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Il Pranzo

“Dear?” he heard a voice, the gentle, calm voice of a woman. She kept calling to him, poking his face, “Justin~? You need to wake up now~“. He groaned, rolling over in protest, “Mmmmmmmm, nnooooo I wanna sleeeeeeeeeeeep” he yawned, “I’m tired”. Cracking his eyelid open, he saw his wife, her name was Maria. Before they got married she would come to his flower shop often and they started talking, and now they were expecting a baby. Having his senses return to him in his tired state, he shot up out of bed, his hair covering his face. “Angelo?! Va tutto bene? come sta il bambina?” he blurted out. Maria chuckled and parted his hair to look into his eyes. Cupping his face gently, she rubbed his cheeks, “She’s fine miele, we’re both alright~” she planted a kiss on his forehead. “Well isn’t that a relief,” Justin commented, relaxing his shoulders and pulling her into a hug. “Wait... then why’d you wake me?“. Maria began to blush and looked at the ground, “Well... I know you worked late last night. I wanted to let you sleep so I made breakfast and waited for you to wake up but it’s already midday and I knew you’d be mad if I cooked lunch as well and-” when she looked up she stopped mid sentence. Justin was absolutely livid. “YOU USED THE STOVE WHEN YOU’RE 5 MONTHS PREGNANT?! AND YOU USED MY KITCHEN WITHOUT MY SUPERVISION?!?! Il mio amore no no noooo,” Justin sighed and grabbed her shoulders, “You could’ve been seriously hurt amore, please never do that again”. Maria nodded her head, smiling. She had the most beautiful smile, like a rose in bloom. Just then his eyes widened, “...and did you say that it’s already midday?“. “Well yes,” Maria began saying, “but you needed your sle-” but she was again cut off as Justin leapt off the bed. “SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK BAMBINA,” he exclaimed, ”I HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES, how dare you let me sleep così tardi adesso LA CENA SARÀ RITARDATA AHH-“. Rushing down to the kitchen Justin hastily threw his hair in a messy pony tail and started looking for things to cook. “Bambina, how does shrimp risotto sound?” he asked, and Maria responded with a happy nod. For the risotto he’d need;

Chicken stock, shallots, butter, garlic, thyme, salt, pepper, rice, white wine or in this case lemon juice, cheese, fresh parsley, shrimp and an egg.

“Yummy!” Maria exclaimed from behind him, “But you really ought to braid your hair Justin, it could catch fire,” she commented. He snickered, saying that then he’d be truly hot headed. Maria combed her fingers through his hair, as delicately as a butterfly’s wings. He loved her so much, she was his sun and stars. Finishing up his hair, Justin began to cook. In a large pot he put the broth and then started chopping the shallots and cleaning the shrimps. Humming to himself, he found his ‘cooking rhythm’ as Maria called it. He started tapping his foot to the beat of cutting the shallots, singing a random tune, “Da da da da~“. He twirled and threw those together with the shrimp and some butter, still humming all the while. As the fragrance grew stronger, he added the thyme, garlic, salt, pepper and the rice. Now, he was actually dancing, spinning and twirling with his pan in hand. “Da-da da!” he exclaimed as he made a spectacle of pouring the lemon juice into the pot, his hair adding to the magic. Spoon by spoon he added the chicken stock, dipping and rising with the spoon. He poured it out into a large bowl and quickly poached an egg for the top. Sprinkling cheese on top he spun and twirled, he even kicked his leg out like a ballerina and presented it to Maria. “Your meal mia signora,” announced Justin with a bow and a wink. Stunned, Maria applauded.

After lunch however, Maria got incredibly sick. Justin was worried but she refused to go to a doctor. She insisted it was just ‘morning sickness’. As time went on however, her symptoms got worse. She was throwing up, having difficulty breathing and was very weak. Justin began to think, “Your symptoms are very similar to cyanide poisoning my dear~ well isn’t that interesting”. He ended up calling a doctor. “Well sir, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong. Perhaps she simply had some bad food and needs rest,” said the doctor. Justin replied very calmly, “Bad food? I only cook with fresh ingredients doctor~ and are you sure you couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary?“. The doctor shook his head. Thanking him for his time, Justin showed the doctor to the door and went back to his wife’s side. He looked at her inquisitively, waiting to see what would happen. “D-darling...” said Maria, her voice was weak but Justin’s head perked up at the sound of it. She stretched out her hand and he gladly held it, “Sì mio caro?“. She smiled at him, now resembling that of a wilting flower, “I l-love you alright?“. Looking down at her pensively he replied, “Ti amo anch’io“. Not long after, Justin stood there as the prolonged beep of the heart monitor machine bleared. His wife was dead but his pensive glare did not falter, he wanted to know what caused this.

He went back to the kitchen to finish cleaning up. He started packing away the salt and pepper, but the lemon juice fell from the shelf. “Hmm, let’s give you a rinse since you decided to roll around on the ground. What do you say little buddy?” Justin laughed to himself. As he rinsed the bottle, he saw something marked on the bottom of it. “The letter C? What could that mea- OH!” Justin realized what had happened. He giggled, “Oh you cheeky little thing~! And here I thought you were the lemon juice,“. He held up the bottle, looking at it proudly, “Since I’ve never used Rosey as poison yet you might become my new favorite~ Formonitrile, Cyanide~ It’s been a while since I’ve played with you~”. Walking back to Maria’s bed side, he looked down on her a bit disheartened, “I’m disappointed that you didn’t dance for me darling. Everyone else did, yet here you are, a disappointment. Maybe you were just lazy my dear, but that’s okay~ I made a vow that I’d always love you did I not~?“. He ran his hands through her hair, gently brushing the side of her face with his fingers, “Hmmmmm, how about we go back to my roots huh darling? Let’s dance~“. Stretching a pair of gloves over his hands, he picked up Maria’s corpse. Lowering his hand to her waist and holding her arm out, he began to box step. “La da da~ la dee doo~~ See? Dancing is fun isn’t it tesoro, you should’ve done it while you still had legs to stand on~ Maybe then you’d have enjoyed your death a bit more“. His love for killing, for poisoning, was reimbursed. He twirled and lifted Maria’s lifeless body into the air, smiling at her. “How interesting~” he said, placing her back on the bed, “Your symptoms were far and few between my dear, not even I was sure~ You really were something angelo~“. He walked around the bed and unplugged the heart monitor, leaving the room and flipping the light switch. “Haaa~,” he sighed, unbraiding his hair, “Time for bed~“.

Author: Joestar_Kid^1

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