The Red Sapphire

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Chapter 25

Doranand watched with satisfaction as the hole in the dyke widened and the sea rushed in to take that which was denied it for years. Most people in the peninsula lived in Dunwall so would have time to escape. Those in the smaller villages in the lowlands wouldn’t be so lucky. Both they and their farms would be swallowed by the sea. The Queen would be pleased.

“Your orders Admiral.” said Captain Jacobs.

“There is nothing more for us to do here. Set our course for Broken’s pass by the time we get there, it should be deep enough for us to get to Turion.”

Aliana had married the thief. She was probably forced to. Despite what Ana-Moriah said about her having relations with Milos, he didn’t believe it. He’d only concocted this plan so that he would have the chance to rescue his friend. No matter what she thought of him they did share a true bond of friendship. He owed it to her and to Arnay to bring her home. Married or not.

Consequences be damned.

Ana-Moriah though playing the part of a dutiful queen, was using the war to achieve her own goals. It was disgusting the way she’d allied the men with wraiths and grim. He couldn’t imagine what she had bartered in exchange for their cooperation. Either that or the queen was more powerful than she appeared. Whatever it was, it wasn’t good. The wraiths were currently causing havoc in Garian villages, but it would only be a matter of time before they turned on his men and Arnay.

He’d done his research on this Milos fellow and what he’d found was appalling. He was mocked by the Garian court for being a wastrel and imbiber who had been dismissed by his father for his many indiscretions. He was only readmitted as the Crown prince was assassinated and he was to take his brother’s place. He was almost sorry for the king.

His wounds were beginning to bite, but he’d almost become immune to the constant pain. Being out in the open did him well, but he still was unable to exert himself too much. It was a good thing he was given command of the sea raids as attacking by land would have taken too much from him. Standing and walking gave him terrible headaches and dizzy spells. The palace physician said that it was because of the immense blood loss. He’d recommended bed rest and a tonic. He thanked him for the tonic but resting wasn’t an option. Not until the war was over.

He sat back on the cot when there was knock on his cabin door. “Come in.” he said.

A nervous-looking lad came in, “My Lord the captain has asked me to inform you that we approach the pass and that it is filling.”

“Very good. We will give it another four hours and then we go in. Send a message to the other ships telling the men to rest now as along day and night awaits us.”

“My Lord,” he said bowing curtly and disappeared through the door.

Four hours for the pass to fill and another three before the destruction of Turion began. He closed his eyes satisfied.

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