Forever and a Moment

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Fight Fire With Fire

Throughout the rest of the day, Miley, Phoebe and Caleb kept avoiding me. I kept trying to go over and talk to them, but they pretended not to notice as if I was as opaque as a ghost. And what was really annoying was that Angelica and her crew kept following me like a bunch of creeps. My next lesson was music, and I knew for a fact that Miley, Phoebe, Caleb and I all had music together. This was my chance to make amends!

I thoroughly enjoy music. It opens up a world of positive melodies and a colourful minded attitude. No one knows what came first - song or bird - but inspiring either way you put it. But not when you have a teacher like Miss Cackle. It was a suitable name for that sort of witch of a teacher; Miss Cackle was a stout, bespectacled woman with sharp green irises and a rounded nose on which her glasses perched like a nesting bird, sinking into where the flab lay. She also had a round, double chin, which was unusually far away from her bottom lip. All children seemed like irritants to her - she despised us all, especially the ones taller than her (and that was most of them). She hates children.

We entered the classroom: colorful artwork and poetry on the walls, decorated with a scatter of printed music notes. There were clutters of music stands around the front of the room, and at the back there were several keyboards with small, oak-wood stools beside them. There were a few oak-wood desks each with three seats behind them and colossal bookshelves held other musical instruments like the flute and the clarinet. Miss Cackle entered the room, huffing and forcing her body to the front of the class. She made frequent effort grunts whenever she had to do anything - she even had to do it when she took the lid off a whiteboard pen to scribble something on the board.

“Sit down, you swines! Sit DOWN!” her voice was like an electric shock; people darted left and right trying to find a suitable place to sit. Should I sit on a stool by the keyboards? Or at the desks? There wasn’t much time to decide, as most of the seats had already been taken. Quickly, I dashed over to the nearest seat behind a table. How would I be able to talk to my friends (or ex-friends) from the opposite side of the classroom with this monster of a teacher around? Ughhh...

Soon, Miss Cackle had given everyone an instrument and was going around the classroom asking everyone to play a tune of their choice. Miley and Phoebe were both handed flutes and played it beautifully - well, Miley did, anyway. As soon as it came round to Caleb, he froze. His quivering hands were clutching a rather large trumpet.
"Play, boy." grumbled Miss Cackle.
"I don't know how to-"
"I don't know, I don't know." she said sheepishly, "Is that all you idiots can say these days? Rubbish. Now play." Caleb quivered, looking around for help. Maybe I could help him? This could be my chance to get my loyalty back!
I wasn't one to get in trouble, but...
"Leave him alone!" I burst out, "He's only been here a couple days and you expect him to know how to play some silly trumpet? I presume they didn't teach music at an all boys school. Have you not realised that this is the first time he's been in this class?"
Oh my god I shouldn't have done that.

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