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Sleep Paralysis

As soon as I opened my eyes, I got really scared. I’d had this feeling before but this one was more... it was just different somehow. As I’d gotten used to after experiencing it so many times, I couldn’t move. Usually I can turn my head after a few minutes but I- couldn’t. I started panicking, my brain couldn’t comprehend what was happening. My breathe hitched and then I heard a sound in the corner of my room. I tried to move, turn my body in anyway to see what was making that sound... That agonizing noise. My room filled with the sound of white noise and nails on a chalk board, there was also a really high-pitched ringing that made me feel like my ears were bleeding. “Why... Make it stop... Please!” I exclaimed, I couldn’t bear it much longer, I didn’t want to feel their pain anymore. “All you’ll need is rest, sleeping is the best medicine for your brain. Don’t worry sir you should be fine within a month,” said the doctor... I really hoped he would be right. The static got louder... louder, until I could barely hear my own thoughts anymore. “Scream,” that was the only thought that I heard. I opened my mouth- tried I couldn’t, I was still paralyzed despite my efforts of moving. “Oh god, please be over soon,” I thought as this living nightmare continued. At this point all I could do was try to move any part of my body, somehow, someway. I had to try. Then, suddenly the sounds stopped... it just stopped. Silent. As quite as a nursery, you could hear a pin drop. I calmed myself down again, thinking “Ah well, this isn’t as bad any-” but my thoughts were interrupted. The tranquility I was just basking in was utterly torn through by a grudge like moan, it got louder and louder until I heard the foot board of my bed creak. The sound continued but it was getting closer somehow. “But how?” I thought, I couldn’t figure it out. A weight planted itself on my legs like cement. Through my blanket I could feel how cold it was. It was as if someone was pouring liquid nitrogen on my legs. It moved up my body, slowly, as if wanting to seem like it wasn’t there. In my peripheral vision, I saw a shadow crouched in the corner. It had the shape of a man but not a normal one. It’s limbs were long and extruded, a bone at least 20 inches long separated each joint, at least for the arms. I couldn’t see it’s face, if you could call it that. I couldn’t make out any features, it just sat there, looking at me. It’s eyes... they were like nothing I’d ever seen before; they were all white, bulbous domes of pure nothingness looked back at me which I know isn’t weird but something about them were very off putting, maybe it was the lack of definition? I don’t know, but there was 6 of them.

As the weight on my body got to my chest, still moving like a snail trapped in honey, the thing in the corner got up. It’s joint cracked and scraped against each other as they extended, it was bone chilling. No I mean literally bone chilling, the temperature in my room dropped at least 20 degrees. That’s when I noticed that there was another one of it in the other corner of my room, they both walked up to my bed and grabbed my arms, stretched them out and help me down and then the weight crawling on me stopped. The room was enveloped in another grudge moan and a face started to appear in front of my eyes. It creeped up from the bottom of my face, the features were being displayed to me gradually. It was a women, her grey oily hair being an obvious indicator. There was crevasses were her eyes should’ve been, dried black blood peppered her cheeks and eyebrows. Her mouth however, was opened wider then the grand canyon... there wasn’t even any teeth, just flesh and gums. It was as if someone had hooks in her cheeks and was pulling it to this extreme, it was unnatural. Now that she was over me, I could see that her face was reminiscent of a twisted grin. The sound got louder and louder and I still couldn’t move, I wanted this to be over but it wouldn’t stop... Please God make it stop. Then the creatures on either side of me started pulling on my arms, and the lady’s face in front of me started to rotate. The moan got louder and louder and the creatures started pulling harder and harder, I started crying but no sound would escape my lips, nor would tears flow down my cheeks as I felt my shoulders being pulled out of their sockets. My body erupted in pain as they pulled and tugged harder and harder and then, it all went away.

I flew up from my bed drenched in sweat, “It was finally over” I remarked. Splashing my face with water, the episode replayed in my mind like a movie as I tried to calm down. “Maybe a cup of hot chocolate would be good, heh” I chuckled to myself as I headed to the kitchen, it was almost 7 A.M. so it wouldn’t hurt to have some. Walking out onto my porch, cocoa in hand, I watched over my kingdom... My bloody, burning kingdom. “My king! Please!” exclaimed a woman, she was being shot at by the invading army of the neighboring domain, but I didn’t pity her. I’d lost 75% of my kingdom by this point and had come to an agreement with the invaders that they could kill everyone once they spared me. Cruel huh? I just didn’t want to lead some kingdom, it was always doomed from the beginning anyways. If you ask me it’s mercy. My front yard was bathed in blood and the deletion of life across my nation only increased with every passing moment... perhaps I could’ve done something but at this point it’s to late. The memories of the dead will haunt me for the rest of my days.

Author: Joestar_Kid^1

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