The Red Sapphire

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Chapter 14

Milos watched a thousand different emotions flicker across Aliana’s face: shock, disbelief, bewilderment, and then finally anger. He braced himself.

“You knew all along and you said nothing to me!”

“You were looking for a gem, if I told you the truth you wouldn’t have believed me.” he said in his defence. “Besides I didn’t know all along or I wouldn’t have tried to send you back to Evan into your stepmother’s clutches. Who knows what she would have used you to do.”

“How long then?” she bit out.

“Since the last set of grim attacked. Your spear wasn’t the only thing glowing red that night. You were glowing red, sort of like what you are doing now.”

“What?” she said taken by surprise.

He handed her a polished piece of cutlery. “Look,” he said and she did gasping at her distortedly beautiful image. The shock must have erased her anger as she was back to herself again.

“The queen knows for sure now as that grim that escaped must have told her, that was why she sent that Whisper to you last night.”

“The Whisper?”

“The voice in the dungeon. Darrien was right, I shouldn’t have kept you there as the darkness makes you more vulnerable to them. But I was otherwise inconsolable last night and my reasoning was off kilter.”

No one spoke for a while. “Your undercover plot has Darrien written all over it. But all those things you told me Genos also told me. He knew that you were in Arnay didn’t he?”

“Genos was going to make a good king father. He would sacrifice anything for the wellbeing of this country.” Milos’s throat constricted slightly.

“It seems that I am lucky that I raised not one but two very good sons.” said the king under his breath. Milos was sure his hearing was distorted. He thought his father just complimented him. He hadn’t received his father’s approval since... He couldn’t tell.

Aliana watched the tender family moment rather disjointedly. It seemed this was the first time that Milos had received any form of commendation from his father, given his slack-jawed appearance. She on the other hand felt rage simmering within her.

She hated Milos for setting her up, her father for bringing that witch into their lives and her mother for keeping her ignorant. How could she have not told her the truth about the Red Sapphire—Sapphires as she just learned she was just one of many. She had to go home, she had to save her father and country from Moriah.

“You can’t do that!” said Milos as he grabbed her wrist suddenly. Apparently in her musing she had missed something vital.

“I know you miss Genos,” said the queen, “But Theo killing the princess would solve nothing.”

Killing? Why were they speaking of killing her? They had her full attention now.

“She is the reason our son is dead Minerva and the power she possesses poses another risk.” he said looking at her steely.

“She has no control over it father and killing her will just be helping the queen to achieve her purpose.” he said sternly.

“At least it will level the playing field.” he retorted.

“I will not let you do this.” Milos growled.

“So you choose to defy me once more Milos. It seemed I spoke to quickly regarding your loyalty to the country. Again we disagree do you plan to runaway again?” he challenged.

“No father I won’t runaway this time. My loyalty to Garion won’t allow me to do that. However, allowing you to have her killed will also show disloyalty to the crown.”

“You aren’t making any sense Milos.” he roared.

“On the boat to Turion there were river wraiths in heat on board. They wanted her and to prevent them from taking her I had to leave my mark on her. Permanently.”

The king’s eyes widened in shock and Milos heard a strangled gasp coming from beside him, but he continued. “Because of that she could already be bearing my child and I will not allow you to kill what could be the future heir to the throne of Garion.”

“A bastard can never become king.”

“My child won’t be a bastard. Not if I to marry its mother.” he said standing pulling Aliana with him and walked out.

Marriage? How had the conversation moved from execution to marriage so quickly? Aliana allowed Milos to guide her as her mind and body just became disjointed.

“Milos what did you just do?” she said as she pulled him to a stop outside the hall.

“I just saved your life, at least for now.” he said as he absently brushed a lock of hair that had fallen loose behind her ear. “I will escort you to your quarters.”

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