Talons of power - book one - a new beginning

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10 years ago………

Oceania couldn’t sleep. She is dying to sink into the spongy waters of the sea kingdom. But instead, she is lying in the middle of the sandy desert floor.” Why!” She had asked her mother several times, as she turned her head and flew back to the sea kingdom without her. The only dragon that really has respect on all the members of the royal family is their maiden, scallop. In fact, she works for the talons of melons as well as the talons of peace. But most importantly, she has looked after Oceania all her life, or, at least as long as she knew.

Scallop was a kind but shy dragon, she has blue-green scales that shine brightly in the evening suns. Her eyes are emerald green, just like princess Oceania’s. Well…… she didn’t feel much like a princess though. The moment Queen Coral left the desert, she felt unsafe and alone. All she could hear were the soft chirps of the tiny crickets, dancing in the dim moonlight.

All her mother cared about were her brothers. Or step-brothers since everyone always hinted her that she was adopted. From whom? Was the question she has always asked herself. She had the same shimmering swirls under her magnificent wings just like her mother and brothers.

But another question that she has been dying to ask is if scallop was royal. She never lifted her wings to show other people if there were any signs of royalty in her. The Queen never dared kick her out of the palace, even though Oceania can hear in the tone of her voice how angry she is every time she see her.

Killing her brothers will be the only way that she can ever be loved by her father or Mother. But two year old her wouldn’t dare do that, and there was way too many for her to deal with. It will be too much for a two year old dragon, especially one that was wearing the heaviest chains ever.

She never knew why the Queen had to put ten pound chains on her defenceless daughter who was barely old enough to walk in a straight line.

Then, Oceania heard the most familiar voice ever.

“ Oceania! I’ve been looking all over the continent for you!” Cried scallop, taking out a letter and the remains of a pig. “ your mother sent you this.” She handed her the letter, the ripped open the pig so they can share.
“ uh huh, as if she cares.” Mumbled Oceania, stuffing her royal jaws with the pig. She ripped opened the seal on the letter then read it out loud.

“Dear Oceania,

We totally miss you a lot. We are for sure going to find you. But of course scallop was going to go so we handed her the letter that we truly wanted to give you ourselves. See you soon or never, my little dumb girl

From you half mother
Majestic Queen coral royalty”

She read in a quirky voice, over exaggerating the part where it said truly.

“ come on,” Whispered scallop. “ let’s get you home.”
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