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La Prima Colazione

It was an early morning. The sun hadn’t yet begun to grace the Earth with its heavenly glow and it was still very cold outside. Diligently, Justin was in his garden tending to his plants, his favorite was an ornamental plant, a pink flower he named Rosey. “Nerium Oleander, Oleander, my Rosey~ pretty, but oh so deadly, that’s what I love about you~” he said as he gently caressed it's supple soft petals. “You’ve grown again today, a whole 3 inches! I’m so proud of you~” he remarked, sprinkling her with water. Looking over his garden, he felt a sense of pride fill him. Justin hadn’t to long come out of college and majored in Floriculture, he’d always been quite fond of plants. “Oh! I almost forgot, mother asked for breakfast.” Springing up from his crouched position, his long brown curls covering his blue eyes, he skipped and bounded excitedly to the kitchen to make breakfast.

After finishing school, his mother, Martha, begged and pleaded with him to move back in with her, she missed her son and Justin being a mommy’s boy gladly agreed. She wasn’t very old, but her movements weren’t what they used to be and Justin was glad to help his mother and make things easier for her. He’s 24 right now and works as a Floral Design Artist for a small flower shop and a Cashier at a supermarket to pitch in and help pay bills, buy groceries and replace old appliances. His mom was ecstatic to have her son by her side. When Justin got back inside, she was just making her way down the stairs to greet him. “Good morning mama!” yelled Justin. “Hello my darling son~” said Martha, embracing her child as tightly as she could. Walking to the kitchen Justin asked her, “Do you still want the Eggs Benedict like we talked about last night?". Martha nodded her head and went to sit in the living room, “Don’t take too long, I’m not getting any younger over here!". Justin chuckled as he got everything ready.

For the ‘perfect’ Eggs Benedict as he calls it, he’d need;

Eggs, bacon, vinegar, butter, fresh parsley and his mother’s favorite English breakfast muffin.

For the Hollandaise sauce he’d need;

Butter, egg yolks, lemon juice, salt and pepper, as well as his own personal embellishments for both.

Grabbing a sauce pan, a knife and a cutting board to prepare the bacon, a slipper impacted with the back of his head. “Ow!” he exclaimed, “Mooooooooommm, what was that for?". His mom ran towards him and started scolding him, “How many times do I have to tell you Justin?! I have no problem with you having your hair as long as it is but at least braid it when you’re going to deal with fire you-” and then she trailed off in Italian. It was the first language for her and Justin to learn since they are originally Italian. “Mammina mammina, I’m sorry, okay? It slipped my mind this once,” Justin said as she pulled and tugged at his hair to braid it. “Yeah, you’ll know ‘It slipped my mind’ when your hair catches on fire idiota,” Martha remarked as she finished the braid. Opening the freezer, Justin takes out slices of his dead padre’s skin or as his mother has come to know it, Canadian bacon. The sauce pan had already started sizzling so after cutting the chucks of meat thinly, he threw them into the pan. “Time to make some sauce,” said Justin putting the butter and egg yolks into a bowl. After whisking them together thoroughly, he went to the cupboard to get some salt, pepper, lemon juice and a personal ingredient. “Formonitrile, Cyanide, commonly found in the seeds and pits of apricots, apples and peaches. It’s almond like taste is deadly... and can add a nice kick to the lemon juice,” giggling to himself, Justin added a healthy helping of it to the sauce. “Time for the egg!” he yelled excitedly as he got a pot of water and another personal ingredient. “Ricin, commonly found in naturally grown castor beans, with your slightly bitter taste you’d be a fatal substitute for vinegar hmm~? In you go egg!” he said as he cracked the gelatinous food into its hot bath and watched it bubble. ‘Ding!’ said the toaster, “Oh! The muffin’s done!” exclaimed Justin, twirling on his heel to grab it out of mid-air. "Hot, hot, HOT!" yelled Justin, burning his hands and putting the muffin on a plate. Humming a happy tune, he began to assemble the Eggs Benedict;

Buttering one half of the English muffin, he put the ‘bacon’ on, followed by the poached egg, some sauce, “And top it off with the parsley! Ah~ what a pleasant smell. Perhaps I should make her some iced coffee... Mammina! Do you want coffee?”. With an enthusiastic “Yes please!” from his mother, it was settled. Grabbing a cup, Justin put the coffee to brew, snatched the cream, sugar, vanilla extract, ice and more of his personal goodies. “Methyl Viologen, Paraquat, my favorite pesticide. You’re quite vile and you sting my skin, your aroma is also not the greatest but if Babbo had anything to say about you, you my dear~ are a killer~. A perfect addition to the coffee, you won’t even be suspected. Atropa Belladonna, Deadly Nightshade~ you my lovely flower, are second only to Rosey. The berries you bear are similar to elder berries~ how deceptive of you. You’re quite sweet my darling but oh so venomous~ the juice from those little black berries will be a deliciously detrimental sweetener,” he declared, grinning ear to ear being unable to contain his excitement. “Abrin~ you my angel, are most commonly found in the seed of Arbus Precatorius, the Rosary Pea plant, my third favorite. The juice from those seeds is quite bitter I must say,” Justin chuckled, “You my little lovely will be the main body of this... coffee. Delicious~". As the coffee finished brewing, Justin filled the cup about one sixth of the way with it, put a few ice cubes in and then infused the Rosary Pea seed juice into it. Drizzling in some Paraquat he began to sweeten this ashen coffee with sugar, some vanilla extract, and some Deadly Nightshade. "Hehehehehe..." he started giggling under his breathe, he couldn't wait to see his mother dance just like his father did! Maybe she'd dance even better. “Justin!” he was jolted from his mind by his mother's voice, “It’s time for my medicine! Did you forget!?". Realizing the time, he began to bound up the stairs, “Forgive me mammina, I’ll get it right away!". Bursting through his bedroom door, he grabbed a needle and a bottle of 'medicine'. "One more toy. Strychnine, Strychnine-10-one, another pesticide, commonly used in rat poisons and even in veterinary practices in moderate amounts! Insoluble in water but with much difficulty you'll melt away in alcohol won't you hmm?~". The night before, Justin had prepared a bottle of this 'special' medicine for his mother and was excited to administer it. "Ready mammina?" asked Justin, flicking the needle. "Just get it over with mi bambino, you know I can't handle needles and I want to- ow!". He chuckled at his mother's expense, injecting the liquid into her vein. "Here you go mammina!" said Justin excitedly as he presented her breakfast, grinning like a child who had too much sugar. "Thank you son, it looks delicious!" remarked Martha. Bouncing up and down with excitement, Justin calmed himself down and bowed, "I hope you enjoy it my lady, tell father hi for me won't you?" he arose and went back to the kitchen to clean up, saying one last thing. "Enjoy your next 24 hours mammina~".

Author: Joestar_Kid^1

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