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Nut Job

“Paging Dr. Gordon. Dr. Gordan to block C, room 4 please,” the intercoms blared. Throwing his stethoscope over his neck, Dr. Mark Gordon marched down the corridor. He was a psychiatrist who worked at the well known Get Better hospital. Once upon a time, he himself was a patient. He was admitted for his excessive drinking by his family members, which caused him to have terrible hallucinations. After a lot of rehabilitation, he applied and they approved him! Among their patients, they had one who was a bit more difficult to deal with than the rest. For one thing, they didn't know anything about him; name, age, birthday or even his mother's name. The staff even started joking that he was practically family after a while. One time, he did tell them something, "Well, my first name begins with R so just call me that!". That was the only scarp of information they had on him. “Hey bud!” Dr. Jack Lloyd put his hand up for a high five, “Surprised R asked to see you of all people to be honest. Did you bribe him? With a new pair of gloves maybe?". Slapping his palm over his coworkers, Mark chuckled, “I did not! And he asked to see me specifically?”. Jack nodded and unlocked the door to R's room. “Hey hey hey," Mark said, "Why so happy?". R chuckled, “Ha! Very funny doc, you know I don’t have different prosthetics for different moods! I think you should admire my smile~” he added as he caressed his mask. Oddly enough, R admitted himself to the hospital. He always had his face covered, whenever they tried too remove whatever he wore, he’d get extremely violent. First it was a paper bag, then a veiled hat, until finally Dr. Gordon decided to give him a mask. A beautiful, elegantly sculpted porcelain mask that was just the right size. Complete with navy blue straps, eye holes covered with thin black fabric and a carved out smile, R seemed rather happy with his new toy. Brown tufts of hair peaked out from under the straps, his magenta eyes slightly visible through the holes. They had an almost familial bond, like father and son. Everyone would joke about that too. Mark smiled, taking a seat at the table in the center of the room as R continued to speak. “SO! Doc," he clapped his gloved hands together, "I’ve called you here since I've had an epiphany”. Mark smiled, “And what is this great discovery you made, R?". R spun his chair on its back legs before sitting, “Well, I want to tell you a bit about myself and my past~”. From the back of the room the sound of spitting and gagging was heard. Dr. Lloyd had spat out his coffee. “YOU WHAT?!" Jack yelled, just as surprised as his coworker. R cocked his head to the side, gesturing with his arm, “What? I trust him enough to tell him about my past,”. He chuckled, you could practically hear the smirk in his voice, “Plus I know you guys are practically dying to know about me~". Mark was taken aback, “Well I'll be damned... What did you want to tell me?". R rubbed his hands together, “See- Now ttthhhaaattt’s the tricky part... I want to take you to a certain place... Which means we'll have to leave the hospital, and I know we can't but... Pretty please?” he pleaded. Mark glanced at him over his shoulder as he left the room, “I'll think about it and get back to you, kay?”.

A bit later, true to his word Dr. Gordon returned, with a fresh change of clothes for R. It was a bit chilly, so he brought him a long coat, hat and pants all in his favorite color [navy blue] and black boots with the same colored turtle neck. He even got him gloves since along with his mask, R was very fond of wearing those. R whistled, “Wooowww~ You really outdid yourself doc, and all for little old me!” he grabbed the last article of clothing, a short black circle cape and clasped it over his shoulders. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me~". Dr. Gordon chuckled, “Just hurry up and get dressed! If the boss lady finds out I even allowed this I’ll be fired”. The duo left and after about 45 minutes, they drove up a hill and were met with a large Tuscany mansion. Its ivory walls were weathered and worn. Vines embraced the buildings exterior, it’s downturned black roof missing tiles. “We’re here doc!” R said excitedly as he stepped out of the car, Dr. Gordon not far behind. As R swung open the large wood doors, he spoke, “This is my old home! It’s where I grew up with my family b-before they..." he stopped dead in his tracks. Whenever doctors tried to ask R about his past, he would go through something they deemed as an episode. His body would start shaking and he wouldn't speak another word. Unless you drew his attention with something unrelated, he'd stay like that. “Wanna get hot cocoa afterwards?” Mark asked in a gentle voice. R bounced back, “CAN WE?! YAY! Oh and, before they were all murdered!”. Dr. Gordon was taken aback, “Murdered?" he repeated silently to himself. R led the doctor down a hallway, opening the door at the end to reveal a bedroom. “This was my little brother’s room! His name was Kev,” R said as he skipped further into the room. Dr. Gordon stepped over toy trains and stuffed animals, watching R twirl and spin before he flopped down on the bed. He pulled out a small silver pocket watch as the doctor sat next to him. “Where did you get that?” Mark asked. R chuckled, “Oh this? Kev gave it to me! But then, you see he was poisoned,” he stood up, “Let's go to the kitchen!". After some more walking, R spoke, "Welcome to the kitchen!" R said. He twirled on his heel and grabbed a noose hanging from the chandelier fixed in the center of the room. He hoisted himself aloft and stuck his face through the knot. Mark yelled, "H-hey! R what are you doing?! Get do-" but was cut off by R's cheerful voice, “This is where my mom, Linda, committed suicide! Our father was very- not nice to her so she decided to take her own life”. Mark stood there for a moment, watching R’s body spin from the rope. Something about the room he was in and what R was saying evoked a sense of nostalgia in him. A thought darted across his mind, “Have I been here before?". R jumped down from the noose, running past the doctor into another set of corridors. “Catch me if you can!" he screeched, Mark running after him. After catching up, Mark slapped his palms on his knees, speaking through baited breathes, “Wow!- Would’ve never guessed you were that fast R! I’m sorta impressed”. When he looked up he saw R staring at a painting. It seemed like a family portrait with 4 people. All but one of them had no face. It was an eerie sight that tickled the hairs on his neck.

R began to point at them, saying excitedly, “This is a family portrait! That one's my mom, the smallest one is Kev... Oh! That's me in the middle, and that other guy is..." R paused. "That’s my father... h-he looks like you! Doesn't he...?” R’s voice quivered at the end of that sentence. “...Hey,” Mark said, “You told me a lot today, how about that hot cocoa?". R snickered and reached for the straps of his mask. 'Click'. “Funny story," R said laughing, "See how my face is cut out too? Yeah my dad was the only one that made it out alive". Mark chuckled nervously, “Not funny R... You’re standing right in front of me, so how could he be the only one? You clearly made it out too”. R plucked his gloves off, combing his skeletal finger tips through his hair. He slowly walked closer to Mark, face down, “...Did I, doc?". He whipped his head up to stare at him. Inches from his own was the face of a burn survivor. What remained of his skin was red and leathery. His eyes were bulging out of his skull, hints of magenta still lingering in swirls of milky white. Mark stood there as R laughed, “Hahaha! Look at your face!" he held his stomach. "Wanna know what happened to me?" he continued, "Well, my father poured boiling water all over my face actually. Then he cut it off! Thennnnnnnnn~ he stabbed a hot metal... chopstick was it? In my eyes and swirrrrrrrrrrled them around like an ice cream! And then, of course, dipped my fingers in acid. He didn't want there to be annyyyyway for people to connect my ,injuries'" he gestured with his skeletal fingers, "Back to him! Now that I think about it, I don't think he liked me haha!”. Dr. Gordon’s breath got heavy, “...Wait what?". R turned to faced the portrait once more, “You've denied it long enough doc! Now tell me, what’s my name again?". Beads of sweat dripped down Mark's face and neck, “W-What? I don’t know your- I don't know it...”. R burst out in laughter, “COME ON NOW, SAY IT!! WHAT’S MY NAME!? I know you know ittt~". R propped his head on his hands, crouching in front of the doctor as his face displayed what seemed to be a smile. The doctor sat on the floor silent. R grabbed his face, staring into his very soul with his milky eyes, "Say it," he commanded. Mark's lips trembled as the word left his lips, “...Rye...". R chuckled. “Excellent,” he whispered, letting go of his face. Dr. Gordon looked up only to see Rye standing with two ghostly figures. They were mirror images of the people in the painting behind him. A woman Mark assumed to be Lisa, stood with her hand on his shoulders, rope burns around her throat. Her features were stretched into a painful smile, clips holding the corners of her mouth and eyebrows. "...H-hello dear... Please stop this. The more you relive this moment the more we suffer... I know you hated us but please... let us go," she said, her voice echoing throughout Mark's mind. He could also see a little boy, most likely Kev. His eyes were bleeding a black viscus liquid. He held his older brother’s hand as he gave a sheepish grin, "Let us go... I-it hurts... C-can't you show us a little compassion even in death?". The room began to spin as Rye consoled his little brother, "Now Kev, what did we agree on? Monsters don't deserve forgiveness," they said in unison. Rye stalked towards the doctor, "You know doc, we're all gone, but sometimes you can still feel our presence! As if we're right here with you... Do you see them?" Rye jabbed his thumb behind him, "You did love seeing us in pain, so why stop now huh?". Dr. Gordon couldn’t help but cry, “...No... How is this even possible... L-leave me alone!". R stood and watched as Mark tried to crawl away, “Please... Let me out..! I don't want to be here anymore! I'm so sorry!! Linda my gorgeous wife... Kev my sweet baby boy... Rye my eldest son... Please stop holding me here!! I... I don’t want this anymore!". He grabbed at Rye’s legs as his son looked down at him. Rye grabbed his shoulders, “You don't want it anymore? Oh come on!! It was your life's DREAM!! You wanted to be a psychiatrist right?". The room started to stretch and it's colors began to bleed, the human like figures in front of him becoming warped. Mark whimpered, "P-please... Let me go...". Rye chuckled, grabbing his neck with his boney fingers, "Let you go? You didn't show any remorse for us so why should we for you? If you really want out you would've stopped drinking months ago". Rye dropped him and ran back to his family. He looked over his shoulder one last time, "This is the purgatory you made! Mother did always try to stop you from drinking". He threw his neck back, breaking it to look right into Mark's eyes, head now upside down, "YOU WANTED TO BE A PSYCHIATRIST RIGHT?!" he smiled, "Imagine that, after all that drinking you got stuck in this hallucinating. Karma I guess. Now... You can be the best psychiatrist ever! Reliving this moment forever and ever for all of eternity... We were a happy family once, you know?". Rye grabbed his head and readjusted it on his neck, stepping back into the portrait with his loved one, "Thanks a lot... dad”. Mark's screams bellowed throughout his room, causing several doctors to rush over. "What happened?" asked a doctor. "Looks like the sedative we gave him wore off and he had that same dream again, he's scared to go back to bed. When I got in, he was trying to open his window, said he wanted to jump. We restrained him and tried to find out more about his nightmare but all he said was 'I'm sorry' and 'Please forgive me' over and over," said another doctor who'd just left his room. "Huh... I wonder what sort of dream he keeps having that cause this..."

Author: Joestar_Kid^1

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