The Red Sapphire

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Chapter 26

This was exactly why he’d wanted to come alone, but then his wife looked at him with pleading puppy dog eyes and he caved like an unstable mining shaft. He’d have to learn to build his resolve before she realised the kind of power that she held over him.

The guards watched his every move as he paced from one end of the sand bar to the other. To them he probably looked mad but as Aliana had reminded him, perception didn’t matter only the truth. He was searching for the fault line. Earth movements were easier when performed along fault lines. He’d observed that the earth was made of different sheets floating on an underground ocean. At the faults, these sheets were either moving away from or towards each other.

“Ha!” he said as he’d found the fault but to his dismay the plates were diverging. “Curse this!” Just his poor luck that the fault line ran down the middle of the passage.

If he was to try and bring the pillars of the pass together, he would be fighting nature itself and that was a battle he couldn’t win. The pass was filling up quickly and the Arnayans were probably on their way here already. A permanent closing would have been preferred but he would just have to ensure that their ships would run aground if they tried sailing to Turion directly.

He had found out that the power of being the Green Sapphire truly wasn’t of his making but was already around him. He was just a conduit. All he had to do was to be open to the energy, reshape it as he saw fit and then release it outwards. It was important to give back all that was taken or the balance would be upset. As long as balance was maintained then no harm would result. Also, not to take on too much at once as it would be fatal.

He knelt on one knee for several moments touching the ground with both hands as being in direct contact with the earth made it easier for him to funnel the energy into his being.

He could hear the guards murmuring around him but he blocked them out focusing on the task at hand. He felt the earth moving and being reshaped, they saw nothing.

“Your Highness?” said one of them brave enough to approach. He held up a finger warding him off. He backed away.

The murmurs quieted until one of them pointed into the valley below. “Look, a wall is rising from the ground.” This was to keep the lake and ocean separate until the dykes were repaired. It was the final line of defense so Milos spent as much time as I could on it, making it both high and thick.

He then focused on the rest of the pass. He shot hundreds spiked pillars throughout the valley. It would be a minefield for any vessel daring to enter the pass. After two exhausting hours, he was done.

“What now Your Highness?” asked the same inquisitive soldier.

Hundreds of his people drowned today and he was going to do the same to Arnayan bastards. He found a space under a poplar tree. He leaned against the trunk. “I am going to rest a bit. Wake me when the ships arrive.”

“Your Highness,” he bowed and then spread the orders to the guards. Aliana was right maybe the guards did have some use. He smiled wryly as he closed his eyes. He hoped that she would make it to Turion safely and could convince his father to send help. A task that could prove more challenging than his. Otherwise, he was really going to have to fight against an army with just twenty men to help.

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