The Red Sapphire

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Chapter 28

Aliana walked into the throne room. The king was surrounded by his advisors, some of who she was seeing for the first time. None of them seemed to notice her approach as they were busy arguing with each other at the table.

“Your Majesty, if I may approach?” she said over all the others.

The bickering died down gradually and one by one they turned to her.

“Princess Aliana I will speak to you at another time, we are trying to sort out a crisis here.” said King Theo.

“A crisis that I’ve seen first-hand. Milos and I sailed to the Dykelands today.” she persisted. He wasn’t getting rid of her that easily.

Now the room was truly silent. “And where is my son currently?” asked the king.

“He stayed behind to help.”

“He did what?” growled the king.

“He stayed behind to see if he could help. He sent me ahead with a message to deliver. Which has brought me here.” she said standing up straighter.

“Go, on.” he said coolly.

“He requests reinforcements on the north-western coast of the gulf. The flooding of the dykes is filling Broken’s pass. The trench will be deep enough for the Arnayan ships to sail directly from the ocean into the lake and into Turion. He remained behind to try and close the pass.”

“Did I hear you correctly, but did you say that the Prince was going to close the pass?” asked Darrien.


“That is preposterous!” said the baron who I’d come to know was Kilikos. “He doesn’t have the firepower to do that.”

“He doesn’t need fire power.” she growled.

“Then do explain dear child, how Prince Milos is going to close the pass.” he sneered.

“Your Majesty,” she said turning to the king. “Do you recall wondering about the earthquakes that we’ve been having recently?”

He nodded “Yes, what of it?”

“They all started when Milos came home.” she was trying to let him figure out for himself the truth of Milos’s power without disclosing the fact to the others in the room. The king however, was slow to understand, to her great irritation.

“What has the prince to do with earthquakes? Your Highness, the princess is wasting our time. Probably an Arnayan ploy to distract us while they invade.” said Baron Matthias, who Aliana was surprised was still here considering that it was his territory that under water.

“Quiet.” said the king. He then turned back to Aliana. “Are you trying to tell me what you think you are?” Finally. “What colour gem?”

“Green.” she said smiling slightly as he was playing along. She could feel the frustrated glances of Kilikos and Matthias on her.

“I am sorry Sire, but we aren’t following the conversation.” said Kilikos.

“That is because it wasn’t meant to be followed.” he said folding his hands on the table. “But since you ask, Princess Aliana informed me that my son is the Green Sapphire. Which is why he doesn’t need firepower to close the pass. He is power.”

“The murmurs around the table grew. Darrien spoke up, “One Sapphire never just shows up without the other. Unless... If Prince Milos is the Green Sapphire then that means that you Your Highness are...?”

“Princess Aliana is the Red Sapphire.” said King Theo.

“The Sapphires haven’t been present in centuries! This is preposterous.” said Baron Kilikos.

“I saw her transform myself are you calling me a liar baron?” the king said calmly but the threat was quite obvious in his tone.

“Of course not Your Highness.” he said squirming inward.

“On behalf of Milos, I ask that you send him the aid that he requested. Arnay has a navy of two hundred ships and only ten remained to defend Evan. That means a hundred and ninety ships all bearing approximately two hundred men, that is, almost forty thousand men coming towards Turion. He has power but not that much.”

“These are all suppositions Your Majesty our reports indicate land attack...” started Matthias.

“And yet they came by sea, they attacked exactly how Milos warned you that they would. You pushed aside his warnings and now hundreds of Garians are dead and thousands more will die because of famine, all because you disregarded his warnings. Only yesterday you laughed at him at his supposed folly. Today the gods laugh at you.

“You and most of the court, make the mistake of supposing that the Milos that left two years ago and the man you see today are the same. That is where you are wrong. This Milos is powerful. This Milos will be king. This Milos is my husband and I will not tolerate you insulting him any further than you have already. Especially not in my presence. It is best you remember your station and start showing the respect that is due to him, Baron.” she then turned back to the king.

“Highness,” the man sneered.

“I have delivered the message and everything that I’ve said can be corroborated by the Captain of the steamboat we used this morning. I have done my duty to him and through him, Garion. The decision to help lays squarely in your hands Your Majesty.” she then bowed and walked out of the room.

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