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A group of eight friends live in a small town where everyone seems to know everyone, but what happens when an ice cream run changes everything?

Adventure / Scifi
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Go Kai!”

“Go number 27!”

Cheers for Kai rang through the high school football stadium.

“If he gets this touchdown we’ll win” Valen quickly says to me. The game is tied 27-27 with 43 seconds left on the clock.

Before I can respond the crowd gets a lot louder as I notice Kai pass into our end zone.


“What is taking them so long,” I complain as we sit on the end of the bleachers waiting for our friends to come meet us.

“Do you want to go wait by the gate?” Val asks.

“Yeah sure,” I responded.

As we approach the gate I see our band geeks walk up.

“Hey guys,” Chandler yells as she comes up to hug Val and I like the last time we saw each other wasn’t less than two hours ago.

“Hey Chan, Hey Lane” Val greets them with his show stopping smile as he hugs Chandler back and waves to Lane over her shoulder.

“Where are Lexi and Aspen at? They usually get here before us” Lane asks Val and I. As Chan comes to stand by me so that Lane is standing across from us.

“I don’t know. The cheerleaders went back to the gym tonight but obviously haven’t come back yet.” I answered him. He just nods.

“Well we aren’t cheerleaders but hey,” we hear Blair say, yelling the last part in mine and Chan’s ears throwing his arms over our shoulders.

“Do y’all—“ Kai starts to say but gets cut off by the cheerleaders yelling and running in our direction with their cheer bags on their backs making them run weird.

“Congrats on the win, boys,” Aspen yells as they make it to us.

“Anyway! What I was going to say before I was so rudely interrupted, was that my parents said that you guys can stay at my place tonight as long as we stay in the basement and aren’t too loud.” Blair informs us.

“I’m down,” Lane says first. “I already told my parents that I was going to be at your house anyway.” he followed.

“Why?” Lexi asks him.

“Just don’t feel like being at the house tonight.”

“Okay” she replies, turning to look at Kai. “I’m down too.”

A mixture of “me too” and “i’m in” is heard from the rest of us.

“Okay. Now that that’s settled, who am I going to ride with?” I butt in. Chan, Blair, Lane and I are the ones in the group without a car. However, I'm the only one in the group without my license.

“I can drive you” Lexi says “I drove Aspen here so I’ll drive her too. So am I just taking Tate and Aspen?” she asks the others.

“Can I ride with you guys? My mom dropped me off here and the alternative ride would be with the boys,” Chandler says, faking disgust when she talks about the guys.

“Of course you can,” Lexi says, laughing at her.

“So, Lane that means you’re with us buddy,” Blair tells Lane as if he didn’t already know. Lane just sighs and starts to walk off to Kai’s car.

“What’s up with him?” Lexi asks.

“I don’t think he got his nap today,” I responded to her chuckling.

“I can still hear you guys,” Lane yells at us while flipping us the bird without looking back.

“Well I guess that means we should get going then huh,” Val says laughing as well.

“Yeah it’s getting late and we have to put the baby to bed,” Kai teases Lane knowing he’s still in earshot. We have always called Lane the baby because he’s the youngest. He hates it but he’ll get over it...eventually.

Lane just flipped us the bird again.

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