The sandwich planet

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A heartwarming story, that you can read with your child before bad, or during family time

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Children's book

Once open a time there was a little boy named Miller and his favorite food was sandwiches, before he planned a picnic with his friends he aske his mom to make him a sandwich. His mother said "sure" and pulled all of the ingredients out and began making his sandwich........
When she was finished she handed him the sandwich and said "have fun"

He went to his room packed his picnic basket and headed over to his friends house , first he went to his friend Carlos house , but carlo didn't
Have time he was working on a school project.

Then he went to his friend Jadens house , but Jaden was to busy helping his dad fix his car.

Miller sighed ..... he was sad, no one could spend time with him ..... so he went on a picnic by himself.

Little did he know he wasn't alone...

He was holding a planet!!!

But dont tell him that , his doesn't know yet ...

He set up his picnic and sat on the blanket.

But just as he was about to take a bite of his sandwich...

He heard something!?!?

A tiny iddy bitty sound...

But where was it coming from?

He looked everywhere....

Under his picnic blanket,

In the trees,

In his basket,

Then he looked inside his sandwich.......

And he saw something so beautiful...

It was a planet

But, how did it get there?

That's when he packed up all of his stuff and ran home.....

Then he put his planet on his desk so he could always know he was never alone.

The End

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