure reflecting on the slightly bowing glass, showing the age. The window revealed the forest. A world of mystery. The shades of deep dark greens and browns, woven in and around by the stark contrasting white fog, as it weaved itself into the darkest and unknown parts of the forest. The dew on the leaves glistened like diamonds as the forbidden rays of moonlight struggled to cut through the foliage of the trees.

The house could hardly be seen that night in the dappled lighting as the trees fiercely surrounded the house as if protecting it, shrouding the house in darkness. The wooden roof shingles sprinkled with layers of moss displayed signs of cracks from the years of wear and tear from the elements, helped the house blend into the surroundings and become virtually invisible.

The library where Audrey was standing, was wrapped in wooden wainscoting, with bookcases which held countless numbers of books. The massive stone fireplace with ornate carvings stood tall and proud being the center of attention. It illuminated the room with a warm glow, which made it feel cozy, the fire occasionally let out a crackle letting everyone know that it was still there.

Audrey gazed out on the landscape, admiring its beauty and the feeling of cautiousness and love for the forest. She held a mug of tea which helped thaw her hands from the cold. Her hair shiny and glossy, a colour of fiery red which reflected in her personality. A fire in her that never dies.

In the candlelight the outline of Hector revealed itself onto the glass. Audrey smiled and turned around.

“A mysterious night is it not?” Audrey questioned in a hushed tone feeling as if someone was listening to them, even though there was no one around for miles and miles.

“Hmm yes, it reminds me of something, but I can’t quite remember what.” Hector said in a way that suggested that he was in some other place and in a different time lost in his memories.

Hector had always lived in this house as far as Audrey knew. All Audrey could remember is both of them living together, nothing had changed in the 16 years that she had been alive. Always had been the same, and would be the same. They would go hunting together and target practicing with archery and knife throwing.

She never questioned anything related to family or why she lived in the forest. But when she did, Hector’s eyes would glaze over, almost creating a bubble between him and the real world, almost fragile like. He would then get embarrassed and retreat deep into himself and not talk for a couple of days. And when they live with just the two of them it can get pretty lonely. because of that they became closer than any family or friend could be, when your live depends on each other that tends to happen.

Audrey drew the curtains closed and dropped down onto the leather couch. Kapai Jumped up onto the couch.

“I always tell you no dogs on the couch.” She tried to stay sternly, but a smile poked through. No once could resist his adorable eyes which had endless adoration for the both of them especially Audrey. Kapai was a husky who was left in the forest, most likely abandoned by its mother in the mountains. Audrey found him one day while tracking a rabbit. One look at the puppy, and the rest was history, apart from having to convince Hector to allow her to keep the puppy which involved some pleading. As it would mean that more food would be needed as you can’t take a trip to the shops and buy food when you were miles from anywhere. All you had to do is look around and be resourceful.

Kapai had a scar next to his eye as one day when Audrey was out hunting. Wolves were common in the forest; you could always hear one howl in the distance claiming its territory. As she was ducking down watching rabbits, a wolf snuck around and was creeping up on Audrey, her focus was other places. If Kapai didn’t sneak out trying to follow Audrey, he wouldn’t have been able to dutifully protect his owner by jumping out of the bushes and attacking the wolf. He didn’t come out of it unscathed, receiving a scar next to his left eye and a piece taken out of his ear.

So every time Kapai hears a wolf he always pricks his hears and tries to hide. Although from then onwards he always made it his duty to accompany Audrey every time she goes out to the forest. Which earned him a collar reading ‘official loyal protector’ imprinted on to a metal plate.

“We will be going to the village tomorrow” Hector said while warming his hands near the fire. “So be prepared and get some rest, you never know what might happen.”

Hector was old in years but not in spirit or determination, being able to still run and hunt in the forest at the age of 73. Which is considered extremely old considering the medicine, time and place that they live in. Most people hardly making it past the age of 40, and the children if they can live past the first three years with the cold and the lack of food, they have survived long than half of the other kids. But that is the reality of life where they live. You have to be strong, a fighter, and if you’re not well then you either have to choose to learn how to become strong willed and resourceful quickly or you get left behind.

“Goodnight Hector see you in the morning.” Audrey said as she put Kapai onto the floor and brushed the fur from her jacket.

“Have a good sleep.” Hector smiled and nodded her way. Audrey walked down the stairs and observed that the house was showing its age with the cracks sprawling over the walls just like ivy, they told the story of the house and oh the tales it would tell if the house could talk she thought. The stories and adventures that happened within these walls.

Covering the cracked walls was a painting of the King of Adror. It was considered compulsory for everyone in the district where the King Randoul ruled to have a painting of him in every house. Audrey didn’t think very highly of the King. How could she when all he cared about was his village which he lived in. All he thought was that if he didn’t have to look at poverty and the homeless in his village where he lived. Well then it was fine it did not really matter to him that everyone else was starving and disease was common with the harsh living conditions. Which didn’t help with the terrible working conditions. Such as mining where you never expected to come out alive. But there was no option but to work there as there was a shortage of jobs, and in order to feed their family they would risk their lives to receive minimum pay which would hardly feed the family. If you were lucky you might be able to buy 1 or 2 rotten carrots which you could get water from the stream which was where everyone bathed, to make soup which you could then soak up with course bread which was nicked named the ‘protein brick’ as you often get a surprise of a bug or two which is said to be protein and to build character and the brick part is literally because it is almost as hard as a brick. You could almost build a house out of the bread if they had enough of it.

Sometimes Audrey liked to dream and think about all the changes she would make if she was the leader. There would be no more poverty and homelessness, there would be more jobs with higher pay which would be safer and less hours and more food. One big change that she wanted to make was to have a doctor or healer in every village big or small, to help with disease and would increase the lifespan of people and especially give more chance for children to live.

It was nice to dream about but everyone had to make the best of the situation that was at hand, if everyone one could draw a different hand of cards, they would. But that was not possible so they played the best that they could with the cards that they had been dealt by life, and if you lost well that meant death. And with all of the different factors. Let’s just say, the odds aren’t stacked in your favour, they are meant to defeat you.

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